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The Art Of Running Faster Challenges The Stereotypes Of How Distance Runners Should Train Readers Will Learn How To Overcome Factors That Prevent Them From Running Faster And Avoid Injury With Correct Running Technique Author And Former World Class Runner Julian Goater Shares Personal Experiences To Help In Applying Each Suggestion

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    Lots of good practical tips for beginners to experienced runners there is something in there for everyone Lots of focus on running technique including drills, intervals hills, strength, stretch etc Must read for every runner.

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    Lots of good advice Beginning runners often run at medium rather than ever really going hard or easy Variation Tempo, intervals, long rest, short rest, playful, intense Build strength, suppleness, speed, and two other S s Good advice for all around fitness.

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    This book was fantastic I didn t stop reading it until I finished in the early hours of morning As a runner of ten years I have only ever focused on running long but after reading this I am excited about taking a year off ultra marathon goals to concentrate on speed work and implementing advice from this book.

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    Excellent quick read, from someone who has run at the very top level, and yet with ideas easily applicable by any runner and other sports too, in fact

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    Thoroughly useful book As it turns out running isn t really a natural skill accessible to everyone It requires technique and this book explains the why and how.

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    Za du o ameryka skiego pisania zb dnych linii tekstu Przerost formy nad tre ci Poza tym ciekawa lektura dla biegaczy pocz tkuj cych jak i zaawansowanych.

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    Cements a lot of what you may already know but is easy to read and follow, so a worthwhile read for most.

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    The Art of Running Faster is an interesting book that goes against conventional wisdom in advising speedwork, recovery session, short session, intensive stretching, double daily training for all kind of runners Mileage is not the only key to improvement says Goater and he may have a big point in advising complementary, exhaustive sessions for all types of runners The stories and examples provided by the author make it an entertaining and lively read as well, though most of the references date back in the 80s You may be able to get most of the book out of the 4 first chapters, the rest is nonetheless valuable as well and full of tips for a would be champion Goater targets a very wide audience, from the most amateur runners to the top ones, and that could be an issue on the one hand, some may be apprehensive and doubtful that his methods and tips are any worth implementing, whilst others will quickly understand their benefits If you are a serious and passionate runner, howsoever amateurish, then this book is very valuable read.

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    This was my first book about running and had lots of interesting advises As often happens, the information could have be expressed in half the pages.The author instead relives his past glory on every other page, I found this too much.

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    I found a lot of helpful information in The Art of Running Faster Like many how to running books, I had to skim for what interested me and skip what didn t I found learning about fartleks and other training strategies extremely helpful While I wasn t very interested in reading about specific races and runners, I did enjoy some of the pictures As a new runner, when talking about a picture in which one runner is finishing strong and his pursuer has started to labour and over stride , I couldn t see the difference and would have appreciated knowing how Goater could tell which was flagging and which was not.Each chapter ends with points to remember making it very easy to skip a chapter, but still make sure you didn t miss anything major or prompt a re visit Overall, I found it a very useful book.