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The year is 1911 A reporter for a London newspaper has made a horrifying discovery involving a member of the House of CommonsIt seems that Edward Lyons is no casual participant in the popular seances and occult practices of the day His involvement is said to run deeperFAR deeper Indeed as the reporter gradually uncovers Lyons is in fact a vicious bloodthirsty vampireSensing that fate is conspiring against him Lyons decides that it’s time to head for America His means of escape is by traveling on what to him is just another ship However he makes a rather unfortunate choice the ship he’s fleeing from Britain on is the brand new TITANICMeanwhile TITANIC’S owner the head of the White Star Line is J Bruce Ismay a pampered blessed “man about town” As he prepares to sail aboard TITANIC he cannot possibly know that it will be the ship’s one and only voyage and that he will be hopelessly stuck in the middle of what will be a collision with destiny and it doesn’t involve only a ship and an iceberg

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    This describes the sinking of the Titanic but is also wrapped up in vampire mythology and some very odd descriptions of characters The reporter Kerry Langston is attempting to thwart the vampire's attempt to move to Utah where he will practice polygamy and take over the world But the boat sinks complicating everything

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    Loved this book Very original idea great pacing masterfully constructed and a stunning conclusion The prose and dialogue combine to really evoke the time period and to set the mood GREAT BOOK