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The CrossFit CrossFit Endurance websites assume up front understanding of lingo, philosophy, scene, etc The reviews promised an intro for an outsider entering the CrossFit scene It was exactly that, and just what I needed It s a little too breathless, reads a bit like an extended Men s Health article, and the author s background in high school sports and triathlons don t make it clear who can follow in his footsteps, particularly as it was a challenging acclimatization for him to say the least That said, I m better informed and will move on to Power Speed Endurance , the CFE training manual, next. This guy started at Crossfit right when I did Right before the 2012 Open Workouts One of his very first WODs was 12.1, seven minutes of burpees Hey, me too It was fun reliving the first few workouts with him, though I didn t have a body as broken as the one he said he had There were certainly pages in the book that I skimmed, as he didn t have to sell Crossfit to me Anyone who knows me knows I ve not only drunk the Kool Aid but I now do my best to get others to do the same.Things I appreciated about the book I hadn t thought of how Crossfit runs counter to the digital alone togetherness of the world today In most gyms you walk in, get your solemn groove on or not , and walk out, often without talking with anyone The Crossfit community is completely the opposite I start catching up with my workout pals often in a big, real way none of this on the surface how are you fine thank you bologna as soon as there s than one of us in the box The support and encouragement we have for one another which starts with somebody s first PU attempt continues into their life, our life These people have seen me at my best and worst, and they still like me I think.A few parts of the book made me sit back and realize once again and re appreciate how many lessons there are within Crossfit that carry over well to the real world As a mom who constantly takes the opportunity for teachable moments, I love how Crossfit openly acknowledges that each person has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses except Rich Froning That it s in acknowledging and attacking the weaknesses that we become better and stronger That competition with those standing around us might motivate us to be faster stronger better, but it s the competition with our own PRs that matters most That there is a whole lot we can do if we just put our minds to it and try, I mean really try That the point is not to do easy things really well, but to try to do hard things, even if we fail a bit before doing them well All of this is why I want my kids to get into Crossfit slowly, at their own pace Because there is a whole lot of opportunity for confidence to be built in a box The book is fine Not super well written, but it made me think some and appreciate a lot It s written for people who are still on the fence about trying Crossfit, butas someone who has been Crossfitting for 1 1 2 years, I still got plenty out of it. This book provided what I needed for an intro to the most fantastic fitness program ever, CrossFit The author provided a look into the unique Cross Fit culture and also listed a dictionary with illustrated pics of important barbell lifts in the back of the book.I also liked that the book was written from the perspective of a middle aged, former marathoner and triathlete beacause that is what I am as well This gave me encouragement to proceed into this hard core regimen There was an excellent chapter that focuses on a morbidly obese subject who made magnificent strides in CF and lost a ton of weight This chapter begs for pictures I want to see the before and after pics of this lady What a huge accomplishment Adding photos would make the chapter even inspirational That is the only complaint I had about this book.I would highly recommmend reading this book, subscribing to CF Journal and watching online videos if you are planning to enter the CF arena I am beginning my second month in the program at West Plano CrossFit and love it This box is amazing My coach is outstanding and I really like my fellow athletes that attend. A fast and pleasant read I was a bit disappointed that it was Crossfit sales pitch than personal memoir But it s an excellent overview of how Crossfit works and thinks, with some personal stories included If you read it, you ll have a much better sense of what to expect about the program including some of the goofy science , such as 3D modelling of one s fitness level The author has certainly swallowed the Kool Aid, and he makes it sound very appealing especially the community aspects. This was an overall good book that gives you a great inside glimpse of what Crossfit is all about and is a book I would recommend to any beginner in Crossfit You learn about how Crossfit was developed by Greg Glassman and what the experience is like for a new crossfitter It was very inspiring to hear about all the stories of people who completely transformed their bodies as a result of finding crossfit and also to read about the elite crossfitters who compete in the crossfit games as it is truly incredible to hear how they have been able to record the times that they have and lift the amount of weight that they can The crossfit world is a tricky balance as the community is great to keep motivating you to keep coming, pushing yourself to the max, and continuing to make strides and improvement However, being constantly surrounded by the elite athletes sometimes makes you feel insufficient and that you never have enough which is not the right way to think about it given others around you are there to encourage you, not put you down Overall, I would highly recommend this book to any of the new crossfitters out there or anyone contemplating trying crossfit so you can see what all of the hype is about. This book is a mix of the author s personal story and a look at the CrossFit community And the author has a profile somewhat like mine but I was never that good , endurance runner as an adult In his case, needing to back off because of injury Then looking at CrossFit as a different way of increasing fitness, even as we grow older I definitely relate to the comments he makes of his first workouts, I thought I was pretty fit, but even the innocuous workouts left me completely wiped and flat on my back when I was done.One thing that makes this different than many books about people s experiences with CrossFit is that it is about a cross section of experience, from elite athletes to people who would not be described as fit So it is not about just any one person, but about the make up of a community, using individuals at the various CrossFit gyms the author has been associated with over time So in the various chapters he discusses the experiences with CrossFit of a range of people The intense athletes Firebreathers , a generally fit person like himself coming into CrossFit, normal people off the street, and people whose doctors would say that they were heading towards an early grave when they first encountered CrossFit.The result is an appealing story of what some CrossFit communities are like, an emphasis on how everyone is in it together, how non elite athletes become valued members of their CrossFit communities Whether or not the author originally intended it to, the result is almost an advertisement for CrossFit for people who can appreciate being in a setting that gives feedback and support acknowledging that not everyone wants that level of attention for various reasons So this is a story about CrossFit as a fitness regime as experienced by people, but not about the elite athletes, but how normal people engage with CrossFit And these are stories that I can relate to and appreciate. From Humble Roots In The Garage Of Fitness Guru Greg Glassman To Over , Rough And Tumble Gym Spaces Today, CrossFit Is A Gritty, Grassroots Fitness Phenomenon, With An Open Source Exercise Platform, Dedicated To Improving Lives By Improving Fitness Its Fervent Practitioners, Known As CrossFitters, Are As Competitive As They Are Sweaty, Striving For The Pride Of Marking Their Time Atop The List Of The Day S Top PerformersCrossFit S Boxes Are Brick Walled Industrial Warehouses, Gyms, And Garages Floored With Rubber Mats And Chock Full Of Kettlebells, Free Weights, Ropes, Medicine Balls, Truck Tires, Jump Ropes, And Bags Of Chalk CrossFitters Race To Complete The Day S Prescribed Workout, Many Named After Fallen War Heroes, With Exercises That Include Burpees, Box Jumps, Clean And Jerks, And Pull Ups As Many Times As They Can In A Designated Time Period Workouts Are Intense, Leaving Spent Athletes Dripping With Sweat And Glowing With Endorphin Fueled SatisfactionIn A Departure From Sterile Mainstream Gyms, It Is Camaraderie That Keeps CrossFitters Coming Back Week After Week For Their Hour Of High Intensity Suffering That And The Promise Of Weight Loss And A Sculpted Physique Its Practitioners Know Well That CrossFit Has Changed Lives, Forming Biggest Losers Into Lean, Mean EvangelistsAuthor And Veteran CrossFitter TJ Murphy Goes Inside The Box To Shed Light On The Extraordinary Community Of CrossFit And Why This Fast Growing Fitness Movement Is Coming Soon To A Garage Near You Great readAs a new crossfitter I am enjoying learning about the sport of fitness and feel this is a very honest review of crossfit and how it can positively impact lives without it being a constant attempt to sell me on the crossfit lifetyle This was one of those books that for no reason that I can put my finger on seemed to take me a really long time to read It wasn t long, it wasn t complex, and I really enjoyed the content Much of what was said really resonated with me I ve been in my local affiliate since January and have already seen much of the good that CrossFit has to offer I m glad I could get this finished during the week that the open begins good luck to us all The entire time I was reading this book, I was thinking, Who is the audience for this Who would read this book When it was done, I realized that I am the audience I read that book That book was written for me.I do CrossFit I love CrossFit I consume all sorts of media about CrossFit And this is who the book was written for People in the cult who want to talk about CrossFit all the time.The book is a short introduction to CrossFit It has chapters on where CrossFit came from, why it works, how it handles nutrition, how it can change people s lives It s not a CrossFit manual There s a glossary in the back and some descriptions of movements, but it s not a tutorial or anything.It s well written The author is a former current runner who turned to CrossFit because of persistent injuries It starts off with his introduction to the sport, then dissects it a bit and discusses the component parts of it In the last chapter, it comes full circle with the author setting a new Fran PR.I enjoyed the book It s short I read it in an afternoon The author is a good writer and I didn t disagree with anything he said except about chalk chalk doesn t protect your hands, it just absorbs sweat and makes it easier to grip in many cases, lots of chalk makes your hands rip.I still struggle on the audience of it I read it because I love CrossFit So, it s sort of an exploitation book in a way it s exploiting people like me who will throw money at anything to do with CrossFit I don t know that this is a sustainable audience, but it worked in my case I guess.