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This novel is for readers who love mystery and magic, romance and sensuality all mixed together As I turned the pages of Tredan s Bane, I have to say that at first I was a little confused with all the magical spells, guilds, and characters, but I slowly got immersed in the fantasy world created by Lita Burke.Lanith s quest to find her husband, Tredan, is both intriguing and captivating you have to be prepared to open up to the sensual enchantments and twists that the story offers Tredan kept secrets from Lanith, and Nyle is helping her to find him, but he is also an Enchanter The tensions between the Enchanters and the Church are creative and somewhat mystical You will also enjoy characters such as Arnl jhott, the dragonette, and Sciomancer Taavi, the Ghostchanter, but I will stop there I don t like spoilers In short, Lita Burke s book is well thought and crafted the structure of her magical worlds and character development are flawless People looking for a good fantasy novel with a touch of sensuality will not get disappointed. Tredan s Bane by Lita Burke was a book I discovered on Book Review Depot Based on the blurb and the cover, I decided to give it a shot Read on to see my thoughts on the novel Synopsis from the author A ghost s stern warning The dead Sciomancer told Lanith to beware of fire and kisses He should have told her to RUN Enchanters are so attractive, most believe they are amoral seducers The Church considers them a dangerous lure for a soul s journey into the afterlife Problem is, Enchanter essence powers all of the magic in Lanith s world of Sye Because of the escalating attacks from Church Enforcers, the Enchanters have fled to their impenetrable enclaves.What I liked Lita Burke created an interesting world where both the Church and secular society have magicians and they are in competition with each other Enter into the fray Lanith, wife of Tredan, caught between the Church and their priests and the Enchanters, the societal magicians The story combines elements of mystery, suspense, romance, love, betrayal, and the battle between the Church and the Enchanters and draws the reader into Lanith s world, her heartbreak over her missing husband Tredan,and her developing relationship with the Enchanters Very well written, with pleasing plot twists, and a satisfying ending, Tredan s Bane was a nice read.What I didn t like For me, even with the action that begins almost immediately, the story developed slowly I thought the essence taking sequences were too numerous and repetitive and didn t add much to the story.Overall impression As I mentioned, the story was very well written It had nice elements of romance and suspense, with just enough intrigue to keep it interesting I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a little bit of fantasy romance with a sensual twist Well done Lita Burke My rating 4 stars A Magician S Ghost Warns Lanith About Fire And Kisses Fire For Endings Kisses For Magical Power Like She S Never Tasted BeforeLanith And Her Husband Tredan, Magical Curio Merchants In The Seaside Town Of Isor, Have A Quiet Life Until The Day Lanith Meets The Ghost She Rushes Home To Find Their Store On Fire And Tredan Gone Keeping A Promise To Tredan To Seek Help If He Ever Went Missing, Lanith Teams Up With Enchanter Nyle The Reclusive Enchanters Are So Attractive, The Church Declares Them A Danger To A Person S Soul The Warnings Are Valid Before Nyle Will Help Her, She Must Taste His Magical Essence With A Kiss It Is A Revelation Shattering Everything She Knows About MagicThey Discover Tredan Is Not What He Seems For Years A Church Spell Compelled Him To Write A Secret Journal With Magic That Will Ruin The Enchanters Enchanter Essence Powers Everything In Their World Without It, Many Will Die From Lack Of Magic To Nourish Their Bodies, Fuel Their Machines, And Even Make The Water FlowNow A Church Magician Has Come To Isor And He Will Stop At Nothing To Acquire Tredan S Journal Lanith Has To Keep Him From Getting The Journal And Enslaving The Enchanters In Addition, She Must Conquer Her Desire For Nyle And His Delectable Magic Before It Sullies Her Marriage Vows And Damns Her Soul If you like magic and kissingBrief synopsis Lanith has been thrown into turmoil when her curio shop is burned to the ground and her husband Tredan goes missing She keeps a promise she made to him to seek out the Enchanters and ends up inside a magical world that is full of danger as someone seeks to destroy the Enchanters and their magical essence Lanith discovers that it is Tredan s journal that is at the root of the current evil and center of attention so she must find a way to find it and protect it.Originality I loved this story because of its creativity, magic and originality Magic essence and spells around every corner Ghosts from the Fields of Yalu, who you can visit if you have a couple good enchanter friends to bring you back Charms and amulets Tredan s Bane is packed full of fantasy fun Characters I enjoyed the variety of characters in the story and they were all well developed, even Tredan, who is lost in the Fields of Yalu My favorite was Arnl jhott, the adorable and so sweet dragonette I was almost crushed I enjoyed Sciomancer Taavi, the Ghostchanter as he struggled under the villainess Samirah s control SPOILER NowLanith was quite a character I guess magic essence can make a girl do anything, including mourn for her husband at the same time she is gallivanting all over town taking magic kisses from everyone who crosses her path and wanting to bed her enchanter This back and forth is the one reason I gave this book a 4 instead of a 5 star They haven t even had a funeral and she s moving onto her next great love Granted, I don t want to spend a whole book in mourning but this just went to fast for me to be believable Again, magic can make a person do strange things including professing their love of donkeys Loved that spell That said, I liked her character and her drive to tackle the evil that hung over all of them.Recommendation Tredan s Bane goes well with exquisite sushi with edible orchids and a glass of wine This book is well polished and I highly recommend it for readers who love fantasy books filled with magic at every turnoh and kissing. Lita Burke s Tredan s Bane transports the reader to a seductive world of magic, sensuality and danger Spells, ghosts, Maji kers, evil enforcers, Enchanters, and Church Magicians abound as this lyrical story unfolds, taking the reader to an enthralling world of wonder making.The story unfolds slowly, investing the reader in Lanith s fate as she searches for her missing husband Tredan , navigating her way through an amazing world of magic and magicians She is accompanied on her quest by her sweet little dragonette, Arnl jhott another delightful creature created by Burke.I particularly loved the sensory imagery in this novel used to describe each character s particular magic or essence For example, Enchanter Nyle is chocolate cinnamon peppery magic and Lanith s kisses are blueberry How wonderful is that Burke s writing is magical and Tredan s Bane is a real page turner I can t wait for the next in this series, Ghost Orchid , to appear so I can gobble it down, too In summary, this novel is highly recommended for those who want to leave this mundane world and, for a short time, live in a truly magical realm. I need to say from the outset that I loved this novel It definitely helped that I read the prequel, Wrath because it added a perspective of Tredan that I wouldn t have otherwise had The magical essence of the Enchanters is necessary to fulfil the needs of every facet of Sye and yet the Church magicians and His Divine seem intent on destroying those who would give it As the Enchanters are forced back into their fortresses, their magical essence runs short and people become desperate Desperate enough to hurt for it It dawned on me early on that the Enchanter s essence is love The magical world of Sye in which Lanith lives is something of a parody on our world Love is what keeps people alive and fills our own essence cache in the real world But there is a long history of those who hate love and all it stands for and will drive it back behind the battle lines Nobody can realistically survive without it Some try to overpower it or take it through violence and others try to manufacture their own brand of it This is how it is in Sye and there are a lot of truths in the novel for those who care to look.Lanith is a neat character and I loved her immediately She is pure of heart and knows what love and real essence are Her husband s kidnapping moves her from loving wife to formidable wielder of political might in a delicate tightrope of diplomacy between the Enchanters and the Church It s a cast of characters with real depth and an incredibly gripping read I would definitely recommend this. Erotic Magic A new kind of world of magic where kisses and intimacies are used to share magical essence It wasn t the promise the prequel suggested as the story became that of the widow and her magical development while trying to solve the arson, kidnapping and murder of her husband The grief of the widow only touched me in small incidences when I felt it should be pervasive but was overpowered by the attraction to beautiful magical persons There were places where the incessant kissing and sensual draw of magic was unpleasant to read and made the story a different kind of suggestive erotica Aside from that the story is very original in this strange world where various castes of magic and the Church collide The biases as seen in our world was represented and handled well in this one And the happiest moments were when the little dragon survived and the magical moments at the end of the funeral I d long since deduced where the journal would be hidden, but wish it could have been the surprise intended. Enchantingly Sensual FantasyIn Tredan s Bane, by Lita Burke, the world of Sye is filled with magicians, ghosts, and magical creatures Just before Lanith s home and shop are destroyed by fire, a ghost imparts a sinister warning In the aftermath of the fire, her beloved husband is missing After losing everything except her little dragonnette Arnl jhott and the clothes on her back, Lanith must join forces with the charismatic Enchanter Nye.With the violent animosity between the Church and the Enchanters looming over them, Lanith and Nyle desperately seek Tredan When a pivotal event takes place, Nyle helps her make an important decision As Events move through Patterns, Lanith and Nyle must complete their bittersweet investigations before it is too late.Tredan s Bane is a sensual fantasy novel, with the silken strands of the plots weaving amazing magical characters and mystical creatures With her deft writing and unbelievable imagination, Ms Burke has created an enchanting world with different societal and cultural norms and s. First, I would like to thank the author for providing a free copy of this book for review Tredan s Bane is quite an interesting novel It is most definitely a full fledged, magical, fantasy epic comprised of guilds and enchanters, charms and spells, and all sorts of other fantastical ideas The novel could easily be a written adaptation of the role playing video game, Morrowind The book reeks of magic In fact, it is so magic heavy that I felt fumigated at times, as if I were under an enchantment myself, again, much like a video game you ve been playing for hours on end I m not sure if this was the author s intention, but magic overwhelmed the story I enjoyed it to a degree, but the overabundance of magic was overbearing at times I didn t feel a healthy balance between magic and humanity, which I believe to be important in any supernatural novel It appears that everyone in the book had access to magic, whether it was through Enchanters or the Church So if you like magic lots and lots of it this is the book for you Essence restoration for magical powers was a key component of the story This seemed to be everyone s aim getting an essence kiss and the way essence was shared was quite sensual, whether it was by a kiss or a sexual act Everyone was hungry for essence in the same way a vampire needs blood in the same way a drug addict needs drugs I didn t really care for this aspect of the story It was too indulgent Too much kissing was passed around from person to person way too casually All the kissing in the novel caused a kiss to lose its magic touch The author does a wonderful job with dialogue for character development My only complaint is that there were times when the language slipped from the primitive fantasy dialect into modern lingo, and this made for some inconsistencies that caused conversations between characters to fall short But I was definitely able to picture every character in my mind s eye They all had very distinct personalities and different voices, which I appreciate in writing I like to get to know the characters as if they are real people This author does this well The descriptive narratives fell short, but the healthy dialogue made up for it.Note May be minor spoilers from this point on I was disappointed with Lanith s grieving process It seemed a bit offhanded, and perhaps it was enchanter magic that kept her from properly mourning her husband She was so allured by Nyle and Sahn, and even Eli She seemed at times to forget the beautiful love she shared with her husband, and her desire for essence like a drug caused her to be careless But her lack of grief seemed unrealistic Her grieving was gravely overshadowed by all of her kissing.Lanith s desire for Nyle seemed to be a central theme throughout the story, as if she was waiting for Tredan to release her from her marriage vows And once he did, she didn t waste any time, despite her mother in law s disapproval It would have been nice to delve deeper into Lanith s psyche and see what in the world was going on with her But we really only stayed on the surface Even at the funeral, she seemed neutral I would have liked to have seen.Overall, the book was well written and a quick and easy read I enjoyed the beginning than the end It became tedious after a time It did have a plot mingled in with the magic and the kisses and the politics that was easy to follow Although it turns out this really was not the book for me, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys an overly magical world full of mysticism and pleasure seeking and a good magical mystery, too Casey HaysAuthor of The Cadence Lanith is the wife of a former enchanter who is lost throughout the midst of a war between Church Magicians and fellow Enchanters Lanith is on a quest to seek her missing husband after discovering their store and overhead apartment emblazoned in flames There is nothing left of her possessions and she had specific instructions from her husband to find the Enchanters if anything happened to him Taking him up on his word, Lanith seeks to find an Enchanter who will help her find her husband and stumbles upon Enchanter Nyle A friendly relationship develops between them as they embark for their quest to save Tredan Along the way, Tredan s journal is found and it contains dark magic on ways to torture and Enchanter, remove his her powers and other horrific ways to cause any Enchanter harm Questions without answers are left flowing throughout Lanith s mind and she begins to wonder if her husband is the man that he claimed to be.The first thing that I loved about this novel is the pure originality of the plot It leaves you in awe and makes you wonder how the author came up with such an amazing tale The way she descibes how the characters feel or react to certain situations is expressed in a way that I have rarely ever seen before I also loved how some characters have their own murky pasts that always ends up catching up to them in the future The characters are unique, have great personalities and there are twists, betrayals and.I mean no offense to the author, but I disliked the cover of this novel very much It does not show any excitement or talent that is portrayed in the content The cover does not do justice to the novel and it doesn t show any symbolism of the actual plot except for the picture frame with Tredan s Journal It is really bland and should show a little colour and the main image should be symbolic I did however love the amount of magic in the book It just overflows off the pages and it is a perfect example of the originality in the book The only thing wrong with the new magic introduced is that it is not all explained I am left guessing what the properties of the types of magic actually do.Overall, I absolutely loved the content of the book and will be eagerly awaiting its sequel I recommend it to all the magic lovers out there All that I think could be improved is the cover of the book and the explanations of the magic The positives of the book however, rule out most of the negatives.For reviews, please visit