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When Ruthie S Mother Is Called Away On A Long Business Trip, Suddenly Nothing Seems To Be Going Right Ruthie S Father Just Can T Keep Things Together, And Each Sitter Is Worse Than The LastUntil AliceWhen Alice Steps Into Rut Ie S Life, The Weak Winter Light Recedes The Air Seems Warm, And Everything Is Brighter Here Is The Baby Sitter Who Can Change Ruthie S World Or Destroy It Really liked this book, it was different than what I expected it to be Glad I got to read it A little heavier than I expected Interesting that the cover of mine doesn t include Alice s image, just Ruthie s. Eh Didn t love it Good idea for a story, but it wasn t as fleshed out as I would have liked. I have read this book about ten times and still I cry at the really sad part. I didn t like this book. Neat book