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A smidge under three feet tall and a fetching shade of asparagus green Digsby Greenholme is a gremlock What he’s not however is Head of the Department of Exceptional Paper Snippets at Hiddenwyck Public Library not any anywaySecluded in his house with only Want Ads and his trusty dog Winston for consolation it isn’t long before a sublimely exciting opportunity literally unfolds in the gremlock’s lap the chance to become a bodyguard The gremlock’s first assignment is watching over Theo Wyatt and Marigold Chipping the children of Hiddenwyck’s newest arrivalsThere’s just one problem howeverYou see Digsby Greenholme despises childrenTo make matters worse the lovely and unusual hamlet of Hiddenwyck has become plagued by the wicked deeds of a serial kidnapper and children are vanishing from under the townspeople’s nosesWithout warning Digsby Theo Wyatt and Marigold are pulled into a series of events that will plunge them into a world of darkness and dangers and acuaint them with villains that hide beneath the surface of the town—the town Digsby thought he knew so well and will have to act fast to save

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    I love this book so do my nieces Perfectly delightful fairy tale style who done it It had me rolling over with laughter I highly recommend it to anyone who loves stories with magic twists and gremlocks Can't wait for the next one in the series to be released

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    Excellent children's book Great story and fun Highly recommend