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The Penguin Hardy Boys Complete Set Available For The First Time In One Complete Collection Only At The Hardy Boys Have Been America S Favorite Detective Duo For Over Years Now, For The First Time, You Can Purchase All Sixty Six Classic Hardy Boys Titles In One Complete Set The Tower Treasure The House On The Cliff The Secret Of The Old Mill The Missing Chums Hunting For Hidden Gold The Shore Road Mystery The Secret Of The Caves The Mystery Of Cabin Island The Great Airport Mystery What Happened At Midnight While The Clock Ticked Footprints Under The Window The Mark On The Door The Hidden Harbor Mystery The Sinister Signpost A Figure In Hiding The Secret Warning The Twisted Claw The Disappearing Floor Mystery Of The Flying Express The Clue Of The Broken Blade The Flickering Torch Mystery The Melted Coins The Short Wave Mystery The Secret Panel The Phantom Freighter The Secret Of Skull Mountain The Sign Of The Crooked Arrow The Secret Of The Lost Tunnel The Wailing Siren Mystery The Secret Of Wildcat Swamp The Crisscross Shadow The Yellow Feather Mystery The Hooded Hawk Mystery The Clue In The Embers The Secret Of Pirates Hill The Ghost At Skeleton Rock Mystery At Devil S Paw The Mystery Of The Chinese Junk Mystery Of The Desert Giant The Clue Of The Screeching Owl The Viking Symbol Mystery The Mystery Of The Aztec Warrior The Haunted Fort The Mystery Of The Spiral Bridge The Secret Agent On Flight Mystery Of The Whale Tattoo The Arctic Patrol Mystery The Bombay Boomerang Danger On Vampire Trail The Masked Monkey The Shattered Helmet The Clue Of The Hissing Serpent The Mysterious Caravan The Witchmaster S Key The Jungle Pyramid The Firebird Rocket The Sting Of The Scorpion Night Of The Werewolf Mystery Of The Samurai Sword The Pentagon Spy The Apeman S Secret The Mummy Case Mystery Of Smuggler S Cove The Stone Idol The Vanishing Thieves I ve been a Hardy Boys fan for a pretty long time When I first started I think I was only 10 or 11, but years later I m still hooked on them and re reading them I m actually starting my own collection, actually, of the paperbacks because my mum has the hardbacks this set I m so glad that they still make these books, even now, but I m a little nervous about when I finish the ATAC series because I ve heard that in the latest series they re banned from solving mysteries I m not sure how that would work, since they still do solve mysteries, but I guess I ll find out Honestly, I don t like the label for boys around 12 correct me if I m wrong on that , because I fit neither of those terms In any case, I love this series to bits I d recommend it to pretty much anyone I know. I was at a Facebook party today and we were asked what our favorite childhood books were Someone mentioned these and these were at the TOP of my childhood list I HAD to write a review.I LOVE these books I think they are great for EVERY kid out there There is nothing in these books that should prevent any child young teen from reading them There is no sexual content and no bad language They are a great adventure to go on with the characters as the Hardy boy brothers solve mysteries as they stumble upon each one Each story was so intriguing I sat for hours as a child and read every single one of these books in this series After I would finish one, I would pick the next one up My frustration was our school library only allowed us to check out 2 books every 2 weeks UGH So my parents would take us to our local library once a month, time permitting They only allowed us to check out 3 of the same genre books at one time UGH, again I guess in a way, these books were so terrific for a child to get lost in, having the library limit us was probably a good thing so we didn t just whip through the whole set so fast.I specifically remember one of the best days of my life as a fifth or six grader I was home sick from school, and I was in bed not feeling well at all I did not go into the living room to watch television, I really stayed in bed as I felt that sick I did pick up one of these books thinking I might try reading to take my mind off of how I felt I ended up reading it all the way through After that one was over I picked up my second book I had from this series, and read it all the way through Thank gosh we had just gone to the school library the day before I then had nothing but a book from another series, so I started that book Even though I was feeling so sick, I will remember that as one of the best days of my childhood This is how great this series of books are.This entire series of books is a 5 star PLUS from me These are great gifts to get kids, even kids who are not interested in reading possibly to get them to read There is just something about these books that if a child is open enough to try to read, they will pull them right in and get them reading Enjoy I used to loooove reading these stories I still think of them every now and then. I just want to read hardy boy books please This was the first series of books that I was exposed to as a kid Discovered the Hardy Boys in 1972 and spent that whole summer consuming them daily I spent time in trouble that summer because chores went undone because of these books They also kept me in ice cream A free cone for every ten books read I read other books that summer Lassie, Come Home being the largest I d read up to that time in my life , but these were pretty much my constant companion As I found and titles over the years, I d read them, love them and had a large collection on my shelves I credit The Hardy Boys with my love of the genres YA don t judge as well as mystery and would love to track them all down again. Okay, these things aren t great literature There s too many errors in all of the books science errors, nature errors, geographical errors, legal errors, first aid errors, just plain stupid stuff, racism, horrible portrayals of folks who aren t white Americanthe list goes on on On top of that, these things are BORING Adults might remember these with fondness, but reading them now is just painful.The original versions of the books while racist dated at least were interesting reads with developed characters fun adventures The re writes not only completely white washed the tales, but made everything BORING the characters flat cardboard, and still manage to be offensive to anyone who isn t White Anglo Saxon Christian USA There s much better books out there for kids, and much better series books out there for kids, too Simon Schuster really need to do thorough, quality rewrites of the tales again to correct factual errors show real American life, not the white washed 1950s TV fakery. I grew up on these books My mom sent me the entire set and I read one book each night Two on weekends.They re not incredibly deep and as far as great literature goes, there are far better choices But these books are great material to start your kids reading Granted, I was already a reader before I started this series, but nonetheless, Frank and Joe will convince your little boys that reading could be fun, if they can just set aside a few hours every night. Read and loved most of them I loved this series when in elementary school, until I realized that I had basically read the same story over and over I came nearly half through the series before realizing this, and so became picky on the remaining books, and did not bother to read them all Anyway, I think this series serves an educational purpose for that very reason The plot line and structure is so consistent that even school children can discover the story structure, which is a very healthy lesson.