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I ve read a lot of Titanic books, and frankly, I thought I d read every twist there could possibly have been, excluding vampires, werecreatures, and ridiculous stuff like that But the Rakestraws threw another possibility into the mix, and the tale is unlike any other Titanic book I ve read.Imaginea company so greedy and deceitful that instead of folding and taking a loss, they decide to swindle their insurance companyresulting in 1,500 lives.That s their idea, and it actually comes across as plausible Switch some paint, change some windows, kill a few people I believed it.The story goes back and forth between modern day Michael and Titanic day Alice The modern day hero, I have to say, I like the fact he isn t perfect He has insecurities, doesn t make a ton of money, isn t ripped with muscle or super handsome or heroic He s the kind of man you see every day in the grocery store Full review here If Titanic stories fascinate you, this is a unique book to check out.Mystery, Titanic memoirs, corporate conspiracy, contemporary political commentary what an interesting combination of elements This book surmises that everything we ve assumed about the Titanic is wrong I can certainly say this book kept me guessing The story alternates from Alice Clarke on board and after, her grandson Michael in the present, various people involved with the Titanic, and a few scenes by other characters.Balancing a large number of perspectives is a tricky thing to do My only problem with this was that the last third of the book mostly lay in the present with Michael Which would be cool, but the book seemed to shift genres almost completely to something like film noir.The issue is I didn t find the action scenes to be seat gripping or page turning But the story of the ship, and Michael s character did pull me through.The historical novel parts are fascinating, although I needed a note from the author explaining any truth in their spin on Titanic history Alice is a smart cookie.Great main character I rooted for soft spoken Michael He still has a lot of depth as a shy guy I think he displays much personality than his ladyfriend Sylvia.Soft Kitty is a ridiculous name But I gotta give props for a sense of humor For reviews please visit my review blog In 1912, Alice Clarke boards the Titanic and finds a brief shipboard romance that comes to an abrupt ending thanks to an iceberg A century later, her great grandson Michael reads her diary and discovers a conspiracy reaching to this day.Interesting enough premise, but ultimately this was lacking both suspense and substance IMO. Most people associate the Titanic with the hit movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Of course, there is a lot to the Titanic than what was featured in the movie Titanic Deception shows a snippet of what happened behind the scenes There are essentially three acts that all carefully interconnect and complement each other.Act One focuses on the rash decisions president J.P Morgan, figurehead and ex president J Bruce Ismay, and Titanic architect Thomas Andrews made From the very beginning, Morgan makes it clear that he s concerned about money and image than safety Titanic was doomed from the get go Olympic, another ship created by Thomas Andrews that met with disaster soon after it set out, is also introduced.Act Two introduces Michael Kearney, a man whose job consists of being as invisible as possible while setting up board rooms for a firm s lunch meetings However, this act s main focus is on Alice, Michael s great grandmother She was one of the few to survive the Titanic, and she kept a journal where she recorded her experiences as a nurse for a rich Canadian family It s not until Michael becomes immersed in her journal that his life, once very routine and mundane, takes off.So begins Act Three Michael s interest in his great grandmother s journal causes him to start a blog dedicated to the Titanic, a blog that very quickly gains a large following and adds meaning to his life Then he takes an interest in the Occupy Movement happening near his house Though he never fully participates for long, he does at least feel as though the Occupy protesters are doing the right thing, and that s enough to make him proud Most importantly, the Occupy Movement is how he meets Sylvia.The discoveries he notes in his blog leads to internet popularity, but it also leads to many dangers far beyond what Michael could have ever imagined The dangers are so intense that ex CIA member Soft Kitty feels the need to investigate Much to his and Michael s surprise, they become quite an effective team Act three is the part where the story s genre officially jumps from historical to action.When I say action, I mean action There are explosions, a kidnapping, a driveby shooting, a gun chase, a rush against time to an airport, and a bomb diffusion The only part of the story that bothered me was the Occupy Movement I have nothing whatsoever against Occupy, but I don t understand its role in Titanic Deception Sure, the movement is what introduced Michael to Sylvia, but in a story mainly about the mysteries and deceptions surrounding the Titanic, the Movement just didn t seem to belong Plus, it sometimes felt like the message was that all wealthy people with power are cruel and all of those in the Occupy Movement are doing the right thing for America Not that it hinders the story, but I did sometimes feel like that was the only purpose for including the Movement.All in all, I liked Titanic Deception It is well written No details are particularly deep or extensive, which makes sense when you consider at least as a.PDF that the book is only about 138 pages The Rakestraws excelled at making sure the different POVs perfectly intermingled In Act One, I felt goosebumps the I thought about how the Titanic was doomed from the very start, and the big reveal at the end concerning the villain and the ship amused me. An ingenious story It switches between 2011 2 and 1912, with a mystery in each century The link is, of course, the RMS Titanic The authors appear to have done their historical research thoroughly, and the characters in 1912 move and act, for the most part, in a way that seems consistent with what I know of that time.In the present day, the mystery and adventure, which encompasses the recent Occupy movement, could do with a little fleshing out, I felt I would have liked a few explicit details of the villains villainy.As to the Deception that forms the book s title, it s unlikely that this was actually practiced, but it is just on the plausible side of possibility, and it certainly makes for a good plot.Overall, a good read recommended. The Titanic has captured America s imagination for 100 years from the first news reports through books, the play The Unsinkable Molly Brown and movies The Rakestraws offer another view, conspiracy.The story unfolds in 1911 in the New York offices of J P Morgan the owner of the White Star Line including the Titanic The bottom line influences every decision and the company isn t making enough profit Enter Chandler and Sons of New York City They fix the problems of their elite clients using creative and illegal solutions and propose a bold scheme that insures a profit using the Titanic s sister ship, the Olympic.The story continues in the current day offices of Chandler and Sons in New York A waiter overhears a wild tale about the sinking of the Titanic and listens because his great grandmother was a survivor The story sets him on a quest for information and some details are revealed in his great grandmothers s old diary Others are interested too including the Chandlers and a shadowy CIA type character.If you like conspiracy theories you ll love this.Non graphic sex a one night stand on the Titanic and a budding relationship in New York This book was amazingly constructed As I am somewhat of a Titanic fiend I absolutely HAD to read this AND I was NOT disappointed The authors had done a lot of research, which of course is essential to any historical But the fiction intertwined with reality was executed superbly I only gave this 4 stars because there is quite a bit of present day and past going on at the same time, and a couple times I had to go back and look what time I was in because I was unclear But, overall I highly recommend this book for a great historical fiction, conspiracy theory, or Titanic fan Lisa A Adams With Stars In Her Eyes, Alice Clarke Boards The Titanic, Heading To A New Life On Board, She Falls In Love, Only To Lose Him In The Disaster He Leaves Her With A Pocketwatch, Which Holds Secrets Than She RealizesHer Great Grandson, Michael Kearney, Inherits Her Diary When He Overhears An Unusual Story About Why The Ship Was Wrecked, He Finally Reads It And Finds Himself In The Middle Of A Conspiracy That Stretches Across A Century Involving Some Very Powerful People With The Help Of Soft Kitty, An Irascible Conspiracy Theorist, And His Girlfriend, Sylvia, He Must Bring The Truth To Light And Bring Down The Men Behind It, No Matter What The Cost Maybe Some Secrets Are Better Left At The Bottom Of The Sea I really liked the book It moves right along and does not drag It made you really think about what the if s This eventis something that actually made it in to history and to get to dive into the past and actually be there was incredible My 7 year old loves the history of Titanic I found myself telling her this side of the story and saw her face light upwith awe I gave this story a 4 star. This book definitely exceeded my expectations I was very pleased with the authors s creativity in linking two events from such different time periods The characters were interesting and the pacing really held my interest.