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As In Previous Years, Desiring God Has Put Together A Book Based On The Six Sessions Of Their Annual National Conference The Event Boasted An Impressive Line Up Of Speakers Whose Messages Are Now Featured In This Volume David Platt, New York Times Best Selling Author Of Radical Louie Giglio, Founder And Leader Of Passion Conferences Michael Ramsden, One Of The Foremost Apologists Of Our Day Who Works Alongside Ravi Zacharias And Speaks At Events Worldwide Michael Oh, President And Founder Of CBI Japan And All Nations Fellowship Ed Stetzer, Church Planter, Professor, And Vice President Of Lifeway Christian Resources And John Piper, Teacher, Author, And Pastor, And Founder Of Desiring God Ministries The Book Is Purposed To Compel Christians To Cross Cultural And Linguistic Barriers To Reach The Lost With The Gospel

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    For years there has been a dichotomy in the church when it comes to what believers are called to be and live I know of churches who teach every teenager who travel through their youth ministry that they are each meant to be an overseas missionary and that they are somehow less serious a believer if they do not become one I also know churches that are so inwardly focused that they do not send anyone out But today there is a growing trend that understands the sending, which we are all called to, as simply local.In 1978 Frank DuBose in his book God Who Sends first used the term missional, since then it has become the buzz word for many movements that seek strictly to define God s mission for His people as merely local though I highly doubt that is what DuBose intended Even at Element we encourage and call people to live on mission By that we mean that all of us in a sense are involved in cross cultural work When a missionary goes to foreign countries they learn the culture, they learn words that are used to describe things, they learn the family and social dynamics in the same way, we that do not live overseas, have many similar experiences as well We live, work, and go to school with people who do not know Jesus and so we are also called to missions work exactly where we are The word Missions is rooted in the Latin for to send and missionary can be understood as sent ones We are all sent ones, but there is a core shift in the American church that is both good and bad when comes to its emphasis for, and on, missions Where many older churches have placed the majority of their focus on missionary meaning over there, many younger churches have placed the entire focus of missionary to mean right here The truth is that the word means both, and that is the essential push of Finish The Mission Crossway 2010 Finish The Mission is a book that helps redefine mission in terms of missions It is edited by John Piper and David Mathis and is comprised of 6 chapters by 6 different contributors I have always enjoyed Ed Stetzer s insight and found his chapter to be the most helpful, though John Piper s was excellent as well.For people to think that missions work is only overseas leads to a disengaged people in their own city Those who attend local churches may even begin to think that what they do with their lives raising there children, loving their spouses, working their jobs is not as honoring to Jesus as living in hut, eating bugs, and learning a foreign culture As I said, I have known churches where everyone was told they needed to find a way to be an overseas missionary, as if that is the only spiritual thing they could ever do but I have also known churches who lead everyone to believe that the most spiritual thing they could do is to be in ministry which, to them, would translate to work in a church How sad it would be if those were the only things people ever saw as spiritual Think about it, there would be no garbage men, no plumbers, no farmers, no loggers, no automobile makers, no one to make your pizza and ultimately there would be no church and no missionaries because no one would have a any money to support locally and send internationally We must understand that the jobs people do are deeply spiritual, they are good in the eyes of God We are told that our God works and values work All that we do is meant to be honoring to Jesus and is a deep act of worship this includes our jobs and our homes and it is all to be lived on mission In remembering our own sent ness to the culture in which we live, we must never forget that there is also deep calling of having a special vocation of a missionary as a person sent to unreached people groups around the globe Let us never forget one or the other, hand in hand we are sent and the senders, all for the great glory of Jesus Let s Finish The Mission.

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    This is a repackage of the 2011 conference Much of what Platt, Oh, and Giglio say are repeats of all the stuff they always say in other books I did enjoy this quote Too often, Christians just seem to be interested in other things I ve noticed that when I blog about theological controversy, readers flock to my blog And if I engage with dissenting comments, readers go crazy But when I blog about the testimony of Christian missionaries in foreign contexts like Turkey, my readership drops significantly It breaks my heart, because it is a reminder that people love theological controversies but not the nations Ed Stetzer, Finish The Mission

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    I wasn t overly thrilled by this book in whole, but it did bring up good points As a huge fan of Piper s work, this felt disappointing because it got very repetitive I am very passionate about missions and the purpose of this book is very important, but personally it was not a five star book.

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    4.5 stars.

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    A good short book on the call to missions and how to be missional The first chapter is definitely the most compelling and exhortational.

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    I wish that every Christian would read this book and understand that if you believe the gospel, you must care about these things.

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    Jesus gave His Church a mission to complete, a mission that begins and ends with Himself and His declaration that He came to seek and save the lost, mend the broken hearted, restore families, people groups and nations to Himself for His joy, and glory In 2011 Desiring God hadc a conference by the name Finish the Mission which was turned into a very helpful book featuring the writing of Louie Giglio, David Mathis, Michael Oh, John Piper, David Platt, Michael Ramsden and Ed Stetzer.One of the most outstanding features of this book is the introduction to David Mathis He writes that, global missions is about the worship of Jesus The goal of missions is the worldwide worship of the God man by his redeemed people from every tribe, tongue and nation The outcome of missions if all peoples delighting to praise Jesus And the motivation for missions is the enjoyment that his people have in him Missions aims at, brings about, and is fueled by the worship of Jesus 14 Mathis notes that a call to finish the mission is a call for martyrs not a call for kamikazes, but a call for missionaries bent on Jesus s worldwide fame and satisfied in him that they can say with Esther, If I perish, I perish Est 4 16 and with Paul, To die is gain Phil 1 21 , 25 This is just a sampling of what this insightful book offers to readers.Finish the Mission is in my opinion one of the most important books written on the topic of missions This book combines biblical theological and practical insight that speaks to one of the biggest conversations going on within evangelicalism how the church can reach the culture with the Word of God and how Gospel empowers the Church to finish the mission to the glory of God Whether you are a seminary student, pastor, or lay person, Finish the Mission is an important book for every Christian to read, and re read to learn the heartbeat of the Savior who longs to seek and save the lost and who uses the Church He redeemed to proclaim the fame of Jesus to the nations for His glory.Title Finish the Mission Bringing the Gospel to the Unreached and UnengagedAuthors John Piper and David Mathis EditorsPublisher Crossway Books 2012 Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the publisher through the Crossway Books book review bloggers program I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    Finish the Mission is an excellent book about the church reaching every tribe, and tongue and nation finishing the mission But the book is so much than this Many Christians do not connect worship and missions This book makes clear that worship is what it s all about Davis Mathis states in the introduction The outcome of missions is all peoples delighting to praise Jesus And the motivation for missions is the enjoyment that his people have in him Louie Giglio, Michael Oh, David Platt, Michael Ramsden and Ed Stetzer write chapters in addition to those by Piper and Mathis Giglio in Chapter 1, using Isaiah 6 8 Whom shall I send conveys the fact Isaiah is hearing a voice from our incomprehensibly great God.David Platt in Chapter 2 gives a biblical, sobering view of hell highlighting the lostness of so many Michael Ramsden in Chapter 3 gives a realistic view of the dangers of mission and challenges us to be courageous Michael Oh in Chapter 4 teaches from the Lord s Prayer the necessity for Christians to go from every land and to every land He describes how this is currently happening in various locations around the world Ed Stetzer in Chapter 5 challenges all of us to send or be sent, and to be missionaries where we are He emphasizes we are to be gospel centered and Spirit empowered In the final chapter John Piper teaches on Psalm 62 Let the nations be glad and sing for joy He comments on Islam as not worshiping God and suggests the reason we have been given material wealth is so we will reach the nations.At the end of the book is a conversation with the authors and an appendix by Mathis on What Next This is a challenge to the church and to all Christians to disciple others Mathis says in the introduction This is no ordinary missions book He s right about that I highly recommend this to all who are ready for a challenge.

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    At the end of the day, global missions is about the worship of this spectacular Jesus The goal of missions is the worldwide worship of the God man by his redeemed people from every tribe, tongue, and nation The outcome of missions is all peoples delighting to praise Jesus And the motivation for missions is the enjoyment that his people have in him Missions aims at, brings about, and is fueled by the worship of Jesus.Another way to say it is that missions is about Jesus s global glory From beginning to end in target, effect, and impetus missions centers on the worldwide fame of the Messiah in the praises of his diverse peoples from every tribe, tongue, and nation What s at stake in missions is the universal honor of the Father in the global glory of his Son in the joy of all the peoples David MathisDiscipling means not merely the pursuit of our own spiritual maturity but getting outside ourselves for personal connection and substantial, intentional investment of time in a few others the kind of investment for which there must be going to accomplish among the nations David MathisNot only is suffering the consequence of finishing the mission, but it is God s appointed means by which he will show the superior worth of his Son to all the peoples Just as it was fitting that he should make the founder of our salvation perfect through suffering Heb 2 10 , so it is fitting that God save a people from all the peoples from eternal suffering through the redemptive suffering of Jesus displayed in the temporal sufferings of his missionaries David Mathis

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    This was one of those books, that I m very much glad I took the time to have read, but it left me a little wanting I agreed with the overarching premise that to narrow too specifically the Great Commission is to short change God s global mission Instead the Great Commission is in fact intended to include all persons, and since that is true, we cannot ignore those unreached people groups living within our world today I felt the book did a good job setting up this point, and I enjoyed the use of different voices to state and argue the point Yet, I felt as though the application side of the coin was a bit lacking when compared to the argument side Still, Finish the Mission is an important and likely necessary book as it relates to the topic of global Christian mission It s a book that maybe in actually is meant to focus on establishing the argument, rather than providing for application After all, until we believe the argument for joining with God on his global mission for all persons to hear and have opportunity to respond to his Gospel, it s of little good to write a book that focuses on an application of putting the argument into practice.