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I found the first half of this book, which deals with neuromarketing, to be very interesting from a consumer s and an advocate s perspective I just skimmed the second half though, since it was really geared to people in advertising marketing If I had time to read just one book on the subject, it wouldn t be this Read Buyology Truth and Lies About Why We Buy and the New Science of Desire instead. I was required to read this for one of my marketing classes, Consumer Behavior It was an incredibly interesting read about how the unconscious part of your brain is so important to your everyday decisions, especially when you don t realize it It had a lot of technical wording, some of which went a little over my head I m still so glad I read this I feel like I m so much aware of the ads I see around me.If you re someone who s really interested in how the brain works, how advertising affects you, or how to advertise with better success, I highly recommend giving this a read. Why we buy what we need and desire is fascinating stuff Author Van Praet is Executive Vice President at Deutsch LA, where his responsibilities include Group Planning Director for Volkswagen amongst others so spends his days thinking about just that His stance is controversial that consumers make the vast majority of their decisions quite unconsciously, and, ironically, the vast majority of marketing practices ignore this cognitive truth The book is worth it because he takes campaigns and screens them against his theory so this is not a dry treatment I do not recommend branding and marketing books lightly because most offer nothing new Why this book works is because it talks about the behaviour of both consumer and marketer. I like books that really make me think and make me use a lot of highlighter to mark sections and ideas that I want to reflect further on This is one such book I liked the book as a consciousness book than a marketing book but none the less, think that it s a great book to make any marketer re think how they go about promoting a brand.Highly recommend the book. Focuses on how our unconscious mind drives our purchasing For years marketers have focused on the conscious mind the tip of the iceberg In part I, the background and science of Neuromarketing is thoroughly explored Part II guides the marketer through how to take advantage of the unconscious mind. Really enjoyed it Great insights into how the brain makes decisions and what marketers can do to change behaviour Has definitely sparked my interest in learning about the human brain. Great application to current business issues. It joins the flood of books that simplifies complex neurophysiology, but it stands above most It s easy to read and disturbing to contemplate The business of advertising has rushed from Mad Men to scientifically validated thought capture Control may be too harsh a word maybe not. For Too Long Marketers Have Been Asking The Wrong Question If Consumers Make Decisions Unconsciously, Why Do We Persist In Asking Them Directly Through Traditional Marketing Research Why They Do What They Do They Simply Can T Tell Us Because They Don T Really Know Before Marketers Develop Strategies, They Need To Recognize That Consumers Have Strategies Tooman Strategies, Not Consumer Strategies We Need To Go Beyond Asking Why, And Begin To Ask How, Behavior Change Occurs Here, Author DouglasVan Praet Takes The Most Brilliant And Revolutionary Concepts From Cognitive Science And Applies Them To How We Market, Advertise, And Consume In The Modern Digital Age Van Praet Simplifies The Most Complex Object In The Known Universe The Human Brain Into Seven Codified Actionable Steps To Behavior Change These Steps Are Illustrated Using Real World Examples From Advertising, Marketing, Media And Business To Consciously Unravel What Brilliant Marketers And Ad Practitioners Have Long Done Intuitively, Deconstructing The Real Story Behind Some Of The Greatest Marketing And Business Successes In Recent History, Such As Nike S Just Do It Campaign Got Milk Wendy S Where S The Beef And The Infamous Volkswagen Punch Buggy Launch As Well As Their Beloved The Force Mini Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial