[[ read online Reading ]] Storming the Gates: Protest Politics and the Republican RevivalAuthor Daniel J. Balz – Multi-channel.co

Two Years After Voters Drove George Bush From The White House, The Republican Party Rode A Wave Of Antigovernment Sentiment And Disappointment With President Clinton To Capture Congress For The First Time In Forty Years In Storming The Gates, Seasoned Political Reporter Dan Balz And Ronald Brownstein Take Us Inside This Climactic GOP Victory And Reveal With Fresh Insights How The Assault On Sixty Years Of Democratic Governance And Domestic Programs Turned Out And Its Impact On The Struggle For Power In The Elections Who Are These New Republicans, And How Did They Revive Themselves So Quickly After Bush S Defeat What Are Their Prospects For Consolidating Their Electoral Success Of Into A Lasting Victory That Could Permanently Realign Politics Into The Next Century