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Dirty cops Mystery Suspense I listened to this one and thought the narrator did a great job I wouldn t say LETHAL is a romance book but it does have a sprinkling of romance towards the end of the book If you decide to read this one keep in mind this is about suspense than it is about romance Leathal takes place over 2 days and has 4 couples that play a bigger part in the overall story The main couple is Coburn and Honor Honor possibly holds the key to Coburn figuring out who the bad guys are The other 3 couples are secondary couples but they have good amount of time in the story Couple 1 Honor s best friend and her rich boyfriendCouple 2 An agent and his wife They have a severally handicapped child.Couple 3 Bad guy and the prostitute who he savesEach of these couples adds to the overall story with their unique part of the story LETHAL is my second book by Ms Brown It was a suspenseful adventure with low romance but a fun plot twist towards the end of the story.Standalone 4.5 starsI haven t met a Sandra Brown book I didn t love knock on wood She s so skilled at weaving stories full of intrigue, suspense and one unexpected twist after another It s never clear to me who can be trusted Never Meanwhile, there s tension galore and an unlikely romance that always seems to culminate in the perfect moment between the characters Amidst all the chaos of uncovering the truth, it s pure genius that she manages to pull it off every single time.Honor is making cupcakes with her four year old daughter, when a bloody and filthy guy shows up at her house He s brandishing a gun and demanding information Of course, she has no clue what he s talking about What she does know, this is the man that s been all over the news He s been identified as the shooter in a mass murder With her dead husband s integrity in question, she s forced to choose between those she considers family and this unhinged stranger I read Mean Streak last year and it left an incredible mark on my heart It was my first Sandra Brown and even several books later it still remains my absolute favorite This one might not be taking the top spot on my list, but I will say, Coburn definitely rivals Hayes in some ways What I adored the most about Coburn was his gruff and mean exterior He didn t even know he had the ability to care about someone else, let alone a woman he thought he could never trust and her kid.Sandra Brown is so spot on with the dialogue It s often clever and funny or riddled with enough wit to feed the tension Be it Coburn and Honor, in this instance, or even Coburn and Emily talk about frigging adorable Emily was such a bright spot among the dark of this story and she played the part well Let s be honest, Coburn didn t stand a chance.There were a few nitpicky things I could point out, things like I didn t care for how the evidence was hidden or I m not entirely sure I bought the identity of The Bookkeeper I wouldn t have guessed who it was in a million years Maybe, I could have gotten on board, if that aspect of the story hadn t felt so rushed at the end If we d seen that person in action after their identity was revealed.The ending left me with a ton of mixed emotions One on hand, I loved Coburn s persistence and his need to almost will what he wanted to happen, but I d be lying if I said I wasn t dying for I wanted a front row seatIt meant something When Her Four Year Old Daughter Informs Her A Sick Man Is In Their Yard, Honor Gillette Rushes Out To Help Him But That Sick Man Turns Out To Be Lee Coburn, The Man Accused Of Murdering Seven People The Night Before Dangerous, Desperate, And Armed, He Promises Honor That She And Her Daughter Won T Be Hurt As Long As She Does Everything He Asks She Has No Choice But To Accept Him At His WordBut Honor Soon Discovers That Even Those Close To Her Can T Be Trusted Coburn Claims That Her Beloved Late Husband Possessed Something Extremely Valuable That Places Honor And Her Daughter In Grave Danger Coburn Is There To Retrieve It At Any Cost From FBI Offices In Washington, DC To A Rundown Shrimp Boat In Coastal Louisiana, Coburn And Honor Run For Their Lives From The Very People Sworn To Protect Them, And Unravel A Web Of Corruption And Depravity That Threatens Not Only Them, But The Fabric Of Our Society 3.5 StarsI really enjoyed this suspense novel with a touch of romance, especially the second half The first half was a bit too slow for me The characterization is strong and the writing is great The hero is just my type hot, brooding and stoic The heroine is strong and likeable I didn t guess who the villain was but I was a little disappointed with the Bookkeeper s identity I found it a bit unbelievable Also, the ending felt a bit too rushed Although I did love the epilogue, it still left me unsatisfied. 4.5 Stars I knew after finished my first Sandra Brown book that I was hooked This is my fifth book in just a little over a month and I am yet to be disappointed I know no one is perfect and I am sure I will come upon a SB book that I m just not going to like, but for now I am enjoying the ride.Lethal was another fantastic read For me there was a bit of a different feel to it compared to the other books I have read It was a good difference The synopsis really covers everything you need to know before going into the story Adding anything to it would probably give things away that would be so much better for you to experience once you start turning the pages.Of course SB gives us some intriguing and sexy main characters The mystery and suspense was there two fold but I m pretty proud of myself because this one didn t baffle me as much as the others Lee Coburn He was that kind of guy you don t screw around with Life experiences have hardened him Coburn doesn t let anything or anyone penetrate his walls but he never expected to be crossing paths with Honor and Emily Gillette Honor Gillette I really enjoyed her She was no push over, she wasn t wishy washy and when her back wash pushed up against the wall literally sometimes she was a tiger She wasn t about to completely let Coburn call the shots especially with Emily involved And little Emily Only SB could work a little one into the middle of a suspense novel and make it work She was such a cute, sweet, little chatterbox And than that, I think she was the first one to put a crack in Coburn s walls Emily bussed Honor s cheek enthusiastically, then held her arms up to Coburn Coburn Kiss After a long, expectant moment, he bent down Emily looped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek Bye, CoburnCoburn and Honor shared a sense of emptiness, though for different reasons So when they finally let their defenses down not only does passion take over, something else happens between them that isn t as easily explainedYou don t have to give me flowers, Coburn You don t even have to hold me She laid her head on his chest below his chin Her hand curved around his neck Let me hold you Honor If you enjoy Sandra Brown books then you will definitely love this one In addition to the MC s, the side characters add in that extra suspense, twists and turns and you will be questioning everyone and everything For a while there when I was trying to figure out view spoiler where the hidden clue was that would lead them to figure out what Honor s husband had on the bad guys, I thought he might have stuffed it in lol hide spoiler As much as I loved SB s writing and Coburn, I detested the needless ill fated endings of some amazing characters.The budding love between Diego and Isobel was beautiful beyond words I was rooting for them since Isobel s rescue The abject cruelty of her murder left me devasted The credibility of the Bookkeeper as a big bad villain had been reiterated to the readers a hundred times before Such a horrific act of violence for no apparent reason other than to emphasize again the Bookkeeper s power and reach Diego s grief was almost palpable Him killing the bookkeeper was cathartic, but why did he have to die too They deserved better They deserved a happy ending With their goldfish.Tom s was another story I resented He might not have been a hotshot at his job, but his simple and straightforward goodness was a fresh respite from all the ugliness shown in the book He deserved a better closure.And in another world, a better wife The open ending left me slightly miffed too After all the struggle Coburn and Honor went through to save each other, why couldn t they have ended up together happily and made cute chubby siblings for Emily to share her Elmo and bankie with Just why This book was so good I loved Coburn What a man You can tell I was a happy reader by the number of exclamation points I ve used thus far Honor was a good heroine too Very intense and awesome suspense Very close to five stars Rating 4.5 stars Reviewed in the September issue of Affaire de Coeur magazine Hero Rating 5 5Sexy as all get out hero rating 5 5Grumpy is sexy rating 5 5 Hero Lickability rating 5 5Would I volunteer to be a stand in for this heroine Yes Overall assessment Lee Coburn can kidnap me anytime he wants Written May 9, 20154.4 Stars Simply GREAT once again Yay The very best narration too Ohh, I love to listen to these suspence stories by Sandra Brown Lethal is one of her most read and reviewed suspense romances here on GR It was time for the audiobook narrated by one of my favorite voices, Mr Victor Slezak StunnedI ve used every possible free minute to audiobook listening these two last days These SB books are a joy in good exciting entertainment every time I sniffles and sobs, but what a unexpectedly different book end we were treated with this time I m shocked.but I like There is a stranger in their yard one day The cop widow Honor Gillette is doing party cupcakes and she doesn t really listen at first when her four year old daughter Emily tells her a sick man is in out there in their bushes The sick man turns out to be Lee Coburn, the man accused of murdering seven people the night before He is supposed to be very dangerous, he is desperate and armed Coburn promises her that she and her daughter won t be hurt as long as she does everything he asks Honor hasn t any choice but to accept this man at his word Coburn claims that her beloved late husband had something extremely valuable and he is there in her house to retrieve it The difficult is that he diesn t know what to looking for Neither does Honor But I m not a hearts and flowers guy I m not even an all night guy I don t hold hands I don t cuddle I don t do any of that stuff A nightmarish long day, and later days, starts Honor also discovers that it s hard to for her truly know who which of her her husbands old friends, her father in law, etc that can be trusted Honor and her sweetie Emily are in danger What to say about this one In the same way as in the other SB books I ve read, is there a large gallery of characters evil, good, slimy, funny and adorable as little Emily here There is a crime case and often lot of cops and agents There are some old secrets, bitterness and terribly heartless villains Someone dies I sob , it s romantic hot after halftime I gasps with content , it s full action at the end I destroy my nails and eventually wins of course the good side I cuddles and smiles This time took it a while before I began to sympathize with the hero He wasn t an easy, easy to like, man Grumpy, angry, difficult to flirt with and almost cruel The added child here made it amasing touching cute in parts I loved that sweetie girl and so did Coburn even if he didn t want to accept it to start with Usually isn t it so very hard to guess who an mysterious person really is here the cruel insane Bookkeeper I didn t make it this time Overall was it quite hard to know who was a good guy or not I really liked the topic, the crime case , and it was, as always in a SB book, well throughout, interesting and creepy exciting There were so many to suspect that it was almost confusing towards the end Honor Gasping, she lowered her arm from over her eyes and looked into his face Put your hands on me Pretend this means something This is of course a romantic romance but the last chapters were surprisingly heartbreaking this time The sobbing part I was even left to guess some outcome by myself Yeah, it s true Anyway, I m very happy about Lethal and I know The audiobook, narrator etcI really really liked the audiobook edition 12 20 hrs I knew I should Once again narrated by Victor Slezak, a favorite of mine, who does it so good every time For me is he also the best male narrator when it comes to stories with mixed genders Slezak never tries to do any whiny odd female voices, he just let them have a darker voice I m thankful I LIKE yes, yes The best kind of audio listenings 4.5 starsIs this Sandra Brown s best novel ever Quite possibly Is this my favourite Sandra Brown Most probably.Is Lee Coburn my favourite Sandra Brown hero Indubitably Lee Coburn is a dangerous man Accused of killing seven people, he s on the run When Honor Gillette s four year old daughter Emily spies a man outside their house, Honor cautiously investigates Coburn has not turned up at her place by accident She has something he wants, something valuable her late husband hid But Honor knows nothing To complicate matters Coburn has no idea what it is he s actually searching for.If this isn t Sandra Brown s best, it sure comes close With a plot involving drug and people trafficking, crooked cops and a faciliator known as the Bookkeeper, this is a great suspense To bring down this operation Coburn and Honor are in a race against the clock For me Sandra Brown s two greatest strengths as a writer are her characterisations and dialogue From the main characters Coburn and Honor, the large cast of secondary characters to the cute as a button Emily, these characters are fleshed out and real Coburn is very much a classic Brown hero insensitive, intelligent, brusque, a smartarse She does these gruff alphas very well, but she may have just about outdone herself with Coburn Her dialogue is always convincing and believable, with her signature snappy one linersI don t believe you You can t be a cop Not a cop Federal agent FBI Even unlikely J Edgar rolls over in his grave every day, but that s the way it is For readers who love to see their romances end with a sweetly tied bow, this one may disappoint The ending has an open HEA in the sense that though we know they end up together afterall, this is a romance we don t actually get to see it.Sandra Brown is one of the iconic writers of romantic suspense Lethal delivers the romance with a great story Highly recommended.Steam 2.5 4.5 stars.Just as good the second time around Had totally forgotten the bad guy I cannot wait for her new book, due out in August My original review You know who this is All hell s broke loose I liked this one a lotBrooding, tough, heroWidow with young daughterSuspenseMysterySex although not a lot of that His entire aspect was menacing, starting with his chilling eyes and the pronounced bone structure of his face He was tall and lean, but the skin on his arms was stretched over muscles that looked as taut as whipcord The backs of his hands were bumpy with strong veins His clothes and hair had snagged natural debris twigs, sprigs of moss, small leaves He seemed indifferent to all that, just as he did to the mud caked on his boots and the legs of his jeans He smelled of the swamp, of sweat, of danger No loose ends No mercy We had the two main characters and her daughter But we also had secondary characters who played a big part in the storyline too.It really is a great Who dunnit Keeps you guessing until the end Honor Gasping, she lowered her arm from over her eyes and looked into his face Put your hands on me Pretend this means something With a whimper, she wrapped her arms around him and clutched his back, then slid her hands down over his ass and drew him even deeper into her He groaned, buried his face in the hollow of her neck, and rocked his body against hers An orgasm burst through her at the same time he came.She pretended nothing But I m not a hearts and flowers guy I m not even an all night guy I don t hold hands I don t cuddle I don t do any of that stuff Does your boo boo hurt Emily was so cute Would you hand me my Elmo please He kissed her openmouthed.and when she kissed back, she felt the hum that vibrated deep inside his chest I read a few reviews where people were not too happy with the ending Look, this is fiction If an ending is right there in your face, you have to take it but if there is an ending where something is implied, you go with the flow I usually use my imagination and imagine the ending I WANT So obviously for this one view spoiler they are all living Happily Ever After with babies and a loveable dog hide spoiler