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Now In Paperback With A Bonus New Chapter, The New York Times Bestseller By Gabrielle Giffords And Her Husband, Astronaut Mark Kelly An Incredibly Inspiring Story Of Adventure, Service, Love, And Overcoming Tragedy Gabrielle Giffords And Mark Kelly S Story Is A Reminder Of The Power Of True Grit, The Patience Needed To Navigate Unimaginable Obstacles, And The Transcendence Of Love Their Arrival In The World Spotlight Came Under The Worst Of Circumstances On January While Meeting With Her Constituents In Tucson, Arizona, Gabby Was The Victim Of An Assassination Attempt That Left Six People Dead And Thirteen Wounded Gabby Was Shot In The Head Doctors Called Her Survival Miraculous As The Nation Grieved And Sought To Understand The Attack, Gabby Remained In Private, Focused On Her Againstall Odds Recovery Intimate, Inspiring, And Unforgettably Moving, Gabby Provides An Unflinching Look At The Overwhelming Challenges Of Brain Injury, The Painstaking Process Of Learning To Communicate Again, And The Responsibilities That Fall To A Loving Spouse Who Wants The Best Possible Treatment For His Wife Told In Mark S Voice And From Gabby S Heart, The Book Also Chronicles The Lives That Brought These Two Extraordinary People Together Their Humor, Their Ambitions, Their Sense Of Duty, Their Longdistance Marriage, And Their Desire For Family A New, Moving Final Chapter Brings Gabby S Story Up To Date, Including The State Of Her Health And Her Announcement That She Would Leave The House Of Representatives

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    I have so many reactions to this book, many of which are based in personal experiences.First, let me state that I vote in Tucson Giffords is my representative I rarely get involved in politics, as I m so often out of the US, but I happened to be in Tucson for the 2010 election and did some GOTV work on her behalf.The tension in Tucson before the election was extremely high, and I felt nervous around some of those supporting the tea party candidate opposing her They were loud and threatening The local signs put up by the opposition were extremely vicious as well as misleading One sign, designed to terrify the seniors, advertised that she voted to cut the budget of Medicare It s true, she did make that vote but the tea party candidate Jesse Kelly, who rather awkwardly has the same last name as Giffords husband wanted to abolish it altogether So the shooting was not a surprise, really Yes, the shooter is mentally deranged why on earth was he allowed to have a gun would we allow a baby to drive but I sensed that we were on the brink of violence.After the election I returned to Europe where I live most of the time for the winter holidays Between Christmas and New Year I had a serious ski accident Nothing heroic I wasn t serving my country, but my injuries required surgery, 9 days in the hospital and months of pain and therapy and dependence on others Giffords was shot the day after I came out of the hospital As I lay in bed I watched the news on TV I cried when I thought she had died I barely dared to hope when the news took back the original report, and afterwards, while I was struggling to recover I watched every scrap of news So I related to her story personally on several levels.But now to the book itself It is Kelly s book than Giffords , because while she approved all of it, she was not capable of writing it herself Nevertheless, it s still worth reading It s important to understand what a caregiver goes through I think some of the techniques he describes about decision making for a partner in this situation is important.Some have complained that there isn t enough about Giffords recovery, but I think Kelly and Zaslow cover it adequately We have the milestones, and a sample of the frustrations We learn about some of the icky details, such as bathroom accidents I think there s enough to give a good picture of the progress of her recovery Perhaps someday we will be able to see some of the stuff that Kelly filmed However, as someone who has gone through a minor version of some of this, I can appreciate why Giffords is not yet ready to show this I was greatly relieved when I no longer needed help for the toilet and much later could dispense with it when taking a shower.There are some things I disagree with At one point Kelly talks about how if you have excellent treatment, have caring friends, a positive attitude and do all that they tell you to do in rehabilitation physical therapy, that you will recover This isn t true It may be true that these things are necessary for recovery, and there is no question that they help, but they aren t sufficient Some injuries are too severe, and some bodies can t heal There is a great portion of luck involved At least Kelly Zaslow show this when Giffords goes to group therapy with a number of other people who have suffered traumatic brain injury The rest of them can barely speak Of course, Giffords received superior care because of who she is but these people should not be faulted for not having tried hard enough Some injuries simply leave permanent damage.I also don t care for Mark Kelly s attitude towards optics and some of the rules He resented being chewed out for driving 75 mph near the space shuttle I agree with the official at NASA it was a stupid thing to do I personally feel that some rules and laws are bad wrong even evil and these should be broken, resisted or changed However, many rules and laws are made to protect society, and should be obeyed, even if they are mildly inconvenient I think following them shows some respect for society, and although Kelly doesn t feel this way, I have to assume that Giffords does however, she s not in a position to articulate everything yet.The book also covers Kelly s background and career, which as he was an astronaut, is inherently interesting However, it s necessary because there is only so much to write about with respect to Gabby Giffords There s also some repetition which pads it a little The language a little too plain and sometimes too upbeat I feel as if I m reading something written for Reader s Digest Yet the style has to be plain, because this is someone else speaking on Gabby s behalf, and it would be wrong to create a voice for her which isn t hers And of course she is a politician, so a lot is framed very, very carefully Nevertheless Kelly Zaslow Giffords cover all the important points her background, her history, her positions on the issues politics and the hope that she will make a complete recovery It also addresses sensitive issues her awkward relationship with her stepdaughters and although that chapter was very carefully written, it could cause embarrassment and strain over the next few years and importantly, the political climate in Tucson prior to the shooting.And here I want to mention something not in the book the Stanley Milgram experiments They showed much to the horror of the world how easy it is to get most people to do harm to others And so Palin and the others who have been encouraging violence have been acting incredibly irresponsibly, because many people are extremely easy to manipulate.But back to Gabby Giffords She has come an incredible distance since the shooting, and from other reports, is still making progress I hope and hope again that she will be able to return to work this year.As for myself, chances are that I, like her, will never play the piano again which is a little unfortunate, as, unlike her, I actually did play the piano However, the severity of her injuries make me realize how lucky I was PS If you have read the book, you may remember a passage in which Giffords kept repeating block of time and where Kelly finally realized that she wanted him to take blocks of time for himself, such as going to the gym He was very touched by her consideration However, I think he misunderstood She needed the blocks of time for herself As someone who has been an invalid, I know how important it is to be alone occasionally after reaching a certain level of functionality However, when you re injured, you can t leave on your own you have to get other people to go away, which can seem pretty ungrateful So I expect Gabby didn t correct Mark when he assumed she was talking about him.Of course, I could be wrong

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    pg 89 I also think back to the time, after my second space flight, in 2006, when Gabby and I got to have lunch with the legendary British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who is paralyzed due to a form of Lou Gehrig s disease It takes him an excruciatingly long time to say anything, and I pretty much gave up on conversing with him beyond a few pleasantries But Gabby was just incredible She intuitively knew what to do After my failed attempt at interacting with Dr Hawking, she kneeled down in front of his wheelchair and said, Dr Hawking, how are you today She then stared into his eyes and waited As far as she was concerned there was no one else in the crowded room She waited silently and patiently Using a device that tracks the motion of a single facial muscle, he took at least ten minutes to compose and utter the phrase I m fine How are you Gabby was in no rush She could have kneeled there for an hour, waiting for his answer I was so impressed After Gabby was injured, I found myself thinking about her encounter with Dr Hawking In fact, that memory helped me understand how I d need to interact with her.

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    I finally understand why I took so long to finish this book HOPE Something that is in short supply of during these times and I found that Gabrielle Gifford s most challenging moment offers hope to the rest of us The gunshot wound that she received to her head would have killed most people, but she fought, her husband fought, her parents fought and every one of her loved ones fought This is a person that is loved and because of that love, we saw a miracle happen.On January 8, 2011, while in Tucson at a Congress on Your Corner event Gabrielle Gifford s was shot at point blank range The book does not give much time, less than a paragraph along the lines of three sentences, to the person who pulled the trigger The effort of this book does not dwell on the evil, it concentrates on the positive That with determination and patience and top notch medical care a devastating brain injury did not end the life of a promising and beloved woman.We may not all know the story of her husband, the astronaut Mark Kelly and Gabby, but through this book we get to see the man and woman that they are His humor, his fight, his frustration but most of all, we see the love he has for his wife More importantly, through these pages, we see a determined woman, a young girl wanting to right wrongs and a politician that does not take the powers given to her for granted.I know that the main point of this book was to introduce me to Gabrielle Gifford s, but I think my take away was about neuroscience Mark Kelly does a remarkable job in explaining some of the intricacies of the human brain and how they translate into future abilities and disabilities.Now I do not know if it was right to laugh during the experiences that were related in this story, but there is humor Laugh out loud funny accounts of how the brain can fixate on a word and how when you can t come up with the exact right term a substitute word can be funny , maybe not appropriate, but none the less funny.Inspiring is a good word for this book To see a good outcome from a horrible situation I do not know if it would be realistic to think that Ms Gifford s will return to politics, but every life challenging situation needs an advocate Spinal injury had Christopher Reeves and traumatic brain injury now has Gabrielle Gifford s I just hope that she picks up this sword and fights for all civilian and service personnel that have had to battle the bureaucracy to get the care and treatment that they and their loved ones need and deserve.

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    I was suprised by this book I expected the usual sugar coated we went through hell, but all is rosy, sort of, book It was not such It was a brave, honest, many times painful, but ultimately trandescendant, factual recounting I was also surprised by the depth of layers in this book You get to learn details about NASA Management seems as bad there as everywhere You get to learn what you have to do to command, launch, dock in space and return the shuttle with a pluperfect score You get to hear what it feels like looking down on earth, when your wife is having brain surgery because an untreated mentally ill person shot her in the head from three feet away You are informed that the Gifford Kellys feel he should have had better access to mental health care You get to learn stuff you should have known but didn t, about traumatic brain injury You are educated that as tragic as Gabby s situation is, many people are far worse off becuase their insurance policies will not cover the rehab that she is still receiving Mainly you get to read a remarkable book about two remarkable people.I am impressed, and far deeply than I expected.

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    After Gabby Giffords was shot in an incident that left others killed and her gravely injured, I was curious about her I had heard of her husband, Mark Kelly the astronaut, but was unfamiliar with Congresswoman Giffords I picked this up on impulse from the library in order to learn This book is a celebration of her life, including photos from infancy to present day There are numerous details about her relationship with Mark from their meeting, to wedding, to his help with her recovery The last third of the book focuses on her recovery from the gunshot wound to the head and Kelly s last space mission This is a celebration of her life and their marriage, so deeper exploration into her politics and the man events surrounding her injuries are absent Most of the problems I had with this book are personal and come from a cynical place Is this couple really that perfect Didn t Mark ever get angry or frustrated at the situation Didn t Gabby ever fight with her stepdaughters This is a good positive, uplifting story, but I wish it was a little better written has a tendency to jump from one fact to another to help me personally connect with their story.

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    in the end i suppose i m glad that i read this, but as a tucsonan it was a very difficult read emotionally i was thankful for the last chapter done in gabby s own voice, and that she still has hope the main criticism i ve heard about this book was that it was too much about mark kelly but i m unclear how it could be otherwise it wasn t billed as a biography true there is a lot in the book about NASA and kelly s last space shuttle, but it was interesting.i really do hope that one day gabby will be able to return to public service and a full life.

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    It s unfortunate that I never gave much attention to either of these individuals before tragedy hit Like most, I ve been following Gabby s improvement in the news, most recently with the 20 20 interview The book reveals that the backstory given in the interview was only a small sampling of what their life has been like this year Quick verdict I highly recommend this book Her amazing struggle to recover from being shot in the head THE HEAD is book worthy, but I also find the level of commitment Mark has to his wife to be almost compelling Many of us say the pledge about sticking around through sickness and health, but this book represents a clear, oftentimes stark and oftentimes funny illustration of what that really entails The details I don t know whose decision it was, but the choice to bounce back and forth between Gabby s recovery and their childhood, entry into public service, marriage, etc was a good one It helps sustain interest while we get the opportunity to learn about them than just the shooting and its aftermath I think this also helps with the fact thatwellMark isn t a great writer I suspect that in between missions in the Gulf war and going into space there isn t much time to work on one s literary flourishes, so I don t hold that against him one bit Plus, their lives have been so fascinating that my interest was easily sustained I also appreciate how the book addresses not only how life has been for Mark and Gabby, but how the shooting has affected their entire family, especially their step daughters Throughout, he is very candid about all involved At times I wondered if he was perhaps being too personal especially about various bodily functions , but I do think this candor gives an unvarnished picture of how much life can change when a loved one sustains an injury.It is clear that the politician in the family is not Mark There are parts of the book where he is completely operating without a filter or if he is filtering himself, I d hate to see what an unedited version would look like This is particularly apparent in the chapter Higher Calling The point at which he describes the apparent devastation of the Palin family with the fact she never once bothered to call either of them, evoked an audible Oh SNAP out of me The man pulls no punches and drops bi partisan gossip than a D.C barbershop And I loved every minute of it The ending chapter page, really is written by Gabby, is sweet, and a reminder of the challenges she has overcome, and the ones she still faces Go ahead and buy this book, and while you re at it, a box of tissues You ll need em.

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    When I was reading about Gabby s rehab, I thought of people in my life who hadn t gotten an adequate rehab and had lost their mobility as a result The issue goes well beyond the brain injured Anyone who spends enough time confined to a hospital bed needs rehab afterward I m sure Gabrielle Gifford is determined to help other brain injured people who don t have her coverage, but what about the 99% who need rehab, and aren t brain injured I actually do have a friend with a brain injury which happened due to anoxia during a difficult childbirth The hospital denied that she d been brain injured and didn t give her rehab, so she had to recover slowly all on her own Not only did she manage to do this, she also managed to raise her son She s still not 100% nineteen years later She s very dyslexic in written communication Occasionally, she won t be able to remember a word or she ll stutter But my friend is an amazing person Who knows how much she d have been able to accomplish if she d had good rehab.

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    I won this from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway I have to say, I am so happy I did.This was an emotional book.I, like many others, hadn t heard of Gabrielle Giffords until January 8, 2011 Since the shooting that day in Arizona, I have been following her story very closely That is why I was happy to receive this book.The book is written by Gabby s husband, Mark Kelly, with help from Jeffrey Zaslow He tells the story from his point of view, which is interesting and emotional at times The book covers than just the day of the shooting and Gabby s recovery afterward Kelly recounts both his and her childhoods, her political career and even his career as a pilot for both the Navy and NASA Gabrielle, while giving the okay to everything in the book, didn t contribute to the writing except for the end chapter This is, obviously, because it was written during her recovery.I liked hearing the story from Kelly It gave it a very personal touch and really brought you into what happened Kelly has a very interesting writing style He shifts, back and forth, between subjects Most of the time this would make a story feel jumbled but in this case it gave it character, makes it interesting.My one problem with the book is that I wasn t a huge fan of everything he talked about in the book I understand wanting to give details into their lives before the tragedy, but sometimes it felt like he was just writing these things to fill the book I admire both Giffords and Kelly They are two very caring people The book shows this, as does the 7 page acknowledgments in the back I admire both of them for everything they have accomplished in their lives and for how dedicated they both are to Giffords s recovery You can tell how much they love each other while reading this book.I teared up on several occasions while reading this It is about, just what the title says, hope and courage I look up to Giffords for not only the person she was before the shooting but the person she continues to be despite the shooting She is an amazingly strong person.I recommend reading it and learning a little about the two great people Their story really makes you appreciate what you have and makes you want to hold the people you love a little tighter.

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    This was truly an amazing and inspiring story Gabrielle Giffords was a Congresswoman from Arizona who was shot in the head while doing a public event in her district on January 8, 2011 Six people also at the event died, and 19 others were also seriously wounded This is her story and that of her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly It shares their lives before the event and what has happened since.I have always been intrigued by Gabby Giffords She had her traumatic brain injury just a week before Ray s stroke last year In a way, I have always felt a bit of a parallel between my family and hers While Ray s stroke did not leave him with as much of a recovery as hers, I could and cannot help but be inspired by the positive outlook and hard work effort both Gabby and Mark have put forth since that difficult day Gabby is still on her road to recovery, but hearing how she and her husband continue to work so hard to overcome what happened is a great example of what love and persistence can accomplished One of the horrible irony s of what happened is that Giffords was a centrist Democrat who often looked across the aisle for compromised, but she was still targeted by someone, who was quite sick, because of political difference In a way justice prevailed, because that man, who is never named in the book ultimately failed While our political system continues to be divided by harsh rhetoric and an inability for the Republicans and Democrats to come together for the country, everyone is able to look to Gabby and find a shared respect for her and how she is a great symbol for our country.I actually listened to this as an audiobook, and I think the fact that it is read by Mark Kelly to really make the result even amazing It was like hearing him tell me the real story of what they went through Gabby reads the final chapter, which was written in her own words I cannot imagine anyone not being moved by this book.