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In The Fall Of , Anita Hill Captured The Country S Attention, When She Testified Before The US Senate Judiciary Committee Describing Sexual Harassment By Clarence Thomas, Who Had Been Her Boss, And Was About To Ascend To The Supreme Court We Know What Happened She Was Challenged, Disbelieved, And Humiliated He Was Given A Life Long Appointment To Decide America S Judicial Fate What Is Less Known Is How Many Women And Men Were Inspired Because Of Anita Hill S Bravery, How Her Testimony Changed The Feminist Movement, And How She Singlehandedly Brought Public Awareness To The Issue Of Sexual Harassment Thomas Might Have Won His Seat, But Anita Hill S Legacy Mobilized The Women S Movement And Our Need To Demand Than The Status QuoTwenty Years Later, This Collection Brings Together Three Generations To Witness, Respond To, And Analyze Hill S Impact And Present Insights In Law Politics The Confluence Of Race, Class, And Gender The Persistent Questioning Of Women S Credibility And Current Cases Of Sexual Harassment With Original Contributions By Anita Hill, Melissa Harris Perry, Catharine MacKinnon, Patricia J Williams, Eve Ensler, Ai Jen Poo, Kimberly Crenshaw, Lynn Nottage, Gloria Steinem, Lani Guinier, Lisa Kron, Mary Oliver, Edwidge Danticat, Kevin Powell, And Many OthersAmy Richards Is The Author Of Opting In, Co Author Of Manifesta, And Co Founder Of Soapbox, IncCynthia Greenberg Organized Sex, Power, And Speaking Truth Anita Hill Years Later, A Conference At Hunter College In

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    I finished reading I STILL BELIEVE ANITA HILL on the subway this morning It ends with an excerpt of Anita Hill s testimony At 10 AM, I then listened to Dr Christine Blasey Ford s testimony so my reading of this collection was intentionally timely This remarkable anthology contains speeches, essays, poetry and conversations held at the conference marking the 20th anniversary of Anita Hill s brave testimony in Clarence Thomas s Supreme Court confirmation hearings.This book is important it places Hill s testimony in historical context, talks critically about the role of race and intraracial dynamics Hill s legacy is undeniable she set off a wave of women running for office, and women come forward now when they are being sexually harassed at work It, however, was disheartening to read today, watching Dr Blasey Ford bravely testify, and feeling like little has changed in the 27 years since Hill went through the toughest experience of her life I recommend reading this book.

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    In October, 1991, Professor Anita Hill testified at the confirmation hearings for then Judge Clarence Thomas, nominated by President George H W Bush, to serve as an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court In October 2011, Hunter College hosted a conference and remembrance of Professor Hill s courage in confronting sexual harassment and exploitation in the workplace I Still Believe Anita Hill came about as a result of that gathering The book features essays and articles presented at this gathering.

    I found this book both heartbreaking and inspiring Like many of us, I was glued to the live TV coverage of the hearings, and I believed Anita Hill I was appalled by the treatment she received by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee I thought, we, as a nation, were better than that But, I was also inspired by Professor Hill s example and courage, and by the fact that workplace harassment was finally getting center stage attention I believed then that some good would come out of the situation even though Clarence Thomas was ultimately confirmed.

    If you want to learn , see how far we ve come, and see how far we have yet to go, this book will help you do that It may also inspire you and give you hope that we do have women and men continually striving for racial and gender equality despite the contentious times in which we currently find our country Reading this book has spurred me on to read Professor Hill s books.

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    Fascinating read that gives great context to the intersection of race gender lack of social consciousness around sexual assault in 1991 Written in 2011 as a 20 year retrospective, thought leaders, legal scholars, feminists and artists all weigh in with their personal and academic responses to Anita Hill s testimony at the time, as well as the important question, What have we learned and Where are we today I especially loved Anita Hill s essay about her current work, as she is not someone who existed in the public eye for a moment and then receded into the background She is still a prominent and active leader for social justice.

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    It started out feeling like speeches at a conference, which some of it was, but it gets very engaging beginning with Judith Resnik s essay.The book does get infuriating because of the subject matter, so I recommend alternating it with other books And chocolate Definitely chocolate And purring kitties.

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    This book is great even for those who are not familiar with the case or history surrounding Anita Hill It is an empowering novel that leaves the reader with a sense of community and belonging With speeches and excerpts from women and men that span the generations you are provided with a look at what we have gained, how we have seen it affect our youth, and what we have to work to improve and to maintain Every section is beautifully written and the book itself is put together perfectly so that the two of these attributes combined leave wanting to keep on reading once you start.The best part of this book is, however, that it is not only interesting but insightful and offers a powerful lesson in standing up for what you believe is right.

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    The contributions to this volume are, for the most part, weak and uninspiring Anita Hill is, and was, a highly intelligent and articulate woman, but many of the articles in this collection are written in a minstrely English e.g actin all sadiddy, p.90 that fails to evoke a sympathetic reaction from me One author even clumsily tries to inject Barack Obama into the Anita Hill story Sadly, I cannot recommend this book.

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    This is an inspiring collection of essays As soon as I finished reading it I went online to get myself a I Still Believe Anita Hill t shirt That one phrase says so much.