[[ Download Audible ]] Integrating Language Arts Through Literature and Thematic UnitsAuthor Betty D. Roe – Multi-channel.co

Integrating The Language Arts Through Literature And Thematic Units Is The First Textbook To Reflect Language Arts Instruction Today Through Proven Methodology, Well Known Authors Betty Roe And Elinor Ross Harnesses The Changes That Have Occurred In Language Arts Instruction By Integrating Literature Into Thematic Units To Reflect Current Thinking In The Field, By Adapting Instruction For ELL And Special Needs Learners To Reflect The Population Of Today S Classrooms, By Aligning With IRA NCTE Standards To Reflect The Movement Towards National Assessment And Teacher Accountability, By Emphasizing Personal Reflection To Encourage Students To Make Thoughtful Choices About Effective Teaching, And By Providing A Separate Chapter On Media Literacy To Reflect The Need For Teachers To Make Instructionally Sound Choices About The Use Of Media

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