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What if you could literally make your dreams come true That is the premise of Raine Weaver s Lucidity, a romance novel with a strong speculative fiction elements The idea could have been leveraged as a sugary, if unique, way to write scene after scene of sexy wish fulfillment Instead, Weaver chose to look at broader, serious implications of the existence of people with the ability to shape reality In particular, Weaver examines the implicit threat and promise of salvation that comes along with coordinating groups of lucid dreamers Carly is a lucid dreamer She has given up her freedom to act as an individual in order to work with a covert, geographically distributed group of dreamers who are trying to prevent a world wide disaster The only freedom she refuses to relinquish is the ability to make her well built bodyguard horny Scene after scene, Carly dons silky and revealing nightgowns, insisting that she needs them in order to help her fall to sleep when she is called to start a lucid dreaming session Unfortunately, Carly doesn t realize exactly the level of effect she s having on Parker Monroe, the body guard The reading audience knows, though, and we also know how close he is to the breaking point of sexual frustration, even going so far as to arrange for his replacement for the bodygaurd job before he loses control.Then sex happens In lots of different positions and rooms The trigger for the unleashing of all this passion is a stretch Carly gets locked out on a balcony, and Monroe flips out, thinking he s lost her Given the impressive insight the reader has been given to both characters feelings for one another, I am not sure that the contrivance of the balcony was needed, and in fact, it is the one clunky thing that stands out in an otherwise highly absorbing read Their climax isn t the story s climax, though Events continue to grow darker, and the danger that was always implied by the fact that Carly needed a live in bodyguard becomes explicit Friends die Monroe no longer knows who to trust in his chain of command Carly and Monroe take refuge with one of Moroe s trusted contacts Eventually, even trust is not safe from the encroaching rot of a militant philosophy at odds with the dreamers mission.If you are a speculative fiction fan, and you want a solid story with some sexy times, Lucidity is the book for you If you want to read about a hot man having sex with a beautiful woman, Lucidity is the book for you If you want a book that does all of that, plus gives you some big topics to ponder well after finishing the book, Lucidity is definantly for you. In LUCIDITY, Raine Weaver joins an ex special ops soldier and a talented lucid dreamer in an erotic hot and cold battle of wills Carlotta Phelps belongs to a group of government sanctioned lucid dreamers, numbering a hundred, acting as the last ditch defense against cataclysmic events The one hundred are constantly hunted by a wide spread organization called the Temple Malleus, whose members believe the dreamers use witchcraft, and mark them for death Parker Munroe is Carly s bodyguard The duo attract and repel each other in humorous fashion, their romantic collision course running parallel to the earth asteroid one A fast moving tale of frustrated attraction with a satisfying and entertaining ending. Reviewing caveat or warning or whatever I know Raine Weaver in a sense you can know someone on the Interwebs Yet I bought this book with my hard earned cash back when it was listed as a pre order Another caveat or warning or whatever I m not a reviewer so I m totally going to cheat and say if you want to know what this book is about in better detail, read the blurb My in a nutshell summary of the book Parker must protect Carly so she and 99 other people can save the world Ta da This is important to the relationship between the main characters and it s at the heart of the black moment All that is fine and good but that s not why I ended up loving this book It s the hero The language in this book IS coarse and most of it spews from Parker s mouth or his thoughts Let me share a few gems The girl was than easy on the eyes But since involvement with a client was out of the question, it was like standing outside a candy store window with a brick in his hand Or something equally as hard Weaver, Raine 2012 05 22 Lucidity Kindle Locations 56 57 Samhain Publishing, Ltd Kindle Edition Gawd, he hoped she wasn t insane If the people he worked for had saddled him with a nutcase, he would go back to Washington and beat the shit out of somebody Weaver, Raine 2012 05 22 Lucidity Kindle Locations 441 442 Samhain Publishing, Ltd Kindle Edition Dammit all to hell, what if they d been under attack He d been so anxious to get to her, he d forgotten his weapons, left them in the common room Which meant he d officially lost what little mind he had left Of course, he could always beat an intruder to death with his dick It had certainly been hard enough Weaver, Raine 2012 05 22 Lucidity Kindle Locations 1261 1264 Samhain Publishing, Ltd Kindle Edition Absolutely, if this makes you uncomfortable or it oversteps a line then this book might turn you off I personally loved it I even laughed out loud There s nothing better for me than dirty words in a book used brilliantly For me it was well placed humor in what could have ended up one of those dark and broody types of books where the world is going to end and the death toll might rack up to mind boggling numbers.And, because quite frankly it fit the hero well Here s Parker in a nut shell How in the world do you sleep at night Carly the heroine Not well But I wake up the next day Parker the hero Weaver, Raine 2012 05 22 Lucidity Kindle Locations 269 270 Samhain Publishing, Ltd Kindle Edition He s a hard ass, wrapped in armor, but he s still got heart He s worked as a bodyguard most of his adult life He s had to live in a world where someone on a daily basis was trying to kill him Yet, even the sarcastic remark shows his world view isn t entirely pessimistic It felt right that he should fall fora hippie Carly fell into her position calling as one of the One Hundred because she s a dreamer In this book take that in a literal sense Her dreams can become a reality She does in fact spend a lot of time in her head while Parker has to stay steeped in reality It s a brilliant pairing of opposites attract Yet she isn t a wilting flower She was no damsel in distress standing around wringing her hands while you, the reader, is yelling WTFF Yes, two Fs We ve all read that type Carly s fear is understandable Her backbone made me like her She s smart and can keep up with Parker I could totally see their HEA by the last page But, like I said ParkerOh Parker Loved him He made the book for me Soto wind down this Parker love fest This book ends with a surprising twist There s sequel bait Oh, I hope because even though the secondary character is a cad, Shep, I want to see what woman would tame him Weaver s writing was just delicious Her humor captivating The sex scenes hot as hell Girl s got writing skillz Yes, with a Z All in all a good read and I can t wait for Weaver s next book. He S Found The Woman Of His Dreams In The Midst Of His Worst NightmareCarlotta Phelps Never Considered Herself Special, Except For A Peculiar Ability To Control The Course Of Her Dreams Other Than Being A Handy Cure For Nightmares, It S A Pretty Worthless Talent Until She S Recruited For The One Hundred, A Team Of Lucid Dreamers Whose Combined Visualizations Have Been Proven To Affect Reality With A Giant Asteroid Hurtling Straight Toward Earth And The Scientific Technology To Avert It Uncertain, The Dreamers Are The Fallback The Last Line Of Defense And The Man Who S Been Assigned As Her Bodyguard Is Messing With Her Focus, Big TimeEx Special Ops Soldier Parker Munroe Has No Idea Why He S Been Assigned To Protect The Luscious, Gentle Eyed Carly She S A Frustrating Temptation, But He S A Hard Core Realist The Only Power He Believes In Is Brute ForceThen He Learns That His Charge, Who Practically Lives In Lacy Negligees, Wields An Awesome Power And An Even Bigger Responsibility She And Her Kind Are Being Hunted By An Enemy He Can T Even Identify, Against Which All His Skill With Weaponry Is Useless If He Can T Find A Way To Protect Her, The World Is As Doomed As The Heart He S Already Lost Product WarningsThis Title Contains A Hero Who Packs A Really Big Gun, Government Conspiracies, Hot Buttered Murder, Witch Hunting, And Drop Your Drawers There S A New Sheriff In Town And She S Carryin Cuffs Kinda Sex