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Mike Yates tells the story of when UNIT made contact with an alien named Ikiria who tried to control the leaders of Earth through rings. 3 5Enjoyable listen to Richard Franklin as Mikes Yates, my first audio listening to him on Richard had the tendency to exaggerate other character s voices like the Doctor s and the Brigadiers but both Richard and Sinead made it very easy to imagine the whole setting, especially when the Brigadier turned against his own Captain.Again, simple but very enjoyable plot on an alien giving us these mysterious rings and who can we trust exactly Mike Yates learns that the hard way when he realises the only places he calls home, U.N.I.T turns against him when he realises the rings and the Ikiria are not as peaceful as they seem. I thought this one was slow going at first, and I don t particularly care for the way Richard Franklin performs the voices of some of his co stars he rather over exaggerates the peculiar vocal tics of the Doctor and Benton, for example It does pick up in the second half, and has some very nice character moments for Captain Yates I don t see it becoming a favorite of mine, but serious fans of Yates will probably feel differently. No one will ever describe The Rings of Ikiria as being a complex or challenging story Its story is quite simplistic in structure and themes and contains little in the way of twists Yet in spite of that simplicity I did feel really quite satisfied by it on a character and thematic level.In the late Jon Pertwee years of the show, Captain Mike Yates suddenly turns traitor to UNIT It is a moment that is a little shocking if you watch the stories in order, yet that shock mostly reflects that there are no signs that the moment will be coming This story exists to begin that character journey taking Mike from loyal soldier to someone who will seriously question his role and purpose.While the adventure is not the most thrilling or action packed also it signposts its revelations far too clearly , those character moments and reflections from Yates help make this one of his stronger stories.As for Franklin s narration I felt that he did a good job of capturing tone if not the exact sound of his colleagues voices and he is always easy to follow. UNIT Is Accustomed To Dealing With Visitors From Space, But Nothing Has Prepared Them For Ikiria, An Alien Artist Bearing Gifts Could Ikiria S Designs Be Something Than Aesthetic As The Brigadier Turns Against Him, Mike Yates Goes On The Run Can He Save The World Or Will He Just Learn An Important Lesson In Betrayal