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Read Along With Strawberry Shortcake When Strawberry Shortcake And Her Friends Decide To Play School With The Berrykins, All Of The Girls Have A Lesson To Teach Except Raspberry Torte Luckily, Lemon Meringue Comes Up With The Perfect Solution Raspberry Torte Can Teach The Berrykins About Friendship, Because She S Such A Great Friend This Easy To Read Level Reader Is Perfect For Back To School I think this is one of the better Strawberry Shortcake young readers series The story shows the friends setting up a pretend school to show the Berrykins what school will be like This can also be good for a child who is getting ready to start school, showing a little bit of what school will be like This is also good for fans of Strawberry Shortcake in general. Another case where it s a good book if your child needs to read, but there s much better books out there to read.