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An Unholy Ritual, A Ticking Clock Four Children Discover There Are Things That Go Bump In The Night Centuries Ago A Group Of Elves Committed An Unholy Ritual But The Ritual Was A Spectacular Failure It Transformed The Elves Into The Noctivagi The Beings We Know As VampiresStriving To Maintain A Fragile Peace, The Ancient Elves And Dwarves Negotiated An Accord, Which They Ve Renewed Every Year On The Summer Solstice The Ceremony Depends On The Magical Rune Stone, But It S Missing If It Is Not Found And Quickly The Consequences Could Be Dire, And Not Just For Elves And DwarvesFour Children, Rob, Jack, Eleanor, And Flora, Stumble Into A World Of Magic And Mayhem When They Move Into Black Ledge, The Old Estate On The Maine Coast, And Discover They Aren T The Only Ones Who Live There

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    Several things come to mind when thinking about this book The first is pure joy This is a book that you can read over and over and notice something new each time It s a wonderful read for those of you with kids, I promise they will jump right in bed if promised a chapter of The Keeper and The Rune Stone each night Your teenagers will willingly put down the remote to whatever game they have and pick this up instead Since it is only 3.00 for the kindle version you won t feel even the tightest pinch in your wallet for a book the entire family will love.The story starts with Eleanor talking about their new home She and her two brothers and sister aren t happy about this particular house and didn t really understand why their parents bought it Until they saw it on move in day that is Quickly falling in love with their new home, the four siblings decided to start exploring It s been a pretty ordinary story up until now but then Jack finds a hidden opening to a cave and the adventure starts.My absolute favorite character in this book was Gunnr My heart went out to him and I wanted to hug him and tell him everything would eventually be wonderful Honestly, my only drawback in the entire story was not knowing of his background I loved the gifts that being aware brought the children and would have given my left hand to have those abilities when I was younger Present days I m pretty sure I would keep that hand, it s rather useful for things like turning pages or holding my kindle while I eat.

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    The Keeper and the Rune Stone is a charming, family centric novel that takes the sweet earnestness of The Boxcar Children and maps high fantasy elements onto it.Eleanor Driscoll, our narrator, is a precocious, empathetic thirteen year old with two brothers and a younger sister She begins her story with a reasonably awesome wish fulfillment laundry list the Driscoll family has moved into an enormous, beautiful mansion And they get new computers And bikes And horses Of course, they will have to do chores in order to maintain these last, because this is a family story.More to the point, the children are quickly introduced to the world of magic Their indoctrination comes with the enhancement of the senses, though not actual superpowers except for the reasonably fabulous ability to speak with animals.But, of course, magic always comes with a price There are negative elements within the world of magic, and now the Driscoll children are exposed to them and must fight on the side of the good.This is the kind of light, middle grade fiction that will be torn through by hands eager to find out what happens next in the world of Eleanor and her brothers and sister.A note for parents most of the novel is safely PG, but there are vampires in this book they re called noctivagi , and the bad guy scenes are decently scary It doesn t get scarier than the prologue, though, so if you ve gotten through that with no trouble, the rest is smooth sailing review by Christa FrenchMore book reviews here

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    The Keeper and the Rune stone and reading the the sequel now A mix of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Ring, and horse camp books, female protagonist, hint of romance Down to earth magic, list of characters and animals who speak at the end of book one 2012 publication, perhaps self published Very good writing, really These books would provide a basis for thoughtful class discussions.

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    my thoughts This book is something else I must say it is rather engaging I was pulled into the book after the second chapter I had a difficulty putting it down so that I could go to sleep last night This book is about the Driscoll family and their change of environment The father of the family makes a break through as a scientist and because of that they are able to buy a used house that had been vacant for nearly thirty years It s a bigger house and it is full of nooks and cranny s for the children to explore The exploring doesn t end inside the house, however it leads on outside as well The children soon find themselves engaging in a new world, learning about things around them, that they didn t know had existed before The start to learn much of what they were taught to be fiction was actually real and that their lives were in the midst of changing forever This book is about locating a lost ruin stone so that a ceremony can take place on the summer solstice There are a ton of twists and turns throughout and it is incredible I love how the real world was nicely blended in with the realm This is a must read book for anyone that enjoys reading about dwarves, elves and other beings of the sort reason for reading I was given a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review.

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    This is the first book that I ve had time to read in a while, life having taken over somewhat, and it was just what I needed.The Keeper and the Rune Stone is a story full of magic, mythology, and little twists and turns In many ways it reminded me of the Chronicles of Narnia, albeit that the plots are quite different, the style being similar.The story itself is quite simple A group of children become sighted, or aware, and are therefore caught up in the politics and battles of the creatures they can now see Although there were some plot points that were possible to predict, this didn t detract from the novel at all which says quite a lot for the style of the piece.The characters themselves work really well, each one having a unique personality I particularly like the way in which Pendleton managed to make the characters of the animals believable because, in general, talking animals aren t my thing as their behaviours are too clich.Although this is probably a book aimed at children, and certainly is suitable for relatively young readers it is a book that I think can be enjoyed by anyone, if not because of the beautiful style, then because of the nostalgic feelings it awakens.

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    What a delightful story The Discroll children have just moved in with their parents to the Black Ledge property, and while exploring the new house, garden, barn and beach, these four siblings discover much , a whole Realm .Elves, Dwarves, Faires, Keepers, and many others creatures that were described by fairy tales actually exist and each year at the Summer Solstice has to perform an important ceremony to maintain the peace and alliance between the Realm s creatures and the Night Elves.But now, the Rune Stone is missing and Anna, Rob, Jack and Flora will get involved on a plot dense and dangerous that anyone foresaw This book is a good introduction to the series, the author don t rush while introducing her view of some legends and the various characters The storyline has a stead pace, and the kids, the keeper and the animals gain the reader s empathy easily Good morals funny, sweet and brave moments some mystery good book.

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    When the father of the four Driscoll children makes a break through in science he makes a good amount of money and buys the mansion The Black Ledge The kids are thrilled because they will have for the first time own rooms and bathrooms, no sharing privacy Summer break is there and the kids soon start to look around in the huge house and the grounds.When they find a cave their lives change for good when they find the keeper who makes them aware They see, smell and hear after that and soon they are involved in a world of magic and help the magic world to save it they can talk with animals.It is all well written I love how well Camden and the house is described The characters as well and you can see everything just before you, Great read for YA too I received a copy of this book for a honest review.

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    This is an adorable tale of good vs evil, friendship, trust, and hope.The story is ideal for anyone of really any age to read so long as they still believe in the magic of the realm.The violence in the story is very mild, and I think even elementary aged children will enjoy the story s quirky talking animals.Elenore proves herself a very good heroine for this story, but to me, I saw little Flora being an amazing heroine in her own right When most eight year olds would have been afraid, she was quite strong She reminded me very much of my own six year old, who like Flora, runs around with a stunny bunny rabbit.The story teaches acceptance, forgiveness, and a definite right and wrong moral as well.I found no errors in this work which was an added plus and I look forward to reading book two The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice.I give this book 4 of 5 paws

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    I love the elements of this story It has a lot of creatures that you ve come in contact with before, only they are truly unique The kids are real, and not done in a way that doesn t make sense or doesn t seem like a kid would be The fact that the littlest is easiest to take on the new world that they are thrown into is pretty awesome and totally true.This book left me wanting to know about the different connections between the characters What will it all mean It was the kind of book that you can read by itself, but it makes you want to know what happens next It s a great book.I highly recommend it for those that love fantasy books with a new twist I wish that I lived in a place that had a hidden cave and little man that would Awaken my senses.

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    Reviewed by my son Mythical creatures and magic combine with modern day Maine to bring us The Keeper and the Rune Stone It follows four children who move to Black Ledge Exploring their new home, Jack finds a cave with a curious little man known as the Keeper of the Realm.I ve always enjoyed stories which feature creatures of myth and magic The worlds and wonders they unlock take you to a special place, and it s far better than television This is how I felt when reading The Keeper and the Rune Stone Sometimes it takes me forever to finish stories, but this one really sucked me in.I d recommend it to middle grade readers and older, because mom says you re never too old for fantasy tales.