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One man Two worlds The chains of command only stretch so far He’s a conduit to alien invasion A security threat To the same country he swore to defend from its enemies Enemies both foreign and domestic Hard to tell the difference once his growing powers unleash the ancient truth Time to go rogueNiall Kearey is US Air Force Special Forces His job to save lives On Earth Not on Astereal a world across the universe He’s not insane Except the hazy threads of a childhood dream keep intruding on his life Creating havoc The reason he’s alive beyond all reasonable expectations And now these aliens won’t be denied To the humanoid telepaths of Astereal Niall’Kearey is legend a military leader in a war dating back to ancient times Now dark stars are tearing Astereal apart and prophecy says he can save them From an apocalypseOn Earth Niall’s growing psychic abilities have attracted unwanted attention exposing his family to danger A rescue attempt results in catastrophe His secret is out and his life shattered Then with alien invasion a real threat the US government designates him a security risk as a secret political conspiracy seeks to control both him and this first contact with extra terrestrialsNiall is torn between protecting his loved ones saving an alien race and his duty to Earth but when history opens his eyes to the full potential of his latent powers he finally confronts the disturbing scale of his dilemma It’s time to go rogue The mission? Human survival

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    Rogue Genesis by Ceri London is a complex highly intelligent and competently written Science Fiction fantasy thriller I don't often read Science Fiction and only let my curiosity get the better of me because several of my friends raved about this book They were right to do soThe story is based on a excellent idea A man from Earth who kind of lives in two worlds at the same timeThe other world Astereal is in danger because the fragile balance of black holes holding it in place is coming loose The concept of time folds time warps astral travel or whatever phrase you would like to use for this double excistence is highly original fascinating and certainly uniue It made the story stand out from others in the genre just for that With this creative set up the subplots and the competent military technological writing it is impossible to find fault with this bookOur protagonist US Air Force Major Niall Kearey is a splendid character with his own family life deep thought and with literally A LOT on his overloaded mind The way the author blends the telepathic fantasy side with technological science fiction and fantasy is brilliant and made me think that maybe I should read scifi books often This is a far cry from repetitive and formulaic writing; this novel is innovative and therefore hugely rewarding It is also a gripping thriller a family story and simply a must read

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    PHENOMENAL I love this book and I am so glad it is only the first of a series I really took my time reading this There was so much thought and intent put into each detail that I wanted to make sure I took it all in First I love military covert ops strictly classified GI Joe dirty politicians shoot em up stories love em I also happen to live for fantasy and science fiction especially so the two married and had this beautiful child of a book No review I give is going to do this story justice but please take my advice and read this bookMajor Niall Kearey is a real life hero he loves his country and serves it proudly he loves his wife and family and he is a stand up honest man except he has been keeping a secret his whole life The way the author weaves this world with one across the galaxy is a beautiful thing Human attributes make the natives of Astreal relate able and the way everything comes together is pure genius I wish every ending was a satisfying as this one was This military thriller turn paranormalscience fiction adventure will leave you wanting from Ms London An absolutely amazing storyI was provided an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    Shimmer In The Dark Rogue Genesisby Ceri LondonIf only this book had been published a few months earlier it would have completely taken the wind out of the sails of Messrs Resnick and Malzberg and they could have continued mumbling into their beards unheard and ignoredThis SF story is the debut novel of a young English woman who has managed to get absolutely everything right She has plenty of hard science carefully researched her hero is a well drawn US Air Force Major who specializes in hazardous casualty evacuations from war zones and she has all that properly researched too Major Niall Kearey is a family man in love with his beautiful wife so there are no sexual shenanigans to upset the old fogeys The plotting is seamless the story very exciting the writing superb and you won’t be able to resist falling in love with the characters This is the best SF story I have read in thirty years and it’s the first of a seriesNiall has learned to hide his psychic ability since childhood when first the whispering strange dreams and shadowy monsters woke him screaming His mother moved them to a new house away from the ‘evil spirits’ his father took to drink To prevent causing them further distress Niall buried his secret so deep in his subconscious even he believed that the strange world he visited with its advanced telepathic people living in floating cities was an imagined dream He rationalized his fleeing there when in extreme stress or danger as just his mind evading the looming crisisMajor Kearey has had too many life saving precognitive visions to dismiss them His wife Tami has her own psychic ability and now his 6 y o daughter Lizzie also wakes screaming from the night terrorsAfter one too many impossible escapes from certain death the Air Force also notices and he is ordered into a new classified project where his talents can be investigated surreptitiously Then comes the day when he is pulled to Astereal while still awake and conscious on earth and finally has to admit that Astereal is a real place not just an exciting dream he has imagined and this world will soon be torn asunder by the forces of the unbalanced black holes around it Niall struggles to master the knowledge and abilities reuired to help the Astereans while hiding his powers from those seeking to investigate them and shield his beloved family from the secret power brokers who hope to tear them from him for their own purposes To get help for his family Niall is forced to come clean The Earth powers are all hungry for the new technology of Astereal but Niall is handicapped by their distrust suspicion and efforts to try to control him Everybody seems to want a piece of him but they all want him to do only what they allow and attempt to keep the star traveler on a short leash The alignment of Astereal and Earth is looming closer and closer and still Niall isn’t ready Before his preparations are complete he is incarcerated and illegally tortured by his own countrymen He manages to escape and flees struggling to complete his work with the entire worlds’ resources mobilized to find and recapture him Despite his many setbacks and fears for his family the drama eventually concludes in an entirely satisfying though surprising manner With the knowledge Niall has gained of the true workings of government the Air Force and politics it will be interesting to see what role he will play in the follow up and third books in this trilogy I received a free advance copy for an honest review as part of a Read 4 Review offer

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    So you like scifi? How about epic universal telepathic psychokinetic electromagnetic space time warping worm holing scifi? YeahI thought soThis novel is all that and so much Rogue Genesis presents us a seemingly simple military man Niall who has a little something special an uncanny intuition and the ability to astral project out across the reaches of space Niall soon learns he will be held responsible to save all 100 million inhabitants of an alien planet on the far side of the universe This planet he visits regularly in his subconscious dreams Astereal happens to be parked curbside to the apocalypse Not one not two not even three but SEVEN black holes encircle this poor solar system And one of them has become dominant throwing the whole deal off balanceBut the US govt and age old corrupt secret societies are not having it Not unless they are in control of Niall and his abilitiesNiall finds his whole world turned inside out friends become enemies everything he holds dear is threatened and yet the responsibility to save these alien people resides solely in his handsAstereal is running out of time and Niall is running out of options on Earth As this epic paranormal scifi thriller drags you to the clinch point we realize the future of mankind and the Astereans depend on the choices Niall makesAs it says so elouently in the description “The fate of two worlds rests on his shoulders”They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but this one you can The book is even awesome than the pop bang wow head turning cover artIf you call yourself a fan of scifi you need to read Rogue GenesisJust do it

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    From the very first page Ceri London had me hooked I liked the combination of action drama and suspense as we take a rollercoaster of a ride throughout the novel The character and story development were very thorough I really liked the characters of Niall Kearey his wife Tami Dr Jacueline Bison and Uathach The novel had very likeable interesting characters to say the least London paints a portrait of each of her characters with such lurid words From the humans on Earth to the beings of Astereal the characters are fleshed out and are made real for the readerThe imagination time and effort that London put into the novel shines over all I found myself completely enthralled with the beautiful mystical landscapes that she creates along with the realistic feel she gives everything in the novel I very much enjoyed the scientific aspect of the novel as well As someone who is not into science fiction per say I thought this novel was spectacular I am very anxious to read

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    I tend to separate my science fiction into two categories In some SFF the science part is a story element used as a setting or a device to keep the plot moving forward Then there are the tales where the science is integral to the story almost like another main characterRogue Genesis is the latter the kind of science fiction where I found myself googling terms like “geo magnetic flux” and “ley lines” in my spare timeBut lest you be frightened away by the science fear not good reader The story of Major Niall Kearey USAF is a great read with lots of well developed characters and military political intrigue Kearey has had greatness thrust upon him the fate of a world rests on his abilities to navigate space timeAs a small child Niall found his mind could slip away to what he thought was a dream world Over time he came to realize the dream world was an actual planet on the opposite side of the universe called Astereal Kearey travels there in the blink of an eye and is able to interact with the Astereans by taking a host body which the Astereans gladly offer Earth and Astereal exist in different timeflows meaning that a very short period of time is much longer on Astereal and Niall’s visits span many generations of Asterean historyAs we enter the story Astereal is slowly being torn apart by “dark stars” or black holes The upside to the dark star problem is that it is also slowing Asterean time down to match Earth’s timeflow a point called Alignment As Alignment approaches Niall’s powers grow beyond mind travel such that he is able to open portals in space time and move actual things like people A lot of peopleEarth understandably is worried about the potential for a rogue super psycho kinetic mind traveler to transport millions of aliens to our planet Enter the bad guys a shadowy organization reaching the highest levels of world power who are very interested in Asterean technology Through a series of carrot and stick maneuvers they compel Kearey to cooperateThe stakes mount for Kearey His wife his children and the Asterean race all become pawns in an inter galactic game of chicken Major Niall Kearey USAF needs to come up with a new plan Geo magnetics flux engines secret societies portals space time slipping aliens mental shields and dark stars Rogue Genesis literally has them all but somehow Ms London makes it all work in this self described “science fictionfantasy techno thriller”First in “Shimmer in the Dark” series I will definitely be coming back for Cross posted on my blog at

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    Rogue Genesis the first novel in Ceri London's Shimmer in the Dark series is an intricate and visionary science fiction novel that resembles a mash up of notables like David Weber's Honor Harrington series and Peter Hamilton's The Dreaming Void With a grand scope and intimate storytelling style Rogue follows one man a highly decorated and successful US special forces soldier as he tries to save not only his family from a malevolent secret society of psychics but also an entire alien civilization from the devastating cosmic forces that are set to destroy their home world Weaving political intrigue scientific exploration and elements of fantasy into a suspenseful narrative London's story is highly ambitious in its vision and she pulls it off with the kind of necessary plausibility that will appeal to many hard SF fans along with a look inside the intimacies of human nature and relationships that will appeal to those who prefer character driven novels Though the novel's initial pace is leisurely London enhances long moments of slow narrative with superbly executed and exciting action that will definitely get your heart racing and your fingers turning the page Rogue is a novel that is best consumed in large chunks as its meandering and subtle reveals reuire a high level of concentration to fully grasp It is the perfect novel for a weekend spent relaxing beachside or for filling time during a long overseas flight

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    I was given this book for an honest review by the author Ceri London First I just need to mention to all of my Christian friends that though I am a creationist Christian I read this book as it was intended as a work of FICTION So if it bothers you to even hear the word evolution don’t bother having said that I just loved this book It is a long read but worth every minute This is not a book you can 'skim' through; every word is part of the story I loved the characters especially the Hero military guy with a heart There are twists and turns in this book than a mountain logging road This book can be read as a 'stand alone' story; I appreciate that but will be continued I for one will be sticking with this author and this storyline I recommend this for teens and up there is very little swearing and no sexual content I give this book 5 stars

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    Can I get a whoop whoop Loved this book I'm not normally real big on the time travel sci fi thing but indie author Ceri London definitely caught my attention with her writing style and a compelling story It was a little hard to follow sometimes but I think that was due to me than the book Bravo to Ms London for creating a fantastic story

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    Ceri London has written in Shimmer In The Dark Rogue Genesis one of the most powerful science fictionfantasy novels I have read since Dune Well actually it is better than Dune More creative with a wider range and depth of reality that is approachable to all readers This is without doubt a science fiction novel but it also has strong ties to military political intrigue in the present day which grounds the novel in a level of believability even when the “fiction” portion of the science asks you to stretch your mind into new levels of beliefSome I suppose would lean towards calling it ‘fantasy’ as there are no space ships and Earth colonies on other planets If you are one of the ‘hard sci fi geeks’ that some of my friends are you might be disappointed by no space rockets blasting around I suppose but that should in no way deter you from reading this jewel of a bookUnlike many I have no problem stretching credulity to new levels I don’t expect a science fiction or fantasy book to stay within the realm of ‘probability’ I expect to be taken to a new place a new level of existence while I expect that existence to still feel believable I expect to be charmed into a new sense of reality for a short while Something that Ms London has done brilliantly in this the first of a four part seriesNiall Kearey is a very special person with a very special family As has been described by the blurb on the book he can with is mind reach out across galaxies to what he thinks is a ‘dream world’ – a world “racing towards annihilation” – a world soon to pass into alignment with Earth with unknown outcome Here on Earth there are power brokers secret societies power hungry and amoral politicians and a corrupt US Military A military and power structure that will do anything including the destruction of Niall’s beloved family to bring him under their control and use him for world domination Of this and possibly other worlds London in my estimation did a beautiful job of making me feel her characters I actually understood and admired Niall My admiration was not only for his special abilities but also for his love of and deep commitment to his family In the face of horrific circumstances he stands by his family and continues to fight for them when everyone around him is betraying his faith his honour and his commitment to country The very thing that Niall has fought for and watched his friends die for is pulled into the light and that light shines upon a dark and venomous snarl of greed and xenophobia that would happily watch whole civilizations die accepting only the technology and power that those cultures might provide In all humanity at it’s slimiest humanity who would sentence millions to death while gobbling up their scientists to live as virtual prisoners slaves to the military industrial complex Yep Humans all right Humans who would imprison a decorated military man under “correct supervision” using him as a lab rat to assure his “asset to this nation” statusYes a lot of the book made me sick I want to howl in despair at the horror of the reality of what humans truly are what they are truly capable of Of human avarice hatred brutality and vicious self aggrandizement the truly black and horrific souls within Sick in that everything that London writes is so very gut wrenchingly believable in so many ways So real within the fictitious world that she creates Amidst the black holes space time jumps dark matter universes and other fascinating and well researched portions of the book London delves into the human psyche and lays bare its soul And proves beyond a doubt the very reasons that even if there are other civilizations out there my view of how they would view Earth is “That poor beautiful orb filled with the trailer trash of the universe vicious dangerous creatures to be avoided at any cost” I can see the signs hanging in space now Overall if you are a lover of science fiction style fantasy I cannot recommend this book highly enough It was on my back burner for a while a lot longer than I had wished for it to be but I am so very glad that I finally sat down and read it It was well worth the time More than worth it This book needs a lot attention than it is getting right now Go out and buy it I can guarantee you that you will be recommending it to your friends It’s very creativity of concept makes it a standout in the field That should draw you in What will keep you there is the writing the characterizations and her deep understanding of the human psyche will keep you reading and watching for the next in the seriesHighly recommended