Free Best Boyfriend Sweaters Author Bruce Weinstein –

Whoever designed this book and styled the models knew what they were about Most of the scarves and sweaters are shown on both men and women despite the slant towards projects styled for men which women can make for themselves, the sizing makes this very much a set of projects that men could knit for themselves or a male recipient, too I approve straight and queer friendly in most directions The exceptions are super femme obviously , very petite, and upper plus sized, since the chest sizes run from 36 32 person with 4 ease to 52. Quick and easy read with great ideas and suggestions for man sweaters and accessories to knit According to this book, when it comes to knitting articles of clothing, men are hard to please It offers great tips on how to select a yarn that your man will like and how to select designs and colours that will be masculine The projects rate from easy to expert Each project is well documented and the instructions appear to be easy to follow Expert projects look very involved and are above my skills, but I am tempted to try an easy or intermediate project which is my forte The Boat Neck Faux Rib Pullover is very nice. Perfect For Him Perfect For HerEveryone Wants The Perfect Cozy Sweater One They Can Dress Up Or Down It Should Be Simple Enough For Him, Yet Stylish And Flattering For Her Rediscover The Boyfriend Sweater, A Versatile Garment That Both Guys And Girls Will Fall Head Over Heels For Knitwear Designer Bruce Weinstein Has Reinvented The Classic Boyfriend Sweater With Ultra Comfortable Projects Designed To Work On Both Men And Women Knit Up A Luxurious Cardigan Perfect For Any Important Occasion, A Varsity Pullover With His And Her Initials, Or One Of Four Soft And Sophisticated Texture Rich Scarves For You Or Him Throughout, You Ll Find Tips To Adapt Each Pattern, Alter The Proportions, And Choose Yarns To Make The Look Masculine Or Feminine Plus, Learn Knitting Techniques You Ve Always Wanted To Master, Including Brioche Stitch, Reversible Cables, And Fair Isle, As Well As Seaming Techniques To Give Your Projects A Professional FinishWhether You Re Knitting For Yourself Or For The Man In Your Life, These Gorgeous Projects Are Sure To Be Classics You Ll Wear Or Borrow For Years To Come um, i want to make wear 90% of this book. Honestly just stuff I d want to knit for myself. although I hate the title of this book and found much of the pictures and anecdotes annoying typical I am glad to finally get a book of sweaters on the masculine range that don t look ugly or poorly fitted. Again, I do not have any men in my life that are willing to wear knits But I wanted to see these designs anyway I like the concept that if you knit for a boyfriend, the commitment is too much for them and it dooms the relationship My DH wears the one pair of socks that I made for him, once or twice My DDad never wore the sweater I made for him etc But I did sew a fluffy robe for a boyfriend once, and yeah, we failed My DH has so many rules, and most of the sweaters in this book violate one of them Not turtle necks, no zippers, no asymetrical designs, no cardigans, etc I liked this book though Great classic patterns and also some great stories interspersed I think I will check out his website. This book was awesome It covers the whole knit your boyfriend a sweater and lose him forever curse Not with these Besides, even if you did, the sweater would totally keep you warm at night So would the awesome scarves The Reversible Herringbone scarf in particular has caught my eye and it is on my to be knitted list for this year Excellent read for learning about sizing, color, texture and sweater construction If I can read it and understand, then you have a great book worth keeping on your library shelf 5 5 Keeper Can they just be for me I think they re just gonna be for me I ve been knitting for 10 years my Tia Ludy taught me how to crochet for my 13th birthday and since then I ve been on a quest to find knitting books patterns that are stylish It s really frustrating for me to pick up a book with a promising cover only to find patterns for stuff that I would never in a million years wear I feel like knitting book authors today tend to try to hard to figure out what young, hip people are wearing and end up totally off the mark That s why it was so amazing for me to finally find this book The sweaters just LOOK like something that I would pay big money for in the store Also, since I m a girl and a selfish knitter, I was happy that the patterns had instructions for making the shape of the sweaters lady like Bonus points for the instructions being easy to decipher I m making my boyfriend a sweater right now and I ll edit this comment with a link to pictures once I finish.Also, if sweater knitting isn t your thing, this book also has some cute unisex accessories.