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Grave Robbers Looking For Jewels While Breaking Into Th Century Mausoleums In A Year Old Cemetery Stumble Onto The Remains Of A Body That Shouldn T Be There A Teenaged Girl They Take Off, Leaving The Door To The Mausoleum OpenThe Cemetery Night Watchman Finds The Body And Calls The Police Who In Turn Call Del Coltrane, The Year Old Funeral Director Of Henderson S Funeral HomeAlthough Del Isn T Used To Murder, He S Used To Death, So Initially This Is Just Another Corpse But After The Victim Is Identified As A Local Teen Long Thought To Be A Runaway, Del Is Pulled Into The Case As A Favor To The Tough As Nails Year Old Niece Of The Dead GirlDel Quickly Realizes That The Niece Is The Only Member Of The Victim S Family Who Seems To Care That Her Body Has Been Found And That She Was Murdered Even The Local Police Don T Give The Case Top Priority Because Years Ago The Victim Had A Reputation As A Druggie Who Hung With A Bad Crowd Del Also Relates To The Niece S Sense Of Grief Because He Too Lost Someone When He Was About The Same Age His High School Girlfriend, Also Thought To Be A RunawayAs This Unlikely Pair Tries To Piece Things Together, They Arrive At The Horrifying Conclusion That The Same Person May Have Been Responsible For A Series Of Disappearances Spanning Years In What Everyone Thought Was A Tranquil Place To Live

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    I don t usually read this genre of books, but I did read The Maltese Falcon in the past year, and I ve gotta say that this book really reminded me of that book It s a real page turner with clipped sentences, really well drawn characters and a nice quick pace It also is THE VERY FIRST ebook I ve ever read haha I was sure I d figured out who the killer was, but I was wrong so good job to the author for fooling me.