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I Have Sins To Confess Tell Me, What Evil Have You Done It S St Petersburg, Right Before The Fall Of Communism Father Fedor, An Orthodox Priest At St Catherine S Cathedral, Is Locking Up After The Late Night Mass When He Hears A Stranger S Voice Call Out To Him The Man Begs To Confess Immediately, Afraid That If He Waits He Will Become A Lost Soul Of Course Father Fedor Accepts, But What He Doesn T Know, What He Isn T Expecting, Is That This Madman Has Committed The Same Sin Ninety Nine TimesE ST PETERSBURG CONFESSIONS Is A Gripping Tale That Clocks In At A Little Over , Words Or Pages Long

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    A short novel about a priest and the confessions of a serial killer hitman While I didn t enjoy this one as much as some of Mr Hutchinson s other books, I thought it was an interesting plot that had a nice little twist at the end It was a bit of a stretch, but I still liked the book.

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    This thriller has a rare quality I saw where it was going quite early on, but it somehow did not spoil it It only heightened the tension as I saw it barrel to its inevitable conclusion Well constructed, solid plot.

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    Characters aren t believable Thank god it s short.

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    This must be my second book by Ty and I must say he does not disappoint The story maintains such excitement, mystery and thrill that I was glued to it to the very end Father Fedor is approached by a stranger for confessions Normal Right Well, wrong Ty completely overturns a very normal setting into something dark, and sinister and to some extent frightening As the story progresses, it really became scary and at one time I did fear for Father Fedor The climax was quite a surprise Definitely worth your time and the money Looking forward to Ty s other works.I received this book in exchange for an honest review Would recommend it to those who like thrillers.

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    This short story took less than an hour to read and peaked in the last few pages It is an interesting concept, a serial killing hit man confessing his crimes, but I saw the twist other reviewers mentioned near the beginning Short and quick with no real surprise for me.

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    Very interesting story Kept me interested throughout, wasn t sure which was the plot was going to go.

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    Of course I liked it.

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    Very interesting look into the Ghost.

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    A good short story I did not see the ending coming at all This story makes you think about how influence people can be.