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Diamond Willow Award Nominee, Silver Birch Fiction Shortlist, CLA Children S Book Of The Year Award ShortlistVOYA S Top Shelf Fiction For Middle School Readers List, Hackmatack Children S Choice Book Award Nominee, Jake And His Sister Shoshona Have Been Under Foster Care Since Their Single Mother Was Arrested For Possession And Trafficking Three Years Before Both Have Found Their Own Ways To Cope Shoshona Has Become A Bossy Mother Figure Jake, Who Is A Budding Comic Book Artist, Has Created An Alter Ego Named Jakeman And Unbeknownst To His Sister, Jake Continues His One Man Letter Writing Campaign To The Governor, Pleading For Clemency For Their MomAlong With An Assortment Of Nervous, Angry, And Damaged Kids, Jake And Shoshona Take A Community Provided School Bus Four Times A Year On The Long Overnight Journey Through New York State To Visit Their Mother In JailThis Time Will Be Like No Other Trip They Ve Ever Taken Their Adult Chaperones Contract Food Poisoning On The Way Back And Must Be Dropped Off At A Hospital And Their Driver, Refusing To Wait For Another Adult To Replace Their Chaperones, Sets Off Again With Only The Kids And A Hidden Bottle Of Booze In Tow In No Time They Are Off The Main Highway And Lost And Their Driver, Now Staggering Drunk, Abandons The Kids And Walks Off, Leaving Them In The Middle Of NowhereAngry And Sick To Death Of A System That Has Deserted Them At Every Turn, Shoshana Takes The Wheel And Through A Series Of Crazy Side Trips, Jake And The Others Hatch A Plan To Visit The Governor S Mother And When The Old Lady Sees That Her Son Has Dismissed Jake S Appeals And Refused To Even Reply, She Helps Them Face Off With The Governor Himself Jake And The Others Find Themselves At A Photo Opportunity That Ends In Tragedy Even As It Gives The Long Abandoned Kids A Forum To Be Heard At Long Last

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    Jakeman can do anything the barbed wire that comes out of his skin will protect him he cant be defeated, not even Queen of Pain will But reality is his major enemy After his mother got arrested thanks to his ex boyfriend that accused her from being a drug seller, a lot of things changed Jake Jakeman and his sister Shoshona Queen of Pain now live in a Foster home and nothing is the same, nothing will ever be the same until he is with his mother all the three together again His only hope turns to be a huge deception for him because for than 3 years he wrote to the governor asking as a special favor to pardon his mother but he never gets an answer Jake could not be devastated because after the visit to his mother for mother s day a very important adventure happens in the bus on which he is traveling In this book Deborah Ellis lives us the message that nothing is impossible and that even if you don t expect to realize a dream its never too late, the faith you have will be the key for you to open unknown doors In the book Deborah transmitts us this valuable quote Maybe we can do other things I ve never thought we could This book uses great characterization that helps you feel exactly what the author is communicating to you This wonderful book helps you understand that you can be your own hero

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    Jake and Shoshawna take an old school bus with other children from the Boys and Girls Club to visit their mothers in the state women s correctional facility On the bus ride back to the city half the students and the social worker become ill An unexpected stop at a small town hospital has to be made Half the students and the social worker are left at the hospital while the other children are taken back to the city by a substitue bus driver The children discover the driver has been drinking After they force him to pull over they leave him passed out on the side of the road and take over the bus They get lost in the dark and end of spending the night in the country Jake has been writing the Governor of NY for three years asking him to pardon his mother The children decide to meet him in person They figure surely he would be visiting his mother in the nursing home they read about in the newspaper on Mother s Day A trip to the nursing home on the way home leads to adventures A great book for any child who has a loved one in prison.

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    Jake stood a little behind his sister The counter in front of him came up to his nose On his first visit, it was at the top of his forehead He d grown a little bit, but there was still plenty of room in his suit He d be wearing that ugly old thing until he was ninety Shoshona passed up their ID again The guard frowned and scratched himself This is Jacob he asked Yes, said Shoshona What s your name he barked at Jake Calvin Coolidge, thought Jake Jake Jacob.

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    I didn t care for this book I liked the topic, and the idea, and it s definitely something people should learn about However, this book felt very this happened, and then this happened, and then this without much growth or emotion Also, every character was very flat, and either nice or a jerk No in between This may have been because the characters were written the way the main character saw them, but still I feel like the author tried to write in some depth, but none of it worked for me.I don t think this is a bad book overall, I just really didn t like it.

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    Jake s life is tough His mother is in jail and he and his sister are bounced from foster home to foster home Jake takes solace in the comics he draws Jake also holds out hope that the governor, who he writes to every month, will pardon his mother and release her from jail After surviving insults from prison guards, a drunk bus driver, and a system that holds out little hope for them, Jake and the other kids who visit their mothers in jail take matters into their own hands in stead of waiting for the governor to take action.

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    Jake is working on a comic book in which the hero, Jakemen, has barb wire under his skin and can surmount all manners of unfairness in the world He gets to visit his mother in prison every few months by taking a bus with his sister, a social worker, and a group of other kids whose mothers are also in danger When the substitute bus driver is spectacularly mean and a lot of people get sick at the prison they steal the school bus to go home leading to all sorts of adventures.

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    The 3 other people I know who read this book didn t like it I really did, though It s not literary excellence, it s not super realistic, but it s an amusing, memory catching story And kids who actually have family in jail or live in the city might be that much interested in it I would be perfectly happy to be able to recommend it to a reluctant middle grade boy, bc I think he d at least be amused enough to finish it.

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    Well, I didn t love it, but I didn t hate it We had some good discussions about circumstances, fairness, and race The kids gave the book mixed reviews and it could have been because they really couldn t relate to the characters I think Ellis brought up some real life issues that sparked lots of good discussions.

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    MS read Jake and Shoshanna live in a million foster homes while their mom is in prison 4 times a year they board a bus with other children to visit their moms in prison The last trip is a wild ride

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    Jakeman is a good story It deals with some tough issues in an interesting way and without being too strident My son liked it and really enjoyed the ending Jakeman for Governor.