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Jakob Grant, Formerly A Top Selling Computer Game Designer, Is Now Down On His Luck And Barely Hanging On Teaching At An Exclusive Private College His Best Friend Is A Pound Rottweiler German Shepherd Dog Named Bill Who Has Been Implanted With The CardioTronic Pacemaker The Dick Cheney Model When Jakob Is Fired From His Teaching Position He Reluctantly Accepts An Unusual Offer To Work On A D Military Simulation But There Is Something About The Major General That Hired Him That Doesn T Appear To Be Right

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    Got this book after reading the sample and synopsis and it was the dog that caught my interest It really should not have worked for me except for that, but it did A strong four stars for the story and the 5th star for the dog.Not quite sure how to categorize it, some mystery, a lot of high tech, a touch of espionage homeland security, great characters and a wonderful dog The format was different and shouldn t have worked, much of the storyline was told while the main character being interrogated by an unknown authority plus his thoughts and recollections of the backstory when alone Some of the girlfriend s story was told in the form of an interrogation as well.I have trouble keeping my checkbook balanced and am totally illiterate when it comes to computers and anything technical than push this button is way over my head The significant presence of math and computer technology should have bumped me out of the storyline, but it didn t and a few of the confusing and necessary bits were explained by the interrogator requiring a simplified version For all that much of the story the protagonist was strapped down to a gurney and being interrogated under drugs, the pace was unrelenting, which seems pretty unlikely but that is how it read.Will definitely be reading by this author.

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    Follow Jake and his best buddy, Bill, on a trip down the rabbit hole, in search of a real life Boogieman Right from the start, Jake and Bill are in big trouble Then things become worse for them Buckle up for a thrill ride into the depths Ezra Sidran weaves a spellbinding tale of intrigue and suspense Once you ve seen the world through his eyes, it will never look the same again.

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    Picked this up about 2 years ago feel a bit guilty about not reading it sooner Very enjoyable fast paced read that was well written.Nothing like a bit of humor thrown in with a thriller I admit I skimmed through some of the programming stuff, but it sure as heck didn t hurt the story any.

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    It s hard to get a five star review out of me but if any book deserves it, this is it Much of the credit goes to an intelligent, offbeat writing style which I found almost as charming as the hero s best friend, Bill the beer drinking, pretty girl loving, smart and loyal dog.I should have been confused by the narration of this story which was for the most part accomplished as part of an interrogation with an unknown party who was holding the hero prisoner Huh See I can t even explain this adequately yet it somehow did not confuse me as the story was being told I was utterly captivated Although the dog did soften me up and make me a receptive reader, the writer could have easily lost me at Fibonacci numbers and computer code Instead I was carried along in fascination as the author seamlessly brought together multiple parts of the story of the small college computer professor as he artfully wove a fascinating tale of Online Role Playing Games, murder, baseball, intrigue, treachery, and a side of loyalty and love.There is nothing I enjoy than a smart writer who can tell a complex story in a way that makes it all seem not only understandable, but fun too The character development was excellent and the action led up to a climax naturally and with an authentic voice In short, this was well done from many angles and gets an even higher score because of how sensitively the author treats the subject of how we feel about our pets, and how they feel about us.Kudos to author Ezra Sidran for an offbeat tale well told.

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    Great readFast paced with humor Bill the dog is the best character I have read in a long time My hat is off to Ezra Sidran

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    Generally speaking, this was a well written book with a refreshingly different approach The tale flows at an adequate pace and often raises a wry smile Lewis Clark as US radio personalities The reasons this doesn t get five stars are the ending didn t match up to the quality of the beginning, which promised than the routine dramatic wrap up there was a shade too much lecturing, particularly in the music chord detail, doggie items, and a bit of the programming and the reason Jake and Bill were in a position to escape made the shooting inexplicable.Nevertheless an enjoyable read that only faintly disappointed in the last quarter.

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    This was fantastic I was immediately drawn into the story The setup is great I have to admit, part of me zealous joy from this book was all the coding jokes and references I think it would read very well for someone who isn t a programmer, but for those of is who are, hellz yeah.The mystery and adventure in this was great The pace was really nice and the story was engrossing The ending was excellently done Basically, I loved everything about this.I can t believe there wasn t an All Your Base Are Belong To Us joke though.

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    UniqueA new approach to telling the story At first, it threw me off and almost caused me to give up But, I held on, and began to see the plot.I m glad that I did hang in there, as the overall effect worked out a good story emerged from the tangled approach.I will try to find another story by this author, to see if this was a fluke.Ted

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