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This Beautifully Illustrated Inspirational Guide Presents Simple Yet Stylish Stitched Pieces For Your Home, From Quilts And Samplers To Needlepoint Pincushions And Greeting Cards Each Of The Projects Reflects Jane Brocket S Gentle Approach, Which Values The Creative Process As Much As The Finished Object With Techniques Ranging From Japanese Sashiko To Traditional Cross Stitch And A Reimagined Victorian Crinoline Lady, Plus Helpful Tips, This Collection Puts The Enjoyment Back In Hand Stitching

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    Some refreshing ideas Not a lot of instruction, inspirational Covers many different types of handstitching and suggestions to make stuffplus some patterns and templates Per usual, I really love the modern perspective and the bright colors this author uses.

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    I was given this book earlier in the year, and I absolutely adore it It s a pleasure to just sit and flick through the pages, admiring the projects and considering new techniques I could implement I have sewn a few items, as inspired by this book crinoline ladies, stitching samplers , and there are numerous others that I am keen to try such as sashiko, needlepoint and half crazy patchwork I love the variety Jane presents in this book, and it has made me aware of techniques I was not familiar with There are clear instructions on how to complete particular projects, and how to use items that have been sewn The book also includes instructions on how to make particular stitches, which I have found useful.Jane s approach to sewing if quite free, and she doesn t limit herself, or the reader, to particular ways of doing things I understand that this might not suit those who prefer to have everything clearly laid out, but I definitely recommend this to you if you are keen to learn different sewing methods, and want a beautiful book to inspire you in your creative projects

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    This book is as lovely and informative as Jane Brocket s other Gentle Art books None of the projects are daunting, and all are easily do able both in skills and materials for anyone without years of experience and without a really good needle work store nearby My only complaint and it s a paltry one is that I d like to have had a few photos of the pieces as they were in progress I find it easier to see the way to do something than to read a description of the process.But that is a preference of mine and I m still happy to have bought this book.

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    I like Jane s work, and I check out her blog once in a while This was the first time I ever examined one of her books, however This could be fun Lots of project ideas, clearly and prettily presented, great photos Most of the projects would be overly ambitious for myself, my skill set is fair to middling But they actually look like they could be _FUN_, and that is enough to make me consider twice maybe i should try one

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    Brought this one home to inspire some fun fabric projects but there weren t too many that caught the attention of the girls It s a wonderful book Beautiful photographs and great instructions detailed glossary of steps to do the simple or advanced stitching Just not the right style for anyone around here It s absolutely worth taking home, if only to spend an hour with a cup of tea and browse through the lovely things on the pages.

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    I read this cover to cover The photography is really nice, and the projects, while not too challenging, will make excellent introductions to different types of stitching I would have liked detailed instructions, but at the same time, I appreciate Brocket s trusting the reader to be able to figure out simple stitching This is one to add to my bookshelf.

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    Beautiful book in every way So happy I purchased it I am never disappointed in anything by Jane Brocket.

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    Beautiful photos and projects to attempt.

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