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I loved the concept Sadly, most parts didn t work for me More later My flight is boarding Trip over and days laterfinally finishing this review.The idea of a good twin bad twin trading places has always been a guilty pleasure concept for me, mostly because I m a twin myself so I get a kick out of them when I come across the ones I do I really enjoyed the good twin, Aaron He s such a good guy but he is definitely in a bad situation that he can t dig himself out of it I loved reading about him slipping into his brother s life and shocking his brother s friends and neighbors This was the fun part of the book for me One part that didn t work as well was Aaron s relationship with Dave, his twin s husband Aaron doesn t think of himself as a gay man so he does some wheeling and dealing to avoid sex with his husband That lasts for a day Oo He s in insta lust love with Dave, so they fall into bed and they start or restart a sexual relationship, depending on your point of view It s all way too quick The chemistry is nice though but it s all built on lies Dave was in divorce proceedings and while I don t think he cheated physically on Troy he was involved with another man, a client of his from England, emotionally and ready to move on with him This story gets dropped though and it s never picked up again, so there s no closure there This brings us to the bad twin, Troy I cannot believe someone as nice as Dave was dating, let alone, married to the horror that is Troy There is nothing redeeming about this character and as the story moves on he just gets progressively worse His character is bent into every possible villain role the story needs view spoiler He starts out okay giving Aaron the opportunity to step into his life later it s revealed that he was setting Aaron up to take the fall for his bad behavior, so this isn t even a kind gesture We find out pretty quickly though that Troy wears many hats racist, destructive, sociopathic, cheater, liar, embezzler and a MURDERER.yes, he eventually murders someone I cannot even believe the things that this man does, it s horrible but really he s nothing but a caricature used to advance Aaron s story and ceases to be anything than a paper villain hide spoiler This Book Has Been Re Released By Dreamspinner Press Aaron Mayer Has Lived In Poverty, While His Identical Twin Troy Enjoyed A Privileged Existence When Aaron Unexpectedly Hears From Troy, He Discovers His Twin Has Committed Suicide In A Letter, Troy Offers Aaron The Chance Of Living His LifeTroy And Aaron Mayer, Identical Twins Separated From The Age Of Two, Have Lived Wildly Different Lives Aaron Has Struggled Taking Care Of Their Alcoholic, Gambling Addicted Mother, Leaving His Finances In Disarray Troy, Living With Their Father, Experienced Luxury He Calls Aaron Asking To See Him After Years Of Silence When Aaron Arrives At His Brother S Boat, His Twin Has Committed Suicide In His Farewell Note, Troy Offers Aaron His Car Keys, His Money And His Life Of RichesAaron, On The Run From The Loan Sharks He Owes Money To, Finds His New Life Is Even Worse Everywhere He Turns He Discovers Somebody Troy Devastated Including His Handsome, Charismatic Husband, Dave Alvarez, Who Is On The Verge Of Leaving Troy Can Aaron Turn Things Around For Troy And For Himself Or Are Some Mirrors Just Meant To Be Broken The read ebook thing really fooled me I totally thought I could read the whole thing Then it stops when I start getting really really really really into it OH MY FUCKING GOD THESE ASSHOLES WHY GIVE ME A FUCKING PREVIEW OMFG I AM DYING TO GET THIS.DO YOU SEE THAT SHELF I ADDED IT JUST FOR THIS BOOK BLOODY HELL So, I finally got this book.Mirrors had so much potential to be than it actually was though the beginning was pretty fucking grabbing I m not exactly disappointed I actually thought there was so many things in this book that were pretty fabulously done.For one, the character Troy, his twin and arguably evil brother Holy fuck his character was amazing He was so twisted, his mind a maze, yet at some points, and even at the end, you were left wonder that maybe, just maybe he truly loved Dave in his own way, and that he maybe actually had a heart and was good , albeit, in his own twisted way.There was actually several points in the book where it was made clear that Troy truly did love Dave well apparently so anyway and there was actually a part where Dave outright said that he knew that Troy loved him, just again in his own way.Huh, something tells me his way is pretty fucked.At first I totally bought this, and was like Yeah, I get it But holy fricken hell That is some seriously fucking twisted loving Troy is than an asshole He is incapable of acting nice I kid you not He does things that clearly go beyond assholeness I will not mention or hint of it in this review because then I d have to go through the pain of doing spoiler tags and other stupid warnings.Anyway, apart from Troy s character, I also enjoyed reading Aaron try to tread his way through the colossal swamp of shit that Troy left in his wake It was pretty hilarious Underpaid maids, harassed gardeners, mob connections not really a spoiler Don t shoot me , oh and of course, the biggest shit mound of all his I should ve left the first time he cheated husband the lovely Dave I adored Dave.Which brings me to the topic of something I wasn t exactly full pleased about.The romance.Okay, I didn t have any major problems with this at all, it was just a tad disappointing since I had such high hopes for this book as you can see from my near hysterical pre review 1 Aaron found out he loved Dave waaayy too quickly.Okay, well maybe not in regards what page number he confessed his love It s just that yes Dave is fucken gorgeous, sweet, an awesome cook, successfully, hot in bed, first gay partner whatever etc etc.But nothing really happened between them I get that Dave was already in love with Troy, so loving this new one wasn t exactly a hardship, since he was already convinced he loved Troy despite all the shit the previous one did All he really had to do was adjust to this new side of Troy which really, was a much better version So yes, Dave forgiven.But Aaron Really Okay, maybe my memory is faulty, and actually, the book described many loving moments where they cooked gardened bonded on the couch together, so in actuality, the love was given a chance to blossom.But there must be a reason why I didn t feel the love So I m sticking with my point.2 Aaron adjusted to gay sex pretty quickly for a just out of the closet guy Not that I really care but it s something I sort of quirked my eyebrow about.3 view spoiler Okay so I totally get and thoroughly approve of the authors adding this that Dave was pissed off and hurt that this new tender side of Troy was fake and really, it wasn t Troy at all I also enjoyed how despite that, Dave admitted that the time with Aaron was way better in comparison to his time with Troy I loved and understand all that But I had a few problems with their making up.I don t understand how being told by his neighbour who is also apparently some spiritual master who can see their auras and such I m not disbelieving the spiritual side of this, I m just thinking what a shit way to get them to make up to make love to each other and release some inner passion or something is really such a good way to get them to make up I mean, it didn t really do anything for me hide spoiler This makes me think of that one CW tv show, Ringer.It wasn t bad It was certainly readable It was justodd Incongruous I had a hard time believing that people wouldn t really notice the change I was also annoyed that some of the secondary and tertiary characters seemed rather like stereotypical character sketches.It didn t really start making any sense until Dave said something about how Troy had done that thing before, where he pretended to change, but by that time, it had felt like ret conning than anything else.I also couldn t quite get a read on Troy He seemed soI dunno I don t know why Aaron automatically assumed that Troy had killed himself I mean, the offer and the obscure letter didn t exactly clear everything up I guess the main issue with that is a sense of unfamiliarity wasn t quite fully established Neither, really was a sense of urgency hopelessness on Aaron s part I think perhaps a bit despair, maybe even starting the book a little earlier would have helped solidify that and made sense why Aaron was so excited to just jump in And perhaps a little reluctance at first, too For me, he seemed like he d justified the replacement with a hypothetical imperative instead of out of any real desperation I thought the little in media res blurb at the beginning was stupid and completely unnecessary I also thought the way Llewellyn handled Dave s character was odd It was so PA that I, again, couldn t quite get a read on the situation And then the odd speed with which they made upI dunno, I just thought it was looked at from of an insiders POV, the they ll inevitably get together view, as opposed to watching a progression development from outside if that makes sense So all in all, probably about a 2.5It wasn t a bad read It was just too much stuff about it bothered me Little things, but after I finished and sat and thought about it, they seemed to kind of add up Oh, it also bothered me that Jake was such an asshole He d be willing to sacrifice Aaron, his friend, for the sake of his dogs I dunnoI d hope that if I had friends, they d at least be willing to value me over their pets I don t mean this in a animals are dumb beasts sort of way I meant it in a I hope I mean enough to my friends that if push came to shove, I d have enough value to them that they d be willing to make painful sacrifices for me Of course, I don t fully know Jake s sitch Maybe he was abandoned by his parents when he was young and he s had his dogs ever since and they re the closest thing to a real family he has and there s absolutely no way he d sacrifice them for anyone thing because he s sacrificed so much to keep them with him because they re all he s ever had and he ll have panic attacks without them Or whatever Still It just seemed I m very sorry, Aaron They have my dogs I m going to give you to them so I can have my dogs back shrugs I loved this book It was great from the beginning to the end You know that saying Be careful what you wish for Aaron went through a lot of things but you have to read it to find out what It had mystery and intrigue and hot lovin This book had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next Great book Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said Behavior is a mirror in which everyone displays his own image In Mirrors by A.J Llewellyn and D.J Manly, Aaron Mayer gets to see his reflection on both sides of the mirror He s always lamented having to stay with his mother after his parents were divorced, while his identical twin, Troy, went with his father He d assumed that Troy got the best end of the deal When Aaron is presented with the opportunity to step into his brother s shoes, he jumps at it, feeling that it was his time to live the good life Aaron soon discovers that being rich doesn t automatically mean life is easy.I really liked Aaron He s is clever and resourceful and has a heart of gold He walks into a completely new situation and takes over with amazing ease When he finds that his brother used every opportunity to belittle and hurt others, he s appalled and, if he possibly can, tries to make amends People take notice of Troy s drastic change in attitude and, for the most part, are relieved and eager to believe his sincerity, especially Troy s husband, Dave But Aaron s father isn t pleased He s had Troy under his thumb for so long that Troy s showing initiative infuriates him His father swiftly undoes the changes which Aaron has originated, leaving him frustrated and disillusioned Aaron s life may had been hard, but it taught him to be self reliant and made him strong Taking over as Dave s husband is the toughest challenge Aaron faces and it plays heavily on his conscience.My heart ached for Dave Even though Troy treats him badly, Dave remains faithful to him Dave so earnestly wants to believe that Troy is sincere and has changed, that he dismisses important clues which, otherwise, would ve been obvious He convinces himself that Aaron is Troy and courageously continues on with their relationship loving the new Troy When Dave does find out the truth, he s justifiably angry, but it also takes great strength of character to put aside his hurt feelings enough so that he doesn t throw away the good with the bad It s a love story, inside a mystery, inside of plotting and planning, unusual twists and turns, and a whole lot of irony The story is full of angst, adventure, and passion There are at least three important themes I d like to point out be careful what you wish for, money won t buy happiness, and what you sow, you will reap I loved this story in which things are aren t all black and white, but even in this story s shades of gray, the good guys are rewarded.NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. Please leave comments on Pattycake s 5 sweet pea review at I have only one word for Mirrors by AJ Llewellyn and DJ Manly and that isWOW This is an absolutely outstanding story that the blurb just barely covers the very basics on There is so, so much to this book that, only by reading it yourself can you truly appreciate just how great the story actually is.This is an utterly fascinating character driven story that has a complex plot that has twists and turns than a one lane mountain road This is an psychological thriller that grabs you from the very beginning and doesn t turn you loose until the very end The backstory is superb and lays a very solid foundation for the rest of the fantastic storyline I absolutely love how the authors take a basic idea and turn it into a hauntingly complex tale that portrays just how completely sick, twisted, complicated, and just totally evil one man can be, and the utter disregard that he has for the ruined and devastated lives he leaves behind I have never seen a character this pathologically twisted who deliberately betrays friends, mobsters, and anyone else who gets in his way.The authors writing style is eloquently simple yet complex, original, unique, and utterly satisfying The sex in the story is sweet and passionate, and the fact that the men are HOT definitely doesn t hurt The deft blend of the emotional and psychological genius shown in this book combined with the HEA ending after a sheer thrill ride, makes this a book I DEFINITELY recommend to everyone Sounds so much like the TV show Ringer o.O 4 1 2 StarsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewshttp mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.coAaron thinks its providence when his brother phones him and offers to help him out of the trouble his mother landed him in, but when he turns up for the meeting, things are much different from he thought they would be With the opportunity to experience the life he could have had, Aaron embarks on an adventure that will take him to the highs of joy and the depths of despair.This is a story that will grab you by the throat, shake you about and then toss you on the floor like a used towel and you ll take it then ask at the end but will they find it Aaron is desperate when his brother phones him, so he jumps at the chance to meet him But, when he arrives and Troy is gone and there s a note saying you re welcome to my life, enjoy It doesn t take him long to take the option that will keep him alive Dave is Troy s husband and although Dave loves Troy, he can t take any of the treatment that is always being dished out When he returns from a business trip Troy has changed for the better and it has him reconsidering his plans.A brilliantly written story that didn t take the easy option of the twins knowing everything about each other They were strangers who hadn t seen each other since a very young age When Aaron takes over his brother s life, he struggles with even the simplest facts, like where his brother lives At first, it s a struggle for him to fit into his brother s shoes, but he bluffs as much as he can with the help of a list his brother wrote I loved the way that Aaron contemplates how he is going to pull it all off and then the guilt he starts to feel as he begins to realize exactly what kind of man his brother is and then even guilt as he realizes that everyone would hate him if they found out the truth.There is a damn lot going on in Troy s life that Aaron gets pulled into and how he bluffed like he constantly did was amazing There are lots of secrets that become unraveled, mystery and suspense and there are a couple of twists and some violence There are a lot of bitter feelings and betrayal, cons, lies and confessions and the reactions of some of the characters were well written and fantastically portrayed This is one of those stories where not everything is as it seems and there are secrets inside secrets and you sit there shaking your head as you realize that someone is playing the long game.The relationship between Aaron and Dave is far from easy, as Aaron tries to play Troy and he can t have Dave divorcing Troy or they might find out who he really is I really wasn t sure about Aaron stepping into those shoes, but the authors both handled it well and they managed to blend it into the story where it seemed natural between Dave and Aaron when they do become intimate.This story I am recommending to everyone as we have mystery, suspense, murder, secrets, twists, violence, lies, and cons and amidst all that we have a love developing that is sweet and some hot sex to sweeten the deal P.S Karma is a Queen bitch. An ok read I just didn t click with any of the characters well maybe Nancy and Nikki I loved them There were too many improbabilities Would anyone really just slip into someone s life like that without even asking why they would do that Or at least after finding out what an selfish a the long lost brother really was How would a seemingly straight guy just accept the attraction to his brothers husband without some serious soul searching and at least a bit of identity crisis If you can skip over these things this would probably be a great book Sadly I couldn t switch off that today.