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Fresh Off A Painful Breakup With His Girlfriend, Derrick Morrow Had Decided That Going Back To Being A Player Was The Best Medicine For A Broken Heart, Using His Good Looks And Swagger As A Top Level Photographer At RP Records To Have Anyone He Wants And No Woman Is Off LimitsFocused Solely On Her Music Career As A Member Of The RB Group Cazhe, Corina Harris Has Sworn Off Relationships Until The Group Signed To A Record Label Little Did She Know How Close The Group Came To Achieving That Goal, While She Found That She Was On The Verge Of Breaking Her Own Promise At The Same TimeThe Connection Between Them Is Intense And Undeniable, Despite The Promises That Were MadeBut As Things Begin To Heat Up Between Cori And Derrick, A Cruel Twist Of Fate Brings Back An Old Love That Derrick Thought Was No Longer His, Along With The Startling News Of A Baby On The Way As He Struggles To Make The Decision Between What He Feels He Is Obligated To Do And What He Cannot Deny With Cori, The Exposure Of A Shocking Secret Could Change The Fates Of Everyone Forever All I Want Is You Is The Debut Novel Of Up And Coming Author Curtis Alexander Hamilton, Taking You On A Journey Of Love And Lust, Trust And Betrayal, And The Choices That Can Change Us All

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    3.5 Stars Derrick s ex girlfriend Stacy just broke up with him So to deal with his hurt he went back to player mode While settling back into life again, he meets Corina Corina, is an up and coming artist who is in a RB girl group called Cazhe While they are building their relationship and trying to get Corina a record deal, they are thrust into drama that they will need to figure out.This read was Interesting, I m even voiceless and not sure what to write I definitely liked the twists that are in the book, and trust there are a lot and its very very interesting The other characters surely brought something to the read Toni who is Derrick s best friend, Omar Derrick s friend as well and the return of the ex Stacy There are many but those are the main ones As to how I feel about the read, I don t know, I guess reading how it starts and how it ends personally for me, is what has me voiceless I ve read books that are way out there but this one just had me saying huh.All I want. is right forget the Is You After my read the song that popped in my head was, My girl got a girlfirend Try it out see how you like the book.Storyline INTERESTING FAIRIntimacy GOODEnjoyment FAIReBook Length 144 pages LIKE us here www.Facebook.com romance.novel.junkies , this is our fan page dedicated to book reviews Also join us on our FB group Romance Novel Junkies 600 members This group includes authors and avid readers who would love to hear about new books and opinions We are also on goodreads.

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    A Must Read All I Want Is You by Curtis Alexander Hamilton starts off with Derrick Morrow, a well established photographer for a record company He is fresh off of a break up with his girlfriend, Stacy, and has decided to go back to his player ways One night after a one night stand he decides to go and get something to eat and meets Corrine Corrine or Cori is a singer in a girl group trying to get a record deal with the same company Derrick works for Little does he know she is just what the doctor ordered with a few other desserts on the side.This was an excellent book The story flowed very well I felt like I had a front row seat to a movie All I Want Is You grabbed me from the beginning and held my attention to the very last page.When I first started this book I actually thought that the character Derrick was going to be a true dog, but he wasn t The author made Derrick very intelligent and compassionate toward women He was very honest with choices that he made This story had me at the edge of my seat quite a few times I loved all the characters as each one played their part to the fullest Great Story I would love to read from this author.Reviewed by Yolanda

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    This is first book I ve read by Shakirit won t be the last Okay I have been forewarned that this was a lighter side of his alter ego personality, however I think the stories are so well written the relationship dynamics don t really matter Nah some of these relationships would not work for me, however it s cool to each his her their own I really liked Derrick, Cori, Toni and the other girls in the group I know you re not suppose to go around hitting people s mamas, however I wanted to practice doing the fan slap on Mrs Peyton I wasn t fond of Omar, Brian, Stacy and Tracie, but that is to be expected, they were flakes It was a nice short read for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it I m looking forward to reading from either ego.LOL

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    I thought this book was a little different It did take me a little while to read it not because it was a bad book, because I was reading other books around the same time Not bad.

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    Review from Driven Divas Book Club Well known photography Derrick Morrow has just broken up with his girlfriend Cori is part of an upcoming singing group who has just been played by her man After meeting each other and acting on this insatiable attraction, the playa life that Derrick had been living brings nothing but drama.Although I understand that the main characters had conflict of staying focused with committing to each other, and the book cover grabbed my attention, the book title just didn t project what was about to unfold Only reason I rate it 4 1 2 This book is truly a romantic book, that leads you into what men have to deal with when trying to have a serious relationship From want to be lovers, playa hating friends, scorned ex s, sexual confusion and one night stands, Derrick s past life as a playa brought some suicide, baby mama drama, friends turning on other friends and some unexpected trysts.With no noticeable editing errors, the author bounces out of the box by providing the readers with characters that are real when it comes to the entertainment industry A slightly slow start, but sticking to the storyline the author builds on the characters and the relationship of the supporting characters and their social and professional lives Although told from a few view points, the author will put the reader into the mind of these lovers and begin to understand want drama and self conflicts they deal with in despite of them trying to stay true to only one The author provides some unexpected events that end with a surpising outcome but not at all totally unrealistic.

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    Derrick is fresh out of relationship that has left him heartbroken Cori is dealing with an ex trifling boyfriend as she tries to establish her singing career Fate brings Derrick and Cori together but little does she know that Derrick is close to the RP executives Derrick and Cori have immediate chemistry that they both try to deny Cori has a change in plans and so does Derrick but he is a ladies man and the ladies love him Derrick and Cori are taken for a couple of turns as they try to establish a relationship Derrick ends up with his dream come true but who knows how long that will last.I am interested in reading the continuation of this book to see how his life turns out.

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    The short and simple of it was Derrick had his heart broken and started dating two women eventually exclusively, Toni and Cori The ex shows back up saying she was pregnant his friend died, the other one let his jealousy get the best of him but Derrick stepped in so his friend wouldn t spend too much time in jail Not a bad story it s just every man s dream I guess I can t see it being that serious though, two women means drama, two men means drama.

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    This book was fun to read, took me back to the glory days of the A when the scene was hot and the women were even hotter all of the characters reminded me of someone I knew from back then, and I was almost sad to have to say goodbye to them Very good debut, and I can t wait to see what comes out of his mind next

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    This story was just TOO much for me D, Toni, and Cori were a threesome couple This isn t my fancy and the drama in this book was mediocre.