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Paul Zachary Shouldn T Have Accepted That Badge And He Certainly Shouldn T Have Shot Down A Ruthless Gunfighter In Front Of A Crowd Of Onlookers At Belleville S Busiest Saloon Now That The Smell Of Gunpowder Has Faded And The Blood Has Been Scrubbed Off The Floor, Zachary Is Something He Never Wanted To Be A Damned Hero He S Been Written Up In The Papers And Has Trouble On His Hands Than Any Year Old Man Should Ever Have And That Was Before His Newfound Fame Proves A Threat To A Cruel Cattle Baron Named McConnell

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    Stan Mitchell s debut novel is definitely a guy s book, with a strong male protagonist and plenty of shoot em up action.The characters are fleshed out fairly well, particularly the hero.Mr Mitchell s writing voice is like a raw, unpolished Papa Hemingway Much like Hemingway s, the prose is straightforward and open With the exception of For Whom the Bell Tolls and the Old Man and the Sea , I actually enjoyed this book than Papa s work.There is not much setting description, but there is enough going to keep you amply entertained.All in all, it was a fun read, a welcome distraction from everyday life.

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    Little man is a western tale of honor, determination, justice, and gun fights, lots of gun fights.Paul Zachary comes from a long line of honorable men Men whose word was their bond and have an un resistible drive to right wrongs Those traits have made a legacy but come at a high price and Paul is well aware that the men in his family die young, a trend he has no intentions of following.Barley into his new job as Deputy Sherriff Paul is called to a disturbance that will test his honor, earn him his soon to be famous moniker Little Man, and change his life forever.Fame is a fickle beast On one hand the perks and benefits are fantastic, on the other hand it can draw unwanted attention to you In the early twentieth century that attention for a gun fighter often spells an early death Killing a famous gun fighter is high on the list for fortune seekers.Love can have a strange effect on a man and for Paul a young, never married man facing a quest that surely ends with his death, the effect is as uncharacteristic as it is unexpected.Join Paul as he fights for justice, honor, and a family legacy that weights heavily on his soul.I loved this book I don t read many western books but I have read all of the authors other books so I felt confident that I wouldn t be disappointed and I wasn t This is a story filled with action from beginning to end I could not put this book down.

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    Little Man a Big HitDidn t expect much from this when I picked it up but it was very entertaining and the ending had a little twist to it to boot.I

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    a great shoot em up westernaction packed from start to finishhighly recommended

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    A very good western.If you like a reluctant hero who does what s right simply because it s right, a guy who doesn t quit then this is a great book for you.

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    OUTSIDE MY BOX I don t normally read westerns I ve been known to pick up a Louis L Amour novel and enjoy his descriptions of the surroundings This book was none of that This story gave me the story of a man and what made him tick It was extremely well written If you enjoy westerns or biographical fictions you will definitely want to pick this one up.

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    Little Man, and the Dixon County WarMuch bigger inside than I thought he was A very good story told in a convincing manner Almost like you were there.Another good one by Stan R Mitchell

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    It s a Western but with a little bit of Tarantino violence.

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    There are no wasted words in Stan Mitchell s debut western which eschews the florid and, let s face it, boring descriptions of Louis Lamour or Zane Grey in favor of something leaner than thrice dried jerky and meaner than a longhorn steer with a scorpion on its scrotum The amount of people shot or stabbed or, sometimes, both in this violent tale of the Old West is quite impressive, making this a must read for those who want their gun blazing action swifter than a stallion with its tail on fire and who prefer their literary heroes do their talking with hard fists and cold steel rather than soft smiles and hollow words.Mitchell has pared the story down to the bare bone yet keeps things interesting It s a straight forward tale of good guys versus bad guys but takes the time to let you know what makes the protagonist tick Not a lot of time, mind you that would interfere with moving things along to the next action scene but enough time to ensure Little Man is not just some one dimensional stereotype with a stetson and a sidearm.I read Mitchell s 2nd novel, Sold Out, first, and consider it to be a damn good read But Little Man is not a damn good readit s a damn great one Fans of the action western genre should consider this mandatory reading, as should anyone who enjoys a good old fashioned tale of good versus evil played out in a hailstorm of bullets and blood.

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    I received a free kindle copy Little Man, and the Dixon County War by Stan R Mitchell from in exchange for a fair review.I don t usually read Westerns but Stan Mitchell is a gifted writer I will look for of his work I gave this intriguing book five stars start to finish.Paul Little Man Zachary shared some of what he learned fighting for the South My Captain used to say, If you re not muddy, you re not low enough, and that advice has saved my life times than I care to count Little Man rode into a town with no name entered a saloon without a name Two men got up left after he dragged a table over so his back was protected They knew blood was about to be shed and probably didn t want to be sitting six feet away from one end of it It s fun and amusing to watch when you re young, but by the time you re in your forties like these two guys, it just loses its flavor Wounds last longer, and recovery isn t as smooth Link to purchase