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A Story Of Relentless Pursuit, Betrayal, And Revenge As A Young Boy Jack Mallory Knows Horror And Desolation When James Logan And His Pirates Murder His Father And Abduct His Mother Falsely Accused Of Piracy Himself, Jack Is Thrown Into Jail He Survives Seven Years In London S Notorious Newgate Prison And Emerges A Hardened Man Seeking Revenge His Obsession With Finding His Mother S Kidnapper Drives Him To The West Indies Where He Becomes Entangled With A Fiery Young Woman Named Maria Cordero With A Score Of Her Own To Settle With James Logan, She Disguises Her Gender And Blackmails Jack Into Taking Her Aboard His Pirate Brig, Prodigal , In His Desperate Search For Logan Their Tumultuous Relationship Simmers While Jack Formulates A Daring Plan To Rescue His Mother And Exact Revenge Upon Logan For Destroying His Family But Logan Has No Intentions Of Losing What He Now Treasures Than Life Itself Jack S Mother, Ella Never known a writer to invent so many words, an.American thing isn t it Need a dictionary besides you when you read this why do Americans feel the need to keep invent ing meaningless wordswriter invents New adjectives as she goes along I ll admit that this book took a while to get me hooked, but once it did it refused to let go I don t blame the book for the slow attraction, because it is not a genre that usually attracts me, but I was familiar with S.K Keogh from some of her other writing and I gave this book a chance in spite of its subject matter Boy am I glad I did Once I got into the story it was hard to put down In fact, it made me late for work on one occasion because I just had to see what was going to happen next I won t go into the details of the story, because I hope that anyone reading this will give the story a try themselves I will just say that it was a very well written adventure romance and I will be waiting eagerly for the next installement of the series S.K Keogh is a very tallented author and I m sure you won t be dissapointed if you give this book a try. Loss and revenge in the age of piracy.John Mallory s father is murdered by the pirate James Logan and his mother is kidnapped Mallory barely survives and spends seven years in Newgate When released he crosses the Atlantic to gain revenge But the thirst for revenge turns him into a pirate and a murderer When he takes a chance to rescue his mother the situation becomes complicated. I received this book free through goodreads and this is my honest opinion This book took a very long time for me to get into and actually enjoy reading, but once i was in, i was hooked I loved the characters in this book They were filled with emotions and had the greatest sense of what was going on in real life I loved the varying sentence structures and unique wording I was not sure this book would hold true to the historical side, but it was very good The imagery dragged you into the story It was like a whole world that i have never laid eyes on I enjoyed this book to no end If you want a story about pirates as human beings who love, hate, search for plunder, and seek justice, read The Prodigal The reader is presented with a complex story of Jack Mallory, a young man who lost his father and his freedom and is trying to get his mother back Maria Cordero, a young woman who lost her father and wants revenge, and James Logan, the pirate responsible for the deaths of Jack s and Maria s fathers and devoted husband of Jack s mother I told you it was complicated, but the reader never feels lost.Ms Keogh has a gift for vivid descriptions of seafaring and creating three dimensional characters I was so captivated by this book, I put it back on the nightstand reluctantly, wishing I could stay up all night as the tale unfolded I look forward to reading Ms Keogh s other books. A great read that lends itself to a wide audience, young and old I enjoyed the colourful characters, specifically the pirates, although I wasn t always sure what their functions were on board ship, but that s just my ignorance of naval tradition I found the ending very satisfying, even though some might consider it tragic Two characters who might have been enemies will now be forced to work together because they each loved one woman in their own way I m definitely up for the sequel. This was a good read once I got into it I would have liked to read historical facts within the story for that time period to really put the reader there with Jack. Thirteen year old Jack Mallory is en route to America with his parents when their ship is attacked by pirates Jack s father is murdered before his eyes, and his own life is only spared when his mother offers herself to the pirate captain, James Logan What follows is a quest for revenge, eight years in the making Rescued from the pirates brig, Jack is accused of being a pirate himself and ends up spending seven years in Newgate Released on the cusp of manhood, Jack takes the chance to become a pirate indeed With the help of an old renegade named Smitth, he gains his own ship and crew in a quest to rescue his mother and revenge himself on James Logan.Maria Cordero worked alongside her father in a tavern at Tortugauntil James Logan killed him in cold blood Vowing revenge, Maria teams up with Jack Mallory to overtake the fearsome captain and make him pay for his crimes But disguising herself as a pirate lad amongst a group of lascivious men isn t as easy as Maria thinks it will be And the darkness in Jack only seems to grow as his quest for revenge ravages the friendship between them Is there any room for love and forgiveness in their lives, or is Jack fated to turn into the very thing he seeks to destroy Ella Logan has lived two lives one with the murdered tanner Benjamin Mallory and another with the plantation owner and pirate James Logan What begins as captivity with the captain of the pirate ship soon turns into a deeper connection When she bears her new husband a girl named Helen, the lines between hatred and love become blurred She has never forgotten her longlost son Jack, but would she abandon her captor James Logan if given the chance This action packed trilogy has the rare quality of completely immersing the reader in the historical world The hot jungles of the Carolinas and the dirty wharf of Charles Town surround you on shore while the shuddering of the mast and the shriek of the gale fill your ears as you take to the sea The character of each protagonist and antagonist is gradually unfolded through a series of embedded flashbacks, as secret after secret tantalizes and begs to be revealed This saga is not for the faint of heart The piracy described in the pages of these books is brutal, unflinching, and unremitting Rape, torture, and casual murder are the order of the day with the brigands under James Logan and Jack Mallory, and while they do have their flexible codes of honor, there are no gentlemen pirates like Errol Flynn s Captain Blood Even the heroes are villains, and even the villains have something of the heroic in them Throughout it all, the question is raised is any act permissible if it is done to protect those that we love The three books of the Jack Mallory Chronicles are all pieces of one long saga set in the troubled waters of the seventeenth century In other words Bet you can t read just one. What an interesting story I really want to have a chance reading the whole story