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I DIED For Forty Two Seconds I Died They Were Operating On Me Why Isn T Important Any And It Was A Simple Surgery, Everyone Said So My Dad Didn T Even Take Off Work Breathing, Breathing, Not I Can Picture It The Oh, No, The Scurrying Around, The Paddles On My Chest, Thwump Clear Thwump Beep Beep, Beep Beep, She S Back Everything Back To Normal THEY DON T KNOW ANYTHING Cara Campbell Thought She Had It Made Star Athlete, Popular Student, Winner But When She Dies During Surgery, She Sees Something She Knows No One Would Ever Believe The Doctors Manage To Revive Her, But What Happened During Those Seconds Of Death Has Changed Everything Now Cara Is Having A Hard Time Adjusting To Her Former Life None Of Her Friends Or Accomplishments Matter Any What Does Matter Is The Face She Saw As She Came Rushing Back Into Her Body That Face Belongs To David Mayer, A Brainy Outcast Who Dislikes Cara Even Than She Does Him As Cara Sorts Through The Ramifications Of Her Near Death Experience, And Struggles To Overcome Her Fear Of Telling Everyone What Really Happened, She Discovers A Path She Never Realized Lay Ahead Of Her And As Cara Is About To Learn, There Are No Coincidences

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    Cara, second most popular girl at school, super athlete, hottie Alex s girlfriend, dies for 42 seconds during a routine operation In the time that she s dead, her entire world changes, as she comes face to face with an afterlife of sorts and realizes that she needs to make some changes in her life, once she returns to the living What she doesn t know is why David s face pops into her head or how she s going to get him to spend even a few minutes talking to her, given what she and her friends have done to make him know he s not as good as they are As she tries to become friends with him, she also tries to figure out who she wants to be and how to be that person.I was a little disappointed in this book Brande s book Fat Cat is one of my favorites, so I had high hopes for this one, but Cara didn t draw me in as a narratorwhich is never good for a character driven reader The idea of reincarnation, which comes up in the book, was interesting to explore but not necessarily one I buy I thought it was pretty good, but not as good as I d hoped.

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    Amazing book It s a plausible story about very hard to imagine things, and makes you question your purpose in life, how the things in your life connect, and what happens before and after life Surprisingly complex with intense character development, especially for a YA novel.

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    I really enjoyed this book, and I found myself continuing to read it although I wasn t drawn in by some of the ideas it contained It s well written and very easy read in a couple sittings.Robin Brande does a fantastic job making you dislike, and at the same time like the main character, Cara There are points where the voice of the narrator is off putting, but Cara s voice is consistent and maintains a nice flow You start to see Cara s character change in small increments as the book goes along, however, she is still ultimately a self absorbed teenager There are several points where you are sure you know what will happen next only to be surprised at where the author went It keeps you interested until the last page I would absolutely recommend this book to older teens and adults that aren t squeamish about classically female issues.Fair warning I got this book as part of a first reads give away I have said it before and will again it did not sway my opinion of the book one bit.

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    Another great novel by Robin Brande Although Cara is, at times, difficult to like, she is entirely believable as a typically self absorbed teenager discovering what kind of person she wants to be In fact, there are no perfect people in this novel, which is one of the things I loved most about it each character is layered, multi dimensional, and unidealized Replay embodies everything I ve come to expect from Brande s novels true to life characters, spot on dialogue, and thought provoking content , but differs from most of her others in that its premise is less grounded in hardcore science and grounded in spiritualism In Replay, Brande proves that the incredible skill with which she incorporates real science into her novels is matched by the skill with which she blends a discussion of spiritualism with contemporary issues, namely dating violence.

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    Oh, this is another winner for Robin Brande.Cara is a 16 year old athlete and one of the most popular girls in school Her near death experience makes her start to question her actions, her friends and her past This story is engaging and so well written that at times I didn t even like Caraor that I didn t like her behavior, I guess.This book is great for teens, to help them understand how their actions affect others, to see that things are not always as they seem and to let them know it s ok to be different.But I m a middle aged adult and I couldn t put this book down Read it in one day and now I m off to find another Robin Brande book.

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    I think I ve found my new favorite author I know this because I do not believe in reincarnation or souls traveling from one body to another blah blah blah But I really liked this book Brande has a way of making me get completely involved in the lives of her characters They are very real and worthy of respect I loved the way she brought in a complete skeptic to the world of reincarnation in the character of David It gave my thoughts about the whole thing a voice in the story She might just be a literary genius.

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    I really wanted to like this so much than I ended up doing, in part because a YA novel with a teen who s had a near death experience could be awesome No doubt influenced at least in part by how much I loved PASSAGE, flaws and all But this just wasn t for me, mostly because I just didn t get on at all with the reincarnation stuff Also Cara was meant to be unlikeable, but her lack of sensitivity and her flat out dishonesty went on far too long As a side note, I was quite amused by how astonishingly different she was from my daughter Cara.

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    I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.Cara is a 16 year old popular athlete who dies during knee surgery for 42 seconds When she awakens, she knows that she has to make changes in her life But what needs to be changed Throughout the book, I really didn t like Cara She was so self absorbed that I got frustrated with her Overall, it is a good book though This is one I will request our library to purchase for our YA collection.

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    I thought the take on reincarnation was very unique but I didn t connect with Cara at all In fact, I really didn t like any of the characters Maybe I m too old, but I found most of them shallow I did enjoy the premise though and would try another book by this author.

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    Without giving away too many spoilers, in Replay we follow the story of Cara Campbell, whose life irrevocably changes after she recovers from a near death experience during surgery Review on Finding Wonderland