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Loved this book so much I can t say this about many books, but it had me teary eyed than a few times in happy parts as well as a couple sad ones It also had me laughing quite a bit I thoroughly enjoyed it Another great book by Karen Witemeyer I can t wait to read her next one I m so glad I read this It is WAYYY better than the first book in this series I don t really know what to rate this I want to give it five stars merely because I was pleasantly surprised by the contrast of this one to Travis story But four it is.What I loved I ll start with the main thing that bothered me in the last book Romance This one focused so much on a true relationship, instead of the physical side Crockett didn t focus on a woman s body like Travis did and his feelings for.somebody.was sweet, although there were a couple things I ll mention below that I wasn t comfortable with The whole stealing the preacher storyline So funny and the first couple chapters are a hoot It certainly draws you in right away Characters Jackson, because I loved his protectiveness for Joanna even though he was so young Silas, because his story is full of redemption Crockett, because his steadfast to God and his faith is needed in a lot of young men Joanna, because she loves her Father despite his past life The spiritual aspect was huge in this book There are so many lessons, and I really felt like the main characters had a true, deep relationship with God, not just, Pray when I need help, kind of characters I also appreciated how much scripture passages were quoted Crockett confronting a certain girl about her flirtatious attitude was the best I think that is the first book I ve ever read where the guy has done that He did the right thing, and that raised my liking for him even I LOVED how the prologue brought in Crockett s brothers Yay I love them And Neill visiting in the middle of the book was nice I love their devotion to one another What I didn t love As I said above, the romance was betterbut, I still wasn t completely gang ho with the three semi detailed kisses and some touching I was thankful the book did not end with a kiss like so many do, and because their relationship was so deep, the kissing didn t throw me off as much as it could have One scene Joanna is getting a bullet out of someone It was a little gruesome and I was glad to get past that I can t really think of anything else that I didn t like This book was enjoyable and worthwhile to read It can really be read on its own if one doesn t want to bother with Travis story Go Crockett On His Way To Interview For A Position At A Church In The Piney Woods Of Texas, Crockett Archer Can Scarcely Believe It When He S Forced Off The Train By A Retired Outlaw And Presented To The Man S Daughter As The Minister She Requested For Her Birthday Worried This Unfortunate Detour Will Ruin His Chances Of Finally Serving A Congregation Of His Own, Crockett Is Determined To Escape But When He Finally Gets Away, He S Haunted By The Memory Of The Young Woman He Left Behind A Woman Whose Dreams Now Hinge On HimFor Months, Joanna Robbins Prayed For A Preacher A Man To Breathe Life Back Into The Abandoned Church At The Heart Of Her Community A Man To Assist Her In Fulfilling A Promise To Her Dying Mother A Man To Help Her Discover Answers To The Questions That Have Been On Her Heart For So Long But Just When It Seems God Has Answered Her Prayers, It Turns Out The Person Is There Against His Will And Has Dreams Of His Own Calling Him Elsewhere Is There Any Way She Can Convince Crockett To Stay In Her Little Backwoods Community And Does The Attraction Between Them Have Any Chance Of Blossoming When Joanna S Outlaw Father Is Dead Set Against His Daughter Courting A Preacher Age Appropriate For 13 and up romance, and some situations Best for Ages 18 and upKaren Witemeyer has been my author find of the year I have only read three of her books, but she has already proven she has an engaging style, faith building messages, and godly characters When I was offered a copy of her latest book to review, I jumped at the chance.It was good to meet up with one of the Archer brothers again You might remember Crockett from Short Straw Bride Throughout the book, you hear of what Travis is up to, and his younger brother comes for a visit These brothers are making a great series.I wasn t sure any of the Archer brothers could compete with Travis, but Crockett did a good job He allows the LORD to lead him on a very different path, and he reaches out to those who need him, not only the most likable characters.This book kept me turning pages From the intriguing beginning Kidnapping a preacher for a birthday gift Brilliant to the blissful, happy ending, I was hooked Karen Witemeyer has an engaging style that I love There is never a dull sentence.Finally A book set in Texas that actually sounds like Texas So many books sound like Hollywood s version of Texas, which, if you live here, is far from the truth Witemeyer is a Texan, so that helps, but she did an excellent job of representing the state I call home Spoiler alert The best part for me, however, was when Crockett confronts Holly, a girl who has been flirting with him I wish guys today had the guts to stand up for what is right rather than let their egos be stroked when a girl flirts I wonder if girls would value themselves if young men stood up and told them what was what End spoiler I didn t think I could love a Karen Witemeyer book than Short Straw Bride, but I did This book takes the cake, it was that good Perhaps it felt real, or maybe it was the heroine with the hair that she couldn t control, or just maybe it was the message that no life is beyond redemption I loved this book.I highly recommend this book for those who love romance, westerns, faith building fiction, and swoon worthy heroes that have godly character.I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review I was under no obligation to write a positive review The opinions in this review are entirely my own. Crockett Archer is on his way to interview for a pastor position in Brenham when he is kidnapped from the train and taken to a ranch in the middle of no where to be a birthday present for the outlaw s daughter Joanna Robbins has been praying for a preacher to come and bring new life into the small country church near her father s ranch in the hopes that maybe her outlaw father will finally answer God s call on his life She certainly didn t expect her prayers to be answered by a handsome preacher who isn t too happy to be there Yet as Crockett seeks what it is that God would have for him, he and Joanna both unite to pray for her father and the other members of the small congregation But will they listen to the call of their own hearts as well I ve discovered since I read my first Karen Witemeyer book A Tailor Made Bride two years ago, that any of Karen s books will have that same feel good, happy feeling I get when I read a Lori Wick book Last year s Short Straw Bride quickly became my favorite one of Karen s but Stealing the Preacher is right up there with it I loved Crockett when I met him in Short Straw Bride and to see his character grow and become in depth was a delight I found myself laughing and rooting for all of the characters not just the romance between Crockett and Joanna I loved the brother sister style relationship between Joanna and the young neighbor boy Jackson I also loved how genuine Crockett was with his faith He lived his faith out loud It was such an integral part of him that when he spent time around Joanna s father, he wasn t pushy or anything like that He was real and Silas respected that.I could go on an on about this book But I won t One of my status updates on goodreads had me saying how Crockett has now moved onto my favorite heroes list I will say, and to borrow the phrases from Mary Kay National Sales Director Lisa Allison, on June 1, run, don t walk, to your nearest bookstore, online website, or wherever you need to go to buy a copy of this book It is highly recommended I received this book for free from the author to help with the promotion of it My thoughts and opinions are my own.Recommend to fans of Karen Witemeyer, Julie Lessman, Becky Wade, Amanda Cabot, Lori Wick, Janelle Mowery, Regina Jennings, Mary Connealy, historical fictionRating 5 stars I absolutely loved it The one thing Joanna Robbins truly desires for her twenty first birthday is a preacher For months and years Joanna has been praying for a preacher to come to her community A preacher would be able to bring her father to Christ and help resurrect their now neglected and abandoned church two missions very important to her Joanna misses worshiping with her friends and neighbors and without her mother around, she needs someone to help save her father s soul.By some underhand, dubious, and illegal means Joanna receives a preacher for her birthday Crockett Archer, a young man on his way to interview for a much hoped for full time preaching position in a nearby county Even though Crockett admires Joanna s passion and conviction, he firmly believes that he is not the answer to her prayers Want to make God laugh, Crockett Archertell Him your plans Karen Witemeyer is a new author for me I greatly enjoy novels by authors who write in the Historical Fiction Christian Fiction genres, and after receiving some recommendations for Karen Witemeyer s novels, I decided to give her a try I m so glad I did Even though I dearly love my time in Regency England, spending a few days in the big, vast country and rustic atmosphere of Texas circa 1885 was a stimulating change My favorite aspect of this novel is the well drawn and extremely likable characters and their heartwarming relationships with each other I liked that each character had complexity, depth, and a unique blend of attributes and flaws I loved seeing the father daughter devotion and regard between Joanna and her father, witnessing the tender and faith filled romance between Crockett and Joanna, and observing the mistrust and animosity between Crockett and Silas Joanna s father turn into begrudging respect, and then admiration Watching these characters interact and develop relationships with each other was an immense pleasure Another element I greatly enjoyed were all the meaningful and inspiring messages filtered throughout the pages of this novel This is a Christian Fiction novel, but it is NOT preachy or filled with sermonizing Through the events and exchanges in this novel, readers are reminded that all sinners can be forgiven, God cares about everyone, and that even though you may run from God, He does catch up with you eventually I admire how many of the characters exhibited inspiring faith, strong work ethics, and fierce loyalty And I especially appreciated how the author accentuated that Crockett fell in love with Joanna s inner light, maturity, and heart not her beauty and charm Do you fancy a visit to the great state of Texas during the late 1800s Would you like to meet some ranchers, outlaws, and a cowboy preacher Does a tale about relationships, God s forgiveness, and finding love sound like a good read to you If so, I recommend you try Karen Witemeyer s Stealing the Preacher Note Stealing the Preacher is Book Two in a series about the Archer brothers Book One is The Short Straw Bride While it doesn t seem necessary to read that one first, you may want to. Crockett Archer is on his way to Brenham, TX when his train is held up by bandits The passengers prepare to be robbed but the bandits do not want their jewelry or money There is only one thing they want the preacher Joanna Robbins made a promise to her mother before she died She promised to carry on her mother s mission of praying for her father Silas to make his peace with God Joanna s one wish for her birthday is to see a preacher in the abandoned church by their home Little did she know that her father would go out and steal a preacher for her Crockett agrees to listen to why Joanna needs a pastor, but he still has every intention of continuing on to Brenham Because of his delay the church in Brenham choose another pastor Crockett feels that the Lord is leading him back to Joanna and her father to help Jo in her efforts to get Silas heart to soften Crockett confuses Silas Everything Silas has ever known about religious people has been negative Silas has no use for church goers But Silas can t help but be impressed with Crockett He works longer and harder than any of Silas other hands and Crockett isn t intimidated by Silas From the moment Crockett meets Joanna he sees something special in her Her love for the Lord and her care of the people draws Crockett to her from the very beginning One spoiled church member could ruin everything for Crockett and Joanna.We read about Travis the oldest Archer brother in Short Straw Bride Now we have Crockett Archer the brother that took care of all of the spiritual and health issues for the family Stealing the Preacher is a fun sequel to Short Straw Bride Karen Witemeyer has a sense of humor that comes through in her novels As with all of Karen s novels there is also an element of suspense that always seems to get me biting my nails I enjoyed Stealing the Preacher and I hope that we will be able to read of the Archer brothers in the future. Overall it was a fun enjoyable read Their was one thing about Stealing the Preacher that I did not like Which was how the kidnapping, stealing, of Crockett took place I feel like it was not thought out well and that it was not believable Whose gonna steal a Preacher Not to mention how he is kidnapped That s for you to find out Other than that however the book was great In a Short Straw Bride I thought Crockett was somewhat boring and was kinda just there In this book though I learned that he is actually the light hearted one, the one good at breaking tension and making someone smile He was pretty funny and good with all ages I liked how even though he may be attracted to women around him the most important thing to him was their spiritual relationship with God.I like the romance in Karen s stories They have enough to satisfy, but not to much to overwhelm It s sweet and steamy but not lustful.This was a good story about forgiveness and trusting in God to take care of us This book used my favorite verse at one point Isaiah 41 10 The verse is about trusting in God and not fearing the world, because God is in charge and if we believe in him he will , uphold us with his righteous right hand Like I said, the plot in the beginning was not my favorite However, the conflict at the end was really good It all made sense and was well done I can t say much about this without giving it away though Please visit my blog for reviews at Stealing the Preacher , the sequel to Short Straw Bride , by Karen Witemeyer is a Christian western romance It s set in Texas in the late 1800 s.Crockett Archer is on his way via train to apply for a preacher position when the train is held up by a masked gang The only thing they steal is Crockett Joanna Robbins is the daughter of the gang s ringleader, and is horrified when her father presents her with Crockett as a birthday present What I liked The lead characters are easy to admire, and both have a strong relationship with Christ I found this very refreshing, even though some reviewers feel they are both too perfect All the characters were deliciously authentic What I didn t like The closest I can come to a dislike is that the story is improbable I don t personally find that objectionable since I enjoy an unlikely tale It is fiction, after all I recommend this to readers of Christian romance, ages 14 and up Karen Witemeyer is one of my very favorite authors, and I make it a point to read all her books. 4.60 stars mild pg13Another really fun story about one of the Archer Brothers I love the fun book covers Loved our hero, Crockett Well, duh, who wouldn t And surprise surprise I actually liked the heroine, Joanna I m noticing a pattern with myself it seems I tend to be way partial to the heroes in these fictional stories, than I am to the heroines, whom I usually refer to as twits Hmmm I wonder what deep character flaw of mine this reveals Jealousy of fictional women Oh, I sooo hope not Notes made while readingI m not going home to Palestine, am I, LordLove Crockett s faith and complete confidence in the Lord He wanted totaste her lipsNot sure why this drives me so batty, but I loathe when authors use that phrase I mean, seriously, unless they were using flavored lip gloss back then, what s the point Maybe she had just coated her lips with strawberry jam or honey or something Argh Now, if they were coating their lips with chocolate That I could totally understand Tears in my eyes in chapter 27 when Joanna explains to her father just how much God loves him and is pursuing him I felt that Karen Witemeyer knocked that explanation out of the park Beautiful Loved, loved, loved chapters 29 32 where Silas gives in to the Pursuer More tearsI m done running If you want me I m yoursChapter 34 Oh no Please tell me author s not making Crockett do something stupid I suppose if he had handled the situation wisely, the book would have been shorter Chapter 37 I m 85% through and I m ready for it to be over I ve enjoyed it so far, but there are almost nine chapters left to go Chapter 37 Ugh Why couldn t we just have a nice story without drama added in There was already enough drama going on at this point in the story Chapter 40 Oh, good grief Holly s father view spoiler does a complete about face Minutes away from hanging Crockett, after first beating him to a pulp, he suddenly remembers that Oh yeah Now I remember that my spoiled brat daughter with the help of my wife has been conniving and scheming to somehow get herself married to the preacher And, oh yeah, I can totally see the deceitful little thing making up a story that the preacher had assaulted her and ruined her reputation Hmmm Why didn t I remember all that before I tried to kill him hide spoiler