Free Audiobooks Sabotage (Jimmy Coates, #4) Author Joe Craig –

Science fiction Totally awesom series Jimmy Coates Seems Like An Ordinary Boy, But He S Not He S Genetically Engineered To Grow Into The Perfect Government Assassin Speed, Strength And Deadly Instinct It S All In His Blood He Has To Fight Not To Kill While His Government Fights To Kill HimShot Down, Stranded And Assumed Dead, Jimmy Faces His Greatest Struggle Yet But This Time It S Not Just About Survival This is a decent YA adventure type novel I started reading the series after I d finished the Alex Rider books This series isn t as dark nor as deep, but it s fun. I think I mostly enjoyed this book because there were constantly mystery and suspense that always catches you by surprise year7 This book had a really good adventure with some unexpected outcomes This 4th book in the series is the best so far. this is the fourth book in the series.It was fast paced and exciting I recommend it to any body1 I received a free digital copy for review.11 year old Jimmy s adventure saga continues He has amazing adventures similar to the Mission Impossible movie series The action is non stop throughout the book I still think this series would be exciting for the audience of perhaps 12 18 The lines between good and evil continue to be black and white The dystopian Neo Democratic Britain s leaders and supporters are power greedy and without conscience.I would be interested to see what this author could write for an older audience as well He has a great imagination. I thought this book was pretty good except everything in this series is becoming repetitive I m not sure if I really want to read the next book because this one wasn t all that different than the previous books. More danger and deception for Jimmy The action, always fast paced, moves into another gear Excellent plot yet again.