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A House, And Thereby Its Occupants, Can Often Become Overwrought With Stagnant And Negative Energy By Revitalizing Our Surroundings We Create A Positive Flow Of Energy That Radiates Across Our Lives And Into Our HeartsUsing A Combination Of Spiritual Cleansing Methods And Goddess Evocations, Your Home Can Be Transformed From A Simple Shelter Into A Sacred Space Of Peace, Happiness, And Prosperity In This Step By Step Guide, Priestess Brandi Auset Explains How To Perform A Physical And Spiritual Cleansing Of The Home, And How To Simply Yet Effectively Bless Each Room With Divine Feminine Energy The How To Series Is A Sequence Of Mini EBooks Written By Brandi Auset, Based On Her Many Metaphysical Classes And Spiritual Workshops These Brief Yet Informative EBooks Are Designed To Instruct Both Beginning And Advanced Practitioners

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