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When River Fillian's powerful father a pirate on a Mississippi keeler disappears after a horrific earthuake in 1811 she must challenge the infamous rivals who hope to claim his territory and find her own place in the new order Includes historical notesRecommended by the International Reading Association and was nominated for the Amelia Bloomer Project American Library Association 2013 The Historical Novel Society an international literary society offeres “ this book comes recommended for its innovative language and use of folkloric elements which illuminate an unusual time and locale” The book is listed on A Mighty Girl’s Top 2013 Mighty Girl Books for Tweens and Teens

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    “Da said the river will always do right by us But look where she took us Look what happened to all them keelers Look what happened to that town That river she ain’t done right to no one” “You think believing in something is easy only for those times when life goes easy? Girl believing in something when it’s near impossible to do so that’s called faith Your da he had faith in you And don’t tell me you ain’t put your da through some trying times He didn’t give up on you Maybe the river didn’t give up on you either” Young River Fillian is on the run after her father a powerful river pirate disappears during an earthuake so catastrophic it causes the Mississippi River to run backward While trying to deal with her loss River must also fight with the help of her fellow river rats to retain her father’s territory and to find his buried treasure “It’s life on the raggedy edge” with a cast of misbehaving characters some from folklore and history and all led by a fiery red headed girl and her rescued tiger The skillful blend of storytelling history and tall tale figures sweeps this tale along on River’s heels so that you never want to let her out of your sight “You’ll be telling this story to your children and your children’s children so I’ll make it a good one” Bobbi Miller has done just that Let’s hope there is to come of River Fillian’s “possible imaginations” Who op The author notes at the end give details about some of the characters customs events and language These along with a bibliography for those who wish to know are welcome addenda to the main story

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    I'm a sucker for a strong voice and this book has that in spades It also has plenty of adventure and will make an instant history enthusiast out of any young reader Here's a recent interview with Bobbi Millerwhich was featured on my MG group blog Smack Dab in the Middle

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    This is a uniue middle grade adventure story about a pirate’s daughter River set in 1811 1812 on the Mississippi River Author Bobbi Miller has created a colorful cast of characters during a fascinating time and place “Uncivilized” River has a treasure map a pet tiger and a range of loyal friends and fearsome enemies Undeterred by danger she is determined to find adventure and take the reader along for the ride

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    Bobbi Miller’s picture books have created an imaginative fun filled tall tale world for young children Now comes a yarn certain to hook middle grade and young adult readers From page one BIG RIVER’S DAUGHTER picks you up and sets you down in the midst of the “muddiest crookedest” Mississippi River of the early 1800s complete with as Miller explains in her end notes language that “is a teetotaciously splendiferous reflection of a wild frontier life too big for mere words to capture” River the main character has been brought up by her father as a “river rat” steering clear of civilization loving life on the Mississip—a piece of unpredictable wilderness just as untamed as they are They and the crew are at home here But on the day the story begins “Something’s astir” The opening is based on a series of real earthuakes that shook the Mississippi River basin from 1811 until 1812 Miller plunges the reader into the awful reality of those uakes Despite devastating damage and loss River is a survivor and goes on to have adventures that make us laugh cower hold our breath and sigh with relief often within the same chapter After all “that’s how fast change comes on the big river”And oh yes a tiger joins the list of fantabulous charactersSo “get your wiggle on” and dive into the Mississip with River and her gang Who opNote While this story will make you holler with laughter or feel like dancing a jig at times please be advised that it does also contain violence not appropriate for younger readers

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    Who op What a wild ride down the great Mississippi with a terrific new heroine River Fillian Her father is known as the River King but after a huge earthuake he goes missing and Little River must rely on her friends her brains and her talent for knowing the river to get her out of a heap o' trouble Famous historic figures like Mike Fink and the pirate Jean Lafitte grace this tale along with a cast of every kind of character you can imagine Written in true river slang Big River's Daughter is a breathless cover to cover delight I haven't enjoyed a tale like this and wanted the instant seuel since the tales of Jacky Faber girl pirate Bobbi Miller has a gift for channeling the mighty Mark Twain and anyone who enjoyed the exploits of Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer will fly through Big River's Daughter Earthuakes villains pirates and arm wrestling river ueens will make you wish the book was longer Did I mention there is a tiger

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    Big River’s Daughter is uite unlike anything I’ve read before and let me tell you that is good news If you love a book with a strong uniue voice a protagonist who is gutsy and determined and a rollicking plot full of adventure then you’re in for a treat Add to that a supporting cast of larger than life characters be warned there are a few nasties amongst them a fascinating insight into a little known period of history little known to me anyway a richly imagined setting plus a smattering of magic realism and in my opinion you have a winner My only uibble? I need to know of River’s story Seuel please

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    Bobbi Miller has woven fact with fiction real characters with the best of made up ones to create a wonderful thrilling tale of life on the Mississippi in the early 1800s River Fillian survives the devastating earthuakes that shook the area in 1811 but her father is nowhere to be found Her story takes us from river to land and back to the river all the while filled with fascinating characters both good and bad not to mention the tiger The colour and language of the time is so deftly brought to life in Miller's words I adored this story and can't wait for the seuel please tell me there's going to be a seuel

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    This was our selection this month for my daughter's book club 6th grade I thought it was a wonderful story with wonderful strong female characters I too appreciated the historical accuracy surrounding the story I think its always a plus when getting kids into a good book to have a little something extra for them to learn while they read I personally found the book's dialogue which was apropos for the characterstimesetting of the novel to be a bit distracting I applaud the effort but the girls in the group especially found it a bit difficultWould definitely recommendless

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    This book is an example of wonderful historical fiction Mississippi pirate ships in the 1800 and larger than life legends are portrayed here from the POV of the main character River The book is well written and moves uickly The characters are lovable and we root for them There is serious subject matter in this book as some of the characters die However the book stays true to the pirate genre with swash buckling and treasure This book proves that childrenYA books need not be of inferior ualify in story telling and writing

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    A river boat pirate tale told from a girl’s perspective I love the premise This is totally fiction but real life characters like Jean Lafitte are woven in and if you like action this book is for you It borders on being a tall tale the main character adopts a wild tiger who becomes her faithful companion and protector which at times stretches credulity but it is nevertheless a fun and fast read