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I want know about this book The Book Discusses How You Can Use Your Thoughts, Beliefs And Perceptions To Manifest Success In Every Situation Of Life The Book Contains Wealth Of Information About Practicing Affirmations And Visualizations For Getting Success In Daily Life You Will Know How Do Affirmations And Visualizations Work How To Silence The Inner Critic Why The Timing Is Important For Doing Affirmation And Visualization What Are The Rules For Successful Affirmation And Visualization How To Utilize The Law Of Ask Believe And Receive , When You Practice Affirmation And Visualization What Are The Secret Of Different Layers Of Your Mind And On Which Particular Level The Exercises Of Affirmations Or Visualization Work How To Get The Universe Work For You How To Remove The Negative Conditioning Of Mind And Much An wonderful book Exceptional insight and explanation why affirmation and visualization work and can change your life I was searching for a long time for such explanations It convinced me to undertake the practice for reaching my goals. I really enjoyed this book and am going through it now for the second time She gives so many wonderful tips and ideas to help you get on track The book is organized in several sections to make the references easier to follow Helps you to understand how to set goals, and the psychology behind affirmations and visualization Enjoyable to read as well as informative and very very practical. Such an enlightening book How and whys are skillfully explained I now understand why our affirmations sometimes don t work, and also why they do There are a few powerful practices on visualization This book will stay with me. The book has helped me come out of my critical position This has changed me forever Which is OK It s good, actually Now I can live my life and do new things and make new friends and still work through it. I liked the last five chapters of the book They are very practical and useful. This book is absolutely amazing It helped me a lot This book is true proof that our reality is nothing than a reflection of our thoughts Sakshi Chetan specifically shows you how, she guides you through any area of your life you are wishing to improve.Affirmations are time honored and time tested practices for getting results Affirmations work in the deeper levels of our mind It re program the subconscious mind Through affirmations you can, materialize your dreams.Many of her techniques, methods and Affirmation Tool taught in this book have helped me handle life in a very positive way This book not only lined up me, but even better than I could of imagined I am overwhelmed with JOY and GRATITUDE everyday I will pass her book to my friends, as gifts for birthdays and Christmas Thank you, Sakshi Chetana for this excellent work. I believed that affirmation and visualization was helpful, but never did it consistently or accurately This book holds the key to make me reap the benefits of it It shows you the way Sakhshi s way of writing is very entertaining and enlightening A must read.