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The Latest Book From The Pattern Cutting Series From The Bunka Fashion College In Japan, School Of Yohji Yamamoto Includes Fashionable And Achievable Designs, With Easy To Follow Step By Step Instructions And Diagrams That Guide The Reader Through The Draping Process With A Folded Pattern At The Back, This Book Provides Inspiring Ideas And Highly Practical Techniques For Anyone Wanting To Learn About Draping

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    I picked up this book at the library because I wanted to learn the draping techniques used by so many of the designers on Project Runway Unfortunately, there were only about two items in this book that I actually liked The rest were strange, unflattering garments also modeled strangely as in the model is sticking her whole arm into a gathered pouch in the side of her dress, I guess to illustrate how roomy it is or the model is staring slack jawed into space like some kind of mental patient in an ill fitting straitjacket But, I really was interested in learning the technique of draping Upon taking out the pattern sheets in the back, I was dismayed to find that all the pattern pieces were printed, overlapping, on the same sheet of paper I really, really wanted to do this, so I went out and bought pattern paper from the fabric store to try to trace the patterns It turned into a hopeless mess of lines If you ve ever cut out a Simplicity McCall s Vogue pattern, you know it s slightly challenging to cut out your size from the usual three sizes on one page, and the lines are dotted, dashed, or solid to help you out Imagine if there are hundreds of other lines, all of the same heaviness, drawn over the pattern piece you want, and you aren t really sure of the shape of the pattern piece you want because they are not marked with a number corresponding to the pattern piece you need.Forget it.

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    Tracing the patterns will test your patience but I liked the designs and instructions I would have paid for better pattern sheets, I feel as if I m looking at some sort of wacky street map It is the only reason why I haven t purchased Drape Drape 2.

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    I love these Japanese sewing books with unusual patterns I can t quite see myself making all of these but certainly there are enough ideas and inspiration to keep any sewist enthused.

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    Makes me love draping again.