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How can you miss something you never had? Retired pro motocross racer Eli Hunter had it all That’s how he chose to look at things A sport he loved one that his entire world revolved around He had been catapulted to rock star status and Eli drank in every minute of it He loved the bikes the tracks the practices sweat hard work training dirt rain hundred degree heat Eli loved it all Evenwhen it almost killed himComing full circle Eli now was part owner and trainer at The Noland SFH Racing Academy Spending his time teaching future racers about a sport he adored helping to form them into what he once was The academy saved him from himself saved him from a depression that could have sent him on a freefall For the last three years Eli focused on two things the academy and his broken body Spending all day every day building both up and thinking of nothing else The end result the school had taken off and he could walk It wasn’t until he sat across from a prospective student and his young widowed mother that Eli realized exactly what had been missing in his otherwise complete life Eli had been witness to his best friends Carter and Jesse watching as they found women that made them whole He hadn’t had time to miss that for himself not when walking again had been so important Not when proving the doctors wrong by putting his butt back in the seat of a bike had been monumentalBut now? Those long auburn curls and shy violet eyes were the answer to his unspoken prayers

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    Warning DO NOT color your hair while reading Eli's Honor and if you have too make sure you set a timer because you can't put this book downAmy Gregory roars through the gates with Racing To Love Eli’s Honor and the gang’s all here Set several years after Jesse’s Soul the gang has grown considerably and they no longer hang out in the pits The Nolands have opened The Noland SFH Racing Academy and Eli Jesse and Carter are busy coaching and mentoring the boys that come to the school week after week Eli Hunter is a well loved racer but a tragic accident ended his career and left him searching for his place in life As the story opens Eli gets a call from Molly informing him of their first scholarship reuest Dallas Graham At the tender age of 11 Dallas is already making waves in the motocross world and Eli is already following his stats knowing full well he has champion potential With the encouragement of Molly and the Nolands Eli promptly finds himself driving down a dusty dirt road in Nashville unsure if he can convince the mother of this natural born racer to give them her son for a month Honor Graham is barely holding onto Dallas’s racing and with the costs becoming than she can handle her brother in law asks the Nolands for help something she is none to pleased about Honor isn’t looking for handouts and a scholarship to the Noland Racing Academy is just that in her book Faced with a chance to give her son everything she wants him to have her biggest fear is she won’t be able to let him go The sight of Eli Hunter Dallas’s racing idol on her doorstep doesn’t help matters and she’s suddenly faced with uestion is he their salvation or the devil in tight jeans? Amy opens up the throttle and effortlessly leads us through the next month of Eli and Honor’s life as Dallas wins the hearts of all the Nolands and Eli wins the heart of Honor More than that it’s a story about redemption from the past acceptance of the future and understanding family doesn’t always share blood but they can share so much Amy Gregory moves to the head of the class with Eli’s Honor and I can’t wait for

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    I'm a HUGE fan of this series and of Amy Gregory She has such a great way of telling a story After reading Eli's Honor and finding out the name of his heroine the title was perfect and I loved it OhI also love the new covers for the series I was so happy to see all of my favorite characters return and especially a few new ones Alex and Jack Alex was adorable especially with Dallasjust loved their relationship So cute Eli sigh His character snuck up on me in this book and caught me totally off guard in the way that I fell for him from the very first page In the previous books he was always in the background and didn't really make that big of an impression on me but in Eli's HonorWOW He was so sweet and caring and funny and sexyloved the tattoos I loved how easily and naturally the relationship formed between Dallas and him And I absolutely loved the relationship that developed between Honor and him Such a great couple I loved the way he treated her It was so sexy that he wanted her from the beginning and went about making her his And I loved the way Honor took care of him in return Once again Amy wrote a book that totally entertained me from start to finish Reading Eli's Honor made me want to go back and reread the series I have to say that I love the direction Amy has taken this series in the natural progression of the guys starting the academy and having everyone participating and living on the property like one big family So good Eli's Honor was great addition to a series that just keeps getting better and has me so looking forward to ARC provided by Amy GregoryThanksit was my pleasure to read

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    OMG I freaking lived it can't wait for Alex's book she sounds so cute I really want her and Dallas to end up together but was a great read for me but fix Brody's love it won't let me download it good job anyway

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    I loved loved loved this book Sweet funny heartbreaking healing and SEXY Amy once again captures our hearts with the Racing for Love boys A MUST read

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    Awesome book Couldn't put it down Love racing drama

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    I loved this book and it wasn't until I was 13 through the book that I realized it was the fourth in the series However that did not stop me from enjoying the book because it could easily be read as a stand alone When a writer can create characters that not only come to life but allow the reader to feel the emotion within then I will usually rate them high I was sucked in from the first page and what I enjoyed was the background setting of motocross racing Having watched it growing up I enjoyed how Ms Gregory laced the story with the technical side but never left me feeling like an idiot I loved all the characters and would have read the book straight through if work had not interrupted me In fact loved the book so much went back and purchased the first four

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    Omg Loved Eli so much Wat a sweetheart but still all man Honor is such a strong n wonderful mum just loved this storycan't wat for Alex's book I hope to god she ends up with Dallas xoxoxox

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    what a gem look forward to the next one

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    4 12 StarsOnce again I really love this series One of the beautiful things about the Racing To Love series is that we get the full family effect on all the characters These aren't just little romance books between two people These are beautiful books about our MCs as well as the wealth of family and friends that creates such a splendid atmosphere I felt a part of their little world and the author completely drew me in This story follows Eli best friend of Carter and Jesse It follows a few years after Jesse's book after Eli has retired early due to a debilitating crash that changed his life Now he lives in Pennsylvania with his racing family running their training school Here at the school we not only get Eli we get to see all our favorites from the previous books and that was a real treat I love this group Then we meet Honor single mother to Dallas who has uite a story of her own and through the interceding of Molly Honor and Dallas get to meet this gaggle of racers and are steered onto Eli's pathOne thing about these RTL boys is that they aren't shy about showing their affection to the women they decide are the one and Eli is no exception I can see how this might bother some people but if you have gotten this far in the series then I imagine you are used to these bold boys and like me have come to love that they wear their hearts on their sleeves Eli is sweet sexy and sensitive and watching his world change as Honor and Dallas entered it was incredibly touching I loved getting his perspective and seeing him fall for these two displaced souls And let's be honest there's nothing sexier that a man who cares for a mother and child Then we get Honor a single mom who has a world of hurts of her own but is incredibly resilient and independent She is also uite different from Molly and Emery and I liked that she had a different kind of softness about her Her love for her son is evident but her past has carved a deep wound in her perspective creating towering walls that not only Eli but the whole gang hope to overcome The friendship between Eli and Honor was so sweet and different from the previous books I really liked that the author took a different approach and it felt very genuine and sensitive to their circumstances We also get the perspective of another character whom I will not name because it was a surprise and a treat to me I was not expecting it and while I was unsure about it in the beginning I came to really love that the author engaged us in this new perspective It was very well played And I look forward to reading about this character in the next bookThe story was sweet and beautiful touching and tender And the ending was fantastic I loved Eli and Honor's story tattoos and all My only negative is that I wished there was dialogue There was a lot of describing and inner feelings and telling which was great but I have a love for the actual conversations being referred to And while there was some great dialogue I would have still liked Update I have since finished reading this entire series I flew through the books and can honestly say I loved them This is a great series with strong characters and beautiful romances that really stay with you I love a series that creates a community and family feel whether with or without the bonds of blood where we get to see characters from each book progress in subseuent books The Racing To Love series created just that These character bonds are strong real touching and wonderful Amy Gregory did a fantastic job with this series It's definitely one I look forward to re reading

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    Eli oh Eli sigh he has always been the uiet sneaky loyal gorgeous lovable man in the background but with this book he comes straight to the front and works his way even further into your heart I admit there are parts where I thought “Amy how could you?” And “I hate you” because of the pain and heartbreak he endures Then I look at Honor with her own beauty uiet grace and her tender heart and think “Way to go Amy” she’s perfect for Eli Eli’s relationship with Honor’s son Dallas is so amazingly easy and natural it’s almost too perfect Which is why I absolutely adore those awkward unsure of themselves moments that pop up now and then Meeting Alex and Jack wow I fell in love with both right away and watching Alex and Dallas together giggle Molly and Carter better look out her cause their little girl has found her man which I hope turns into a story itself soon hint hint I love the way Amy has taken this series into its natural progression from the guys retiring and starting the academy to babies getting older and everybody living on the same property She shows us that family isn’t always the one you were born into but can be the one you make Eli's Honor is a wonderful addition to a series that just keeps getting better and better and has me looking forward to Amy has once again written a book in which the characters came to life and totally entertained me from start to finish