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Great to have a new John Locke novel and also a new character who is actually screwed up than Donavan Creed Also really enjoyed that characters from other books were included in this one Look forward to of Dr Box but can t wait for the next instalment of Mr Creed. 4.0 out of 5 stars I like the writing style of this one, December 12, 2013 This review is from Bad Doctor Kindle Edition The first of the much touted John Locke s books that I ve ever read, and I understand he writes in a wide variety of genres I like the writing style of this oneeasy and fast paced and sometimes over the top The hired hit man thing was so jarring, though, it reminded me I was reading, otherwise I probably would have given this a five I liked the quick characterizations and the plot moved along at a good clip As an aside, I kept seeing the doctor as Colin Sweeney on the Good Wife ha ha He seemed the perfect fit to me in my current mind set I enjoyed the book and read it in one sitting When You Re In My Hospital You Re Not Family You Re Prey If You Re Coming After Me, Don T Do It In A Hospital That S My Domain And Don T Piss Me Off In The Real World And Expect A Smooth Hospital Stay Because I Have A Long Memory, And No One Is Exempt If you re coming after me, don t do it in a hospital That s my domain And don t piss me off in the real world and expect a smooth hospital stay because I have a long memory, and no one is exemptWhen you re here, you re not family You re prey Dr Gideon BoxWoo hoo a world renowned pediatric surgeon with a mean streak a mile long what s not to love I sure did and the fact that I got it free makes it an even savory discovery I ve been a John Locke fan for a while he s the author of the popular Donovan Creed series and this one sounded so juicy I couldn t resist.Basically, it centers on the good doctor let me clarify he s good with surgical instruments, but he has zero bedside manner and calls his tiny patients and the surgical nurses horrible names while he s working But it s outside the operating room that he really gets going all that heroic life saving activity, you see, takes such a toll that he just has to let off steam somehow Add in the fact that he s pretty much a sociopath, and as I said before, what s not to love Sometimes he gambles, sometimes he seeks out call girls and sometimes he breaks into homes while the owners are away This time, though, his venting leads to murder, and he comes dangerously close to getting himself killed as he puts the screws on others A few characters from Locke s other novels pop in here, and I ll be the first to admit that the whole thing gets downright silly in spots Still, it s smart, witty and definitely fast paced Accordingly, now I m off on a tear to try the next two in the series Box and Outside the Box As I write this, the Kindle versions are just 2.99 each a bargain for a romp with such a decadent hero. I don t remember downloading this book but I m glad I did I haven t laughed and cringed this much since the The Pilo Family Circus As soon as I finished it, I downloaded another book by the author Can t wait for the grandbabies nap time so I can start reading.I ll never be able to play ring toss with a straight face This was so different and quirky to what I normally read, but thoroughly enjoyable I loved the flawed character of Dr Gideon Box his dry wit was hilarious In general, there were lots of laugh out loud moments derived from scenarios and dialogue, and the whole Black Toad scene made me cry with laughter The reason why I docked this book a star was because I felt it needed a good editing, and the Siamese twins were one quirk too far they did nothing for me But otherwise very entertaining I can t say that I ve read many books from this author but I do believe I m hooked This story hooked me from the very beginning and I caught myself thinking Who is this guy I bet for anyone that has read this It will definitely make you wonder on your next visit to the hospital Crazy Once again, John Locke weaves an exciting tale filled with interesting characters and tells the tale at a fast pace that keeps you turning the page It was an excellent read and well worth the money. Dr Gideon Box is the best at saving the lives of children with heart conditions He s the go to guy for hopeless cases, but for as skilled as he is, there s no doubt he is a bad doctor To say he has a hilariously terrible bedside manner would be an understatement He s constantly in trouble at the hospital he works at People refuse to work with him after he curses not only the staff, but the poor little patients Dr Box is House on steroids With Tourette s The weight of being everyone s only hope causes a kind of stress to build in him that makes him self destructive Some might blow off steam with a round of golf Dr Box does it by soliciting strippers for sex and then robbing them at gunpoint I had heard the name John Locke, but this was my first time reading one of his books Bad Doctor is unconventional, smart, and laugh out loud funny There are a couple of twists I hadn t seen coming and ultimately, I wanted I m excited to see if any of the other Dr Box books pick up the story because I really think he s met his match with this new nurse I ve seen people do medical poorly, but Locke s authority was clear He s either had some experience in that realm or he s one hell of a researcher Either way, nothing he wrote pulled me out of the moment This isn t your typical tale It s clear from the first page we re dealing with a screws loose individual who deals in offensiveness Sure, he s brilliant He s also majorly flawed I considered rating this book four stars because a few things were left unfinished, but I can t fault the author for tying into a series The Siamese twin hitmen were maybe a bit over the line for me, but hell, they were funny and who else would write someone like that Five stars for this nutty ride. Well, with a stripper on the front cover I wasn t sure why I chose this book but I read on the Kindle so must not have noticed the cover But it didn t take long to get in to this novel and it just got better and better Oh, you ll hate the main character, everybody does, but stick with it This book has convinced me to follow John Locke and look for all his books Did you ever see the movie Fargo It was labelled a dark comedy or even a black comedy, since there was a lot of death in it Well, I would label this book a dark comedy A sorta keystone cops type of cover up of some bad deeds, mostly which occurred in a hospital I m not explaining this book very well, let me just try to convince you to READ this book Very well written and I read it straight through with no breaks