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Sarah can’t believe she’s dead But apparently she is because no one can see or hear her—at least not until her recently deceased brother Jesse shows up Jesse explains they must save their father who killed himself in despair after Jesse's death and is stuck in the ominous dead space between life and death Jesse has broken the rules to meet Sarah in this strange world of monsters created by human imagination and demons who battle all that is good The demons are sticklers for rules and now they want their due—both Jesse and Sarah Sarah's Shadows has been described as The Stand meets the afterlife a journey through the war between good and evil where the dark side disguises itself as the lightSarah’s Shadows is Book I of the Shadows and Light series

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    Don't you just love it when the first couple of sentences of a book grabs you right by the ying yang? The opening to Sarah's Shadows was stellar and had my interest set to high alert right off the batCreative and haunting imaginative to the max Although it would probably be termed a YA novel I found the writing to be a cut above most of this genre The fact that the author chose to go with the afterlife rather than dystopian nation is uite refreshingThere are crows with red eyes and piranha like teeth demons the boogeyman and a zoo that houses variations on the theme of animals as we know them with said variations being very disturbing The description of the woman who was 'extremely attractive in all the surgical ways money could buy' was right on Much good may it do her in the afterworld The wisps were the very best thing of all I will not divulge what they are but it's the first time I have encountered such a thing Fantastic I borrowed this book from a Goodreads buddy who won it in a giveaway Thanks

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    I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway I have to be honest I didn't hold high expectations for this book when I won it figuring it would be your typical afterlife go into the light kind of thing I was very pleasantly surprised to find that wasn't the case The author Debra Robinson was able to tap into the mind of a teenage girl with all its emotions angst and the like without turning it into a parody of teenagedom as some authors are wont to do The ending was great with a pretty unexpected twistI was surprised by some of the imagery in this book It's uite dark in some places enough to almost make me uncomfortable I loved that the author didn't shy away from darker bits despite being a YA bookAll in all I really enjoyed this book and am really looking forward to the next one

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    This was definitely an interesting take on the afterlife Unfortunately I did not really enjoy it as much as I'd hoped It is very well written and well edited but for some reason I wasn't really connecting to the main character Perhaps I needed back story to her life before she died This story is very uniue compared to most paranormal books so if you are looking for something different than the usual paranormal fan fair then I would recommend this one Some of the content is a bit disturbing there is a scene where a woman is raped by demons Just FYI for anyone who might be sensitive to this type of content I do think this book may appeal to many fans of the dark and bizarre Overall it is a good well written story but just didn't appeal to me personally I received a complimentary copy of this title in exchange for an honest review via the Lovers of Paranormal GroupFollow my blogwwwktbookreviewsblogspotcom

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    I got this e book free of cost from the author in exchange of an honest review I would like to thank author Debra Robinson for this wonderful opportunityThe story line and the plot is uniue it's fresh and captivating The story will grab your attention and interest from the very first page and will make you turn the pages till you devour it in one take Well I did read it within a day and never felt bored for even a second The story revolves around the main protagonist that is Sarah and her uest in the afterlifeSarah dies well temporarily you'll know what I mean at the end of the story and wakes up in spirit form hovering over her own dead body then she finds her elder brother Jesse who died two years ago in an accident Jesse's spirit helps Sarah to get a grip on her new situation and takes her to SHADOW LAND which is the in between place between light and dark in the afterlife Jesse explained to Sarah that she had a responsibility of saving her father's soul who killed himself due to the loss of his son and thus was mislead by bad spirits into the cave of conseuences as they were attracted by his negative vibesJesse went to the light but got permission to return to 'Shadow Land' in order to help his sister find their dad's soul and rescue him by taking him to lightMeanwhile the negative spirits or demons who were the fallen angels were on their own game plan they gathered the souls with negative vibes and tortured them for eternity and when they got hold of Jesse as a trespasser Sarah made a deal with the demon to find her father and if she succeed then the demon will let Jesse goIn her lonely journey she got the company of handsome Charlie who seemed suspiciously weird to Sarah but as she needed company she didn't protest against his offering They made the rest of the journey together to the cave and rescued her father a friend of his brother Sam who is gay and a little girl Maya by fighting with zombies and boogieman and whatnot though the spirits in the shadow land could create a replica of whatever they thought but they were not real just wisps who were void of emotionsSarah meet another handsome boy named Jason and she get herself caught in between these two guys the attraction she felt towards Jason was just lust but she fall in love with Charlie for real At last with the help of her friends and supposedly boyfriends she escapes the demon and frees her brother as well but Charlie turns out to be a demon but as she selflessly risks his soul for saving Sarah he turns back into a good angel and travel to the light Sarah and her band of friends and family travel to light but she was sent back to Earth while the others got inside the realm of light The demon Azeel who was the head of all these malicious moves follows Sarah back to Earth to take her with him This is one of the most interesting story I've ever read It's truly fast pacing and will truly satisfy your crave for fantasy and paranormal reads and fulfill your expectations Looking forward to read the next part in this series

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review LoP or Lovers of ParanormalThis story will grab your attention and interest from the start and will make you keep turning the page It starts out with action right from the start not keeping you waiting for something good to happen This story is about a girl named Sarah who dies and wakes up in spirit form looking over her own dead body She meets up with her brother Jesse while in this new spirit world and he explains that he needs her help in order to save her father’s soul Her brother shows her an area called Shadow Land which is the space that’s in between the light and dark place in this new spirit world Their father was lead into a cave on the dark side of the spirit world by bad spirits The bad spirits that tricked their father over to the bad side of the spirit world got a hold of Sarah’s brother Jesse Sarah made a deal with these bad spirits that if she finds her father they would let her brother go Along her journey to find her father Sarah meets a few memorable people; Charlie Sam Maya whose name I love BTW and Jason At first Charlie seems like the weird friend that you can’t help but be nice to He accompanies Sarah on her journey and helps her find her father Both meet Sam a friend of her brother’s along the way as well as Maya who is fighting with the Boogieman Sarah also finds Jason along the way and definitely has an attraction towards him During the journey she realizes that she is just lusting for Jason while she is in love with Charlie The team of Sarah’s friends end up saving her brother but we also learn that Charlie is a demon However Charlie’s love for Sarah is shown when he sacrifices his soul in order to save her which causes him to turn into a good angel and go towards the light Sarah and the rest of her friends go towards the light as well but this sends Sarah back to Earth and back to her human body I loved this book and cannot wait for the next one As I said before it keeps you interested and turning the page from the very start It has just the right amount of paranormal and romance and a little bit of a thrill as well This was a great read

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    R2R LoP Sarah's ShadowsI received a free copy through LoP in exchange for a reviewSarah never thought that her life would take the turn it did with her winding up dead at such a young age After the death of both her brother and father her and her mother was what was left of their family and it was a struggle to go on with each day Still looking at her dead body at the hospital she hears a voice that she knows Her brother Jesse comes to her and even though it is a bittersweet reunion he is there for an actual purpose to help save their father who has taken the wrong path into the Shadowlands Since she is newly dead she can still journey to this place and try to convince her father to leave and return to the light This begins the strange journey one dead person at a time'It took a few minutes for Sarah to calm down but finally she did and they readied themselves to leave Her normal everyday fear level was higher than ever nowThen it was time to say good bye to her home Stepping off the porch Sarah walked into the front yard and turned to take it all in She exhaled loudly trying to shake the sadness of leaving what was so familiar and comfortable – even if it was a little creepy with her and her mom's clones being there There was so much to fear out there in Shadow Lands She wished she could stay at her childhood home forever'Interesting take on the traditional hero's journey Good development of characters and was a very easy and fast story to read I would recommend it to others and can't wait for the next installment since I need to know what happens

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    The author of this book described it to me as a little different than the usual vampires and werewolves that is true in the best way possibleI love books that make me think about the story and characters when I'm not reading about them and this is one of those books for meI love the plot it takes your uestions about what happens in the afterlife and provides answers that make for a super interesting storyline Some spoilers below This story is about a young woman Sarah who dies and goes to Shadowland She is immediately met by her brother who had already passed away He describes to her that she must go save their father who was in the caves a bad part of Shadowlandto help bring him to the Light he was not moving on due to a residing guilt from taking his own life after his son had died On this journey to save her father Sarah finds love her strengthcourage that she had lost on Earth makes new friends and fights demonsThere is an unexpected twist at the end which I feel made this a solid book and makes me eager for what I belive will be a seuel I hope the author Debra Robinson finds success with this novel which I found to be just a lot fun to read

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    I sat down to start the book and promptly read it all in one sitting It was a serious older YA story with an overall energetic hurried deadline feel that is constant the whole way through the book The story jumps right into the action and never seems to let upThe characters are well developed and felt consistent I thought Jason felt a little one dimensional with his constant hitting on Sarah but it wasn’t out of place I adored Maya even if her zoo was horribly disturbing I loved how her and Sarah bond so strongly It helps to reduce the insta love feel between Sarah and Charlie and adds a lightness to some of the serious partsThe ending is both happy and sad and ties up the story nicely while still leaving room for future books The story stands alone well but does have a series feelOverall it was a great story Very emotional and powerful It showcases an afterlife without making religion a huge part which is something very tricky and hard to do I think the book could be popular and hope lots of readers find and read it

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review LoP or Lovers of ParanormalThe premises is uniue It taken place in the afterlife of the heroine Sarah She’s trying to find her father who is lost in the shadowland I liked the map in the beginning of the novel I had to refer to it once to get a feel of the place I found it uite usefulI wish there was character development which is hard to do since this story takes place in a short period of time Because of this I felt the story was a bit disjointed in the shadowland It had a lot of action but little character development I thought the love story was brought up too abruptly The most interesting character for me is Charlie I wish I could see into his psyche because I think his character was interesting I enjoyed reading Azeel’s passages The ending caught me by surprise and I had a chuckle at everyone’s reaction

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    A wonderful book that I could not put down Great story about life death and the afterlife The war between good and evil and how grief and regret can hinder a person Such a wonderful inventive story Shadowland was so detailed it was easy to picture The birds with teeth were creepy The scene with the demons grabbing the woman was frightening and graphic And one I don't think I will forget I love the way the author writes I am looking forward to another story like this Well developed characters inventive visuals great plot lineI received this book in a goodreads giveaway I was not paid for my review in any way and the opinions are my own