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I so want to be that person who can whip up a fabulously awesome homemade gift for the holidays or hostess gifts.but I am not I just dont think far enough aheadbut someday I will be this person and when I do, I will refer to this book and maybe some of y all will get curried cashewsgingersnap ballsslow cooker caramel apple butter OMGthe recipes are so me I wouldn t gift these though They re very different. Edible DIYmay Not Be The First Book For Crafty Cooks And Burgeoning Urban Homesteaders, But It Is The Easiest Based On The Popular Serious Eats Column By The Same Name, Edible DIY Includes Recipes Divided Into Five Chapters Crunchy, Boozy, Sweet, Spicy, And Jars With Plenty Of Packaging Tips Throughout, Edible DIY Is The Perfect Solution For Making Inexpensive Edible Gifts In Your Own Kitchen With Everything From Chocolate Peppermint Marshmallows And Coconut Granola To Homemade Sriracha And Espresso Barbeque Sauce Illustrated With Inspirational Full Color Photography Throughout This has some fun and interesting ideas in it. I am reading an excellent book that I found at my local library entitled Edible DIY by Lucy Baker It is really an excellent book for gift ideas but my favorite section is the Boozy section that includes some pretty great recipes for alcoholic mixed drinks that you can make and bottle for family and friends I really had some fun reading all of this My problem came when I didn t read all the details of the recipe list in detail Note the IN DETAIL part of this So the Minty Irish Cream Liquor that was supposed to look a nice, lovely brown coffee drink actually looks like a weird dark green liquid.Grrr Not to say that it doesn t still taste extremely wonderful I just highly recommend not drinking it out of clear glassware if you have a problem drinking dark greenish brown liquids Most of the food recipes sound delicious Things I would make and eat I wouldn t make or drink any of the recipes from the Boozy chapter. First impressionRecipes that can be made into gifts, I am thinking about Christmas already i know shame on me Colourful, easy to read and some pretty good packaging ideasThe recipes are attached to the major holidays of the year, covering tasty snacks, gifts such as flavoured vodka, jams and chutneys, with some refreshing packaging ideas, all the recipes are explained well and innovative, my only gripe is that I would of liked recipes and some of the usual gift ideas and recipes too included..beautiful colourful photography throughout and presented nicely If you like mixed liquor, then this books is a must try You get everything from Lemony Sweet tea to minty Irish cream liqueur The book also offers cookies, candy, syrups, hot sauces, jams and so other recipes such as, Chocolate covered pretzel toffee, honey bear mustard, blueberry port jam, barbecue potato chips And the list just keeps going and going This is a great book to have for not only for gift ideas, but to just to have around the house when you need it most Oh yeah, White Chocolate Fudge with bourbon and pecans would make anyone s pick me up list The booze recipes are the best in this book Every one I have tried has gotten rave reviews, and requests from friends for the recipe I highly recommend the Irish Cream and the Sweet Tea Vodka. A few really good ideas, but very few that I hadn t seen before.