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Syl Arena, Author Of The Bestselling Speedliter S Handbook Learning To Craft Light With Canon Speedlites, Brings His Teaching Skill, Great Writing Style, And Instructive, Beautiful Images To This Popular Peachpit Press Photography Series Aimed At Beginners, Light And Lighting From Snapshots To Great Shots, Begins With A Primer On Light Itself How To See Its Direction, Intensity, Color, Contrast, And Shadow Line And Quickly Moves On To Discussions Of Shooting Both Indoors And Outdoors In The Many Different Conditions Of Natural Or Man Made Light Eg Sunny, Cloudy, Fluorescent, And Incandescent Light Then The Book Digs In To Begin Creating Light With Flash Arena Covers Numerous Kinds Of Lights From Small Flash Both Canon And Nikon To Big Flash, From Continuous Lights To The Much Maligned Pop Up Flash On Top Of The Camera He Also Covers The Basics And Beyond Of Light Modifiers Umbrellas, Softboxes, Flags, And Gels With Recipes And Tips On How To Shoot Products Shots For Selling Online, Food, Glass And Metal, Flowers, Headshots, Group Shots, Action And Sports, Birthday Parties And Other Events, Light And Lighting From Snapshots To Great Shots Gives Readers All They Need To Know To Get Started On The Journey Of Learning, Creating, And Controlling Light In Order To Make Great Images A must have, a very well written and explained book by Syl Arena He made me discover a new world, the world of artificial lightning for photography, the world of flash units and a lot of other useful advices that can help you improve your shots It is not only about artificial lightning but it tells you also the basic of illumination using the environment light ex sun light reflection, diffusion etc Take it and you ll read it in the blink of an eye