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Is Jason Jordan Really Who He Says He Is Everything In Nicki S Life Depends On The Answer Oregon, When Her Husband Dies In A Mysterious Riding Accident, Nicki Trent Is Left With A Toddler And A Rundown Ranch Determined To Bring Her Ranch Back From The Brink Of Death, Nicki Hires Handsome Jason Jordan To Help But When William, Her Neighbor, Starts Pressing For Her Hand In Marriage, The Bank Calls In A Loan She Didn T Even Know About, Bullets Start Flying, And A Burlap Dummy With A Knife In Its Chest Shows Up On Her Doorstep, Nicki Wonders If This Ranch Is Worth All The TroubleTo Make Matters Worse, Terrible Things Keep Happening To Her Neighbors When Her Friend S Homestead Is Burned To The Ground And William Lays The Blame At Jason S Feet, Nicki Wonders How Well She Knows Her New Hand And Her Own Heart A Desperate Need Malicious Adversaries Enticing Love Step Into A Day When Outlaws Ran Free, The Land Was Wild, And Guns Blazed At The Drop Of A Hat

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    Enjoyable I really enjoyed reading this book It is the second book of the Shepherds Heart series Even though the story is predictable the characters still hold your interest The message of Christ is very definite throughout the book The main character have to rely on peace and strength from God One interesting concept I will take from this book is putting Jesus in the flesh and doing for others the way Jesus would want you too I am looking forward to reading the third book.

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    This is the second book in a series about the Jordan family Jason Jordan was a minor character in book 1, Rocky Mountain Oasis, although this book can be read without having read the previous one In this story, Nicki Trent has to figure out a way to save her ranch after her husband was killed in a supposed accident She hires Jason as a ranch hand, just as suspicious events start occurring on her ranch When the bank calls in her loan, Nicki is about to give up but Jason is determined to save her ranch, even as someone is determined to sabotage it The spiritual content in this story was strong and woven throughout the book as both Nicki and Jason try to rely on God when all seems hopeless They have a sweet but restrained romantic relationship and there is some action towards the end of the book The reader knows who the villains are but the mystery is in how they will be caught Although the plot is a little predictable, it is still a nice clean read I listened to this as an audiobook but did not really connect with the narrator For readers who ve read book 1, Sky and Brooke have several scenes in this book and Rocky and Victoria in book 3, Fair Valley Refuge, also make appearances in this book.

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    Great series,, very well writtenEven though nothing in her biography states she has lived in central and Eastern Oregon, Ms Bonner writes as if she was native to the area Her writing style is clean, clear and very descriptive I kept searching my mind for the exact area she was talking about and then had to do a mental head shake to remind myself that this was a work of fiction This is the 2nd in the series and I look forward to reading them all Bonner has become one of my favorite authors.

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    Excellent book Great plot and interesting reading You definitely will want to read this one

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    Great readBeautifully told history with mystery, intrigue, doubt and God s mysterious works Engaging and believable people who have flaws and sin, but God reigns in spite of it.

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    Just as sweet as the first A wonderful western book that will make you sigh at the romance and gasp at the action The characters are so real you can nearly touch them which really comes in handy with Jason s kisses LOL The setting is incredibly lifelike and I am continually learning new things in the author s note at the end I adore the sweet romance and the heart pounding action The faith is wonderful as well, though I noticed it wasn t as strong as it was in the previous novel.I love how she portrays her characters The good guys and gals kind and sweet, yet with weaknesses of their own And the bad guys vile and cruel, and yet with a touch of humanity.I m not sure if this story made me laugh though I certainly did chuckle , but I know it made me cry Which surprised me.Any fans of Mary Connealy or Karen Witemeyer will love this series SPOILER ALERT Goodness gracious, Jason is so different in this one than he was is Rocky Mountain Oasis, that I couldn t even put them together My mental image of a fat, belligerent drunk suddenly now a lean, self controlled cowboy was just too much for me to process I still can t put them together Jason the respectable cowboy was simply amazing and so much than just respectable No, he was handsome, and brave, and kind, and sweet, and loving, and funny, and romantic, and awesome, and strong, and oh, stink, I m running out of adjectives He was great.Nicki was sweet She was kind and gentle and easy too relate too She was just good She was willing to go with John because of her family, willing to sacrifice her own happiness for their futures She was kind and generous to those around her She was the perfect mama to Sawyer, and I know she ll be the perfect wife for Jason I found out that she was pregnant way sooner than she did Sawyer was the cutest little munchkin ever A naughty troublemaker and an irresistible sweetheart all at the same time He was the classic baby with his sweetness and his mischievousness I thought the goodbye to the flowers part was simply adorable.William was a jerk At first I didn t think he was that bad I mean, he obviously was he killed John But I kind of saw him nice Not sure why Maybe because he seemed to actually care for Nicki quickly discovered that he didn t at the party in Portland I just couldn t really see him as the underhanded, thieving, womanizing murderer he was.Roland, on the other hand, was easy to see as the outlaw He immediately came off as cruel and selfish Though I was glad it made him somewhat human as well That part with Vanessa was sad.The Jefferies They were all so sweet With Rolf, and Brenda, and John, and Bobby, and May And that was so, so sad when May died The family s grief was just so real Made me cry.Ron and Connor were great I was so glad Ron trusted Jason I knew he would Connor and Tilly are adorable I hope they end up getting married.Janice was so sweet I loved how she blabbed on and on It was so cute I m glad she has her own cowboy now to listen to her.Sky and Brooke have a baby So cute They are just as I remember them in the previous novel absolutely amazing.Rocky and Cade were great too I can t wait for Rocky to lasso Vanessa And for Cade to realize that pretty Sharyah s all his if he d just notice.I loved that moment when Jason walked in on Jeff and Marquis That was so classic Can t wait for the next one

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    MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKThis is my first book from this author and wow, I love it High Desert Haven takes readers back to the 1800 s Oregon Territory, a historical setting I love reading books about Imagine being bought by a strange man, and volunteering to go because you want your family to be debt free This is just what Nicki did, not knowing if she would ever see her precious parents and family again Life was not so bad, until her husband died from an accident and left her alone with someone trying everything possible to take her land from her What Nicki didn t realize was that God had a young man all set to come and rescue her But then so much happens, and can Jason really find out what is going on and protect Nicki from someone who wants her dead This book captured me in the first few pages, and I couldn t put my Kindle down until I finished it Took me less than one day to read this wonderful book Lynnette Bonner creates a cast of characters that are interesting and intriguing, some that you grow to love, and some that are really difficult to even like A lot goes on between the pages of this book, there are so many twists and turns to keep your eyes glued to the book to see what is happening next And I really appreciate the way Lynnette stresses putting God first in our lives, and letting Him have control This is what it s all about, and I am always encouraged to read fiction stories like this Don t get me wrong, these characters had than their share of heartaches and difficult situations, but when they kept their eyes on the Lord, they had peace that the Lord would see them through.I highly recommend this book for you to read and enjoy And if you are a historical fiction buff like me, this is a must read You will be very glad you read it I didn t read the first book in the series, but it was ok as a stand alone I do encourage you to read the entire series by Lynnette Bonner, The Shepherd s Heart On and I forgot to mention, the detailed and vivid descriptions of the setting, first California, then the Oregon Territory was amazing I could feel the dusty dry sand, the beautiful scenery and the feel of historical living during that time This book is not only a great read, but a great history lesson I want to thank the author, Lynnette Bonner and FIRST Wildcard Tours for providing a copy of this book for me to read and review The opinions in this review are mine only I was not required or expected to write a positive review.

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    It s July 1883 and seventeen year old Nicki Vasquez can t help but worry about the situation her family is in Her parents owe money and if they don t pay her father will have to go to jail, so she prays for a solution When a man named John Trent stops for water he sees Nicki and wants to buy her While her parents are against it Nicki sees it as a way to help her family and agrees She winds up going to Oregon Territory with John where he buys a ranch They eventually have a son, and while she doesn t love John he has been good to her When John is killed in a suspicious accident, Nicki decides to stay and run the ranch but will need help She has an offer of marriage from a neighbor who wants to run the ranch but she isn t interested,instead she hires Jason Jordan to help out She soon learns that the bank holds a note on the property, and not only that strange things start to happen, not just to Nicki but to her neighbors as well, someone is trying to scare off the ranchers but why Just who can Nicki trust Vivid descriptions and details along with a very likable cast of characters made this a great historical fiction tale I was pulled in from the beginning because Nicki was such a selfless character willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of her family She had a strong sense of faith, and never wavered from it.I also enjoyed the secondary stories that went on I thought the story line that revolved around Brook and Sky was great, the love they shared, which was something that Jason hoped to have someday I thought Jason s sister Marquis and her husband Jeff also added another element to the story For me there was never a down time, the plot moves along at a brisk pace, filled with rich detail, along with a strong faith filled message that was very well done Overall a very well written historical romance with a faith based theme that has suspense,and romance that easily pulled me back in time, and leaves me anxious for the next book in the series While this book is the second in the Shepherd s Heart series it can easily be read as a stand alone work, although I enjoyed this story so much I fully intend to go back and read the first book in the series.Historical christian fiction fans shouldn t miss this one

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    Nicki Trent is left alone with a toddler, a suffering ranch, and a mountain of debt after the suspicious death of her husband With nobody to turn to and the threats on those who work the ranch Nicki wonders if it would just be better to return to California and her childhood home but decides to hire on a new hand, Jason Jordan and try to make a go of it When the debt is called in and the death of a dear neighbor in what appears to be a case of arson coincides with Jason s arrival things begin to look bad for him Jason must prove he s a good man all the while trying to keep his new friends alive and keep their trust I ve always had a soft spot in my heart for prairie and western romances although it s been a while since I ve last picked one up When I was offered the chance to read and review a book by the new to me author Lynnette Bonner I hoped it would be a book that I would enjoy and I m happy to say that I did While not perfect and at times a bit hard to keep up with I still really like this author and hope to read the other books in the series.One of the reasons this book was hard to keep up with was the fact that there were so many characters and the story would jump from Nicki and the ranch, to Sky and his wife halfway across the state, to Cade and Rocky I guess if I had read Rocky Mountain Oasis I would have liked to have read about Sky and Brooke but it didn t really help with the flow of this story Still, for a self published novel it was a quality story I loved Nicki and any guy who will take on an ailing ranch for little to no pay makes for a great hero The events leading up to the end of the story was enough to take my breath away than once We all know romances have a happily ever after but I honestly wasn t sure how Nicki was going to get hers Whew There were definitely a few close calls All in all this was a good book but I definitely say it s probably best to read book one first to get of a feel for the other characters who were in this story Special thanks to Lynnette Bonner for sending me a review copy.

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    For a well rounded Christian historical romance novel, High Desert Haven has it all a caring and cared for heroine, a charming and God fearing hero, great secondary characters, and a rather well paced plot The elements that really shine are those secondary characters and the plot riddled with tension and dilemmas.Nicki is a bit typical in her feisty damsel in distress role Jason helps her find the gumption to keep persevering through her ranch s endless problems, and ultimately she does an adequate job at holding the reader s sympathy, although she does lack a certain something to make her stand out and inspire the reader.Jason really does fit the bill as a great cowboy hero He respects and loves his family, takes on tasks wholeheartedly, never ceases to try to save the day for Nicki, and is man enough to work off the land and still play with a little boy He s quite likeable, although he does seem to be portrayed as too perfect in some ways.The emphasis on the secondary characters admittedly came across as a hindrance for me initially After all, this is Nicki and Jason s story, right And I can be impatient when there are distractions from the budding romance But the quirks and mannerisms and heart of those secondary characters won me over, perhaps even so than Nicki and Jason for the most part Even one of the villains quite intrigued me with his disastrous marriage.It is evident that High Desert Haven is only one book in a series, because characters from a previous novel Rocky Mountain Oasis , as well as characters promised to star in their own future books, share the spotlight on occasion in this installment But the story stands on its own Some of the attitudes and words of the characters come across as modern at times, and the faith element is kind of forceful Still, High Desert Haven is a story that holds one s interest and contains a cast of interesting characters With thanks to the author for providing me with an e copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.