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I really enjoyed this debut novel by Melissa Jagears This is the story of Julia and Everett What a moving mail order bride tale After being jilted by his sweetheart years ago, Everett set out to find himself a mail order bride for companionship as well as need for help around his farm Three attempts and three failures later, he has given up His friends, however, have not given up Much to Everett s surprise, his new mail order bride has arrived Julia is typical of many mail order brides in that she has something in her past that she is trying to escape from Where Julia strays from the norm is that her past includes a very traumatic event that is going to make it extremely difficult to trust a man ever again.When these two marry, will Everett be able to open himself up to his new bride, even after being jilted so many times before Will Julia ever be able to trust Everett and be the wife he desires I found these characters to be very well written Julia s fear is completely understandable, as is Everett s frustration with her Watching these two find love is thoroughly enchanting I received a complimentary copy of A Bride for Keeps All opinions are my own.To read this review on my blog, visit Ugh I cannot believe I waited so long for this book It seemed so promising a pretty cover and a different spin on a mail order plot line But the characters really lack depth Just like the story line.Julia, the supermodel from 1876, struggles with being so drop dead gorgeous her beauty is so intense that no one can think about anything else, including herself She pretty much goes cycles through feelings of shame crimes committed against her because of her beauty , guilt because apart from her beauty she s useless , resentment i m than just a pretty face , hopelessness I m nothing but a pretty face , and suspicion are you thinking about my looks Sound a bit repetitive Oh you have no idea.Let s add in a second POV from her intended who spends 80% of his time obsessing about her beauty pretty face of the I have nothing to offer her she s too beautiful I must have her now variety and 20% of his time obsessing about his previous mail order 1 failures.The two characters go back and forth so much that I have whiplash.And the conflicts were as extreme as you can get spoilers being jilted no less than 5 times for pretty weak reasons, rape, attempted rape, 12 miscarriages still births, and a fall off the roof leading to a mangled leg, fever, and brush with both amputation and death Just to name a few.If you secretly harbor a wish that your beauty was so all consuming that it was a constant source of conflict with everyone around you, and you d like to experience it vicariously through a shallow, vain fictional character, then this is the book for you. Ha What do I think I ve read it a hundred times over Hope people like it This is a difficult book for me to review because it left me with many mixed emotions.Everett Cline is a nice looking, God fearing homesteader who has been quite unlucky in the love department Sending for multiple mail order brides, one at a time of course, they all chose someone else to spend their life with He feels he must be greatly lacking and has given up the idea of marriage and a helpmate His very good friend and neighbor, Rachel, secretly answers a mail order bride ad as herself but on Everett s behalf and after corresponding with the young lady for many months, invites her to travel to Kansas to meet marry Everett Everett finds out about the deception only minutes before the train arrives He is not at all thrilled by this turn of events but he will do the right thing if the lady wants him for a husband.Julia has her own set of marriage rules which are marry only for companionship, never fall in love, and most specificallynever enter the marriage beda real hands off policy, and no children Her past has left her emotionally and physically wounded and she will not share her secrets with anyone.This book was so repetitive that I quickly became frustrated, annoyed, bored, and considered not finishing it but I trudged on It dragged in many places and, I feel, was way too long for the outcome of the book It could have all been said and done in 200 pages instead of dragging it out The storyline was weak and without depth, lacking a subplot which could have made the story much interesting Both the H and h were insipid characters with the heroine being weak, self centered, emotionally unavailable, narrow minded and shallow The hero treated Julia badly in the beginning by ignoring her but once it was brought to his attention he changed his ways and sought God s guidance That still did not seem to help their relationship much though She was a hard woman with a hardened heart taking responsibility and feeling guilt where it wasn t warranted It was tiring watching her throw away a chance at love but she had a very sturdy wall built around her heart and many misconstrued ideas about male and female relationships.What surprised me was that Rachel took the time to get to know this young woman through correspondence and sends for her but yet she is not a Christiandoes not share Rachel s or Everett s beliefs I just don t see Rachel making a call like that She is too grounded in her faith to have ignored that issue and a big issue it was.Would I recommend this booklet me say it this way I certainly would not read it again and I am not sure I would read in this series I had high hopes for this book because I loved Loved By the Letter so this was quite a disappointment But as always, you should judge for yourself because 88.5% gave it either a 4 or 5 star rating. 3.5 stars Pleasant story of a couple who didn t really want to be married at all, but end up paired together by force of circumstances Once they tie the knot, there are all sorts of things to contend with, from old secrets to broken bones I liked both Julia and Everett, but especially loved their friends, who were responsible for bringing them together and who showed such a sweet picture of family life It reminded me of Amanda Cabot s Scattered Petals , which was one of my favorite and most memorable books from last year s reading I ll definitely be reading of this series. Salt Flatts, Kansas, Spring 1876, and the train has just arrived in town with another mail order bride for Everett Cline, only he didn t order this one He wants a wife, but he s given up hope of finding one after one jilted him, one arrived dead, one arrived married and the fourth left him for a farmer with a bigger spread before they got married Julia Lockwood is from a well to do Boston family, but has run away to be Everett Cline s mail order bride on the advice of her pen pal But when she arrives, she finds Everett isn t exactly pleased to see her it s as though he knows nothing about her I really enjoyed A Bride for Keeps I m always a sucker for a good marriage of convenience story, and this one was really well done Both Everett and Julia were hiding secrets, and that s always a good source of conflict for a novel What made this interesting is that we know Everett s secret almost from the outset, and that provides some good comic moments as it seems that every female Julia meets in Salt Flatts was at one time engaged to her husband I also enjoyed the Christian aspects of the story Everett is a strong Christian, but marriage to Julia reminds him of his responsibility to be the spiritual head of the house, even when he s married someone who doesn t share his beliefs and while I don t normally support this, I think A Bride for Keeps handles it well The writing is good, the characters are likeable but not perfect, the plot is an original take on an old staple, and it meets all the expectations of a lightweight Christian historical romance Perfect entertainment Recommended for those who enjoy western historical romance from authors such as Karen Witemeyer, Carol Cox, Jen Turano and Mary Conneally I ll look forward to reading the next in the series.Thanks to Bethany House and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review. After reading the novella Love by the Letter I was excited to read A Bride for Keeps It started out good, but about halfway in I started to lose interest While I liked Julia and Everett, I just got fed up with how they treated each other Everett had been burned in the past view spoiler five women had jilted or left him already hide spoiler This was the slowest book I ve read in my life, felt like it had a million pages And so much bible I ve never read the bible and never will, but after how many Christian books I ve read so far, feels like I ve already read it.I have disliked both Mc s The relationship between them was ridiculous So much inner monologue and their conversations were going around and around, if they did talk, and they barely talked to each other.Barely spent time together.Barely been nice to each other.They don t know anything about each other Remember, barely talking duh.All we actually get is a form of mutual physical attraction, but they apparently managed to fell in love somehowHow is that possible since there was no relationship stages You know, girl meets boy, they talk, become friends, etc.I didn t feel any attraction between them, to be honest.Julia is a shallow, immature woman, going on and on about her past and how no one loves her Blah, blah, blah, poor little rich girl.Everett is not far behind either At 97% we get a grown up man crying like a baby about how he can t help himself wanting her and how he is tested to sleep next to her and not touch It was so emasculating and so awkward for me to read that.Haven t cringed so much while reading a book in a long time I feel very embarrassed at the moment. Everett Cline Will Never Humiliate Himself By Seeking A Mail Order Bride Not Again He S Already Been Jilted By Three Mail Order Brides And Figures A Wife Just Isn T In His Future However, A Well Meaning Neighbor Hasn T Given Up On Seeing Him Settled, So She Goes Behind His Back To Bring Yet Another Woman To Town For HimJulia Lockwood Has Never Been Anything Than A Pretty Pawn For Her Father Or A Business Acquisition For Her Former Fiance A Mail Order Marriage In Faraway Kansas Is A Last Resort, But She Ll Do Anything To Leave Her Life In Massachusetts And The Heartbreak She S Experienced ThereAlthough Everett Doesn T See How A Beautiful, Cultured Woman Like Julia Could Be Happy Sharing His Simple Life, He Could Really Use A Helpmate On His Homestead Determined To Prove She S Than Just A Pretty Face, Julia Agrees To A Marriage In Name Only Faced With The Harsh Realities Of Life On The Prairie And Hesitant To Explore The Tentative Feelings Growing Between Them, Can Everett And Julia Ever Let Each Other In Long Enough To Fall In Love