Free eBook A Guardians Touch (Guardian, #1) Author Stein Willard –

I read this series on a Xena website and was very happy that it was published. For Years Tahlia Had Lived On The Fringes Of Humanity As One Of The Most Powerful And Feared Royal Vampires In Existence The Only Ray Of Light In Her Endless Brutal Existence Is The Reincarnation Of Her Human Lover, Aurora For The Past Centuries, The Blue Eyed Beauty S Love Added A Gentle Touch To The Otherwise Deadly Veneer Of The Vampire Queen As Protector And Lover, She Passionately Loved Her Mortal Partner And Jealously Guarded Her Existence But That All Changes When Her Lover S Birth Coincides With The Resurfacing Of A Cunning And Elusive Enemy Set Out To Upset The Vampire Hierarchy This Time The Target Is Not Tahlia Directly It Does However Threaten The Vampire Queen S Existence