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No One Steps On Archer Land Not If They Value Their Life But When Meredith Hayes Overhears A Lethal Plot To Burn The Archer Brothers Off Their Ranch, A Twelve Year Old Debt Compels Her To Take The RiskFourteen Years Of Constant Vigilance Hardens A Man Yet When Travis Archer Confronts A Female Trespasser With The Same Vivid Blue Eyes As The Courageous Young Girl He Once Aided, He Can T Bring Himself To Send Her Away And When An Act Of Sacrifice Leaves Her Injured And Her Reputation In Shreds, Gratitude And Guilt Send Him Riding To Her Rescue Once AgainFour Brothers Four Straws One Bride Despite The Fact That Travis Is No Longer The Gallant Youth Meredith Once Dreamed About, She Determines To Stand By His Side Against The Enemy That Threatens Them Both But Will Love Ever Be Hers Or Will Travis Always See Her Merely As A Short Straw Bride

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    Warning reading this book in public can lead to embarrassment.I had a doctor appointment recently and was excited to finally have some quiet time to read Short Straw Bride Unfortunately, the waiting room was too quiet When young Meredith steals onto Archer land and Travis the misunderstood and feared hero comes to her rescue, I was hooked I was completely engrossed in the story when Meredith, under the impression that she s dreaming, tells the scary Mr Archer what she really thinks of himand I snortedsnorted loudly earning concerned glances from my waiting room friends.But I couldn t stop thinking about the story and when I got back to my car I gave into temptation and decided to sit there and read at least one chapter after all, the kids were okay without me for just a bit One chapter stretched into anotherand another When would Travis figure out that Meredith didn t want him to be SO gentlemanly Would Crockett, Jim and Neill find brides of their own Love their names, by the way I was deep into the story when one of my new waiting room acquaintances knocked on the car window to see if I was having car trouble Busted.Short Straw Bride is a wonderful story Travis s confused handling of his bride is endearing Meredith s hero worship transforms seamlessly into a mature understanding of her husband, without costing him any shine I don t know if there are subsequent books planned for these entertaining brothers, but sign me up for the petition drive.Well done and highly recommended Just don t read it with an audience.

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    .The signs posted on Archer land discouraged trespassers Fourteen years ago, Meredith Hayes fell instantly in love with Travis Archer, who rescued her after she caught her foot in an animal trap on his land Slide forward and find Meredith practically engaged, only to discover the man who proposed only wants to marry her for her land and plans to burn down the barn on the Archer s property in order to try to force them to sell their land.For fourteen years, Travis Archer had been vigilant about keeping his brothers and himself safe by not allowing people on their land During most of those same years, Meredith had been hopelessly in love with the kind soul of Travis Archer Now Meredith chooses once again to dare step foot on Archer land in order to warn them of a dire threat Their stubborn loyalty leads Meredith and the Archers down a dangerous path and results in an unplanned marriage ultimately decided on by four brothers drawing straws The positive range of emotions keeping readers engrossed in this book span from loyalty, gentleness, humor, love along with negative emotions of anger, deceit, and forcible commands of marriage from a greedy man intent on gobbling up land to sell to the railroad Faith, trust, and loyalty help these folks overcome the grave peril they had become embroiled in.Available through Kindle Unlimited, this tale stands on its own, but I, along with many readers look forward to installments about the remaining single brothers If you want an entertaining read, with a Christian influence, then this is a great choice

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    Super cute novel about protective brother Travis Archer Travis is the eldest brother and has taken staying on one s land to defend it to an obsessive level.As a young girl Meredith steps on to the edge of the Archer property and runs across Travis She is smitten with him from that point forward.It was a sweet romance and I especially loved that the marriage occurred in the middle of the novel rather than the end I also liked that each brother was named after one of the main defenders at the Alamo.In rare fashion, I have already read the second book in the series It was a good one as well.

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    NO ONE STEPS ON ARCHER LAND Ok, so, I don t know if it s just me being half witted or what, but I still don t understand the whole Archers are not allowed off their land and no one is allowed on it either affair I mean, I understand how Travis felt responsible for his brothers and did not want anybody trying to coax him into selling his land, but forbidding everyone to even step on his land I mean, they probably had friends and neighbours, no Anyway, I didn t bother me that much, and I was able to go with it, but I simply thought that the way it was delivered was a bit implausible The mental image of four hot men working on a ranch was not exactly unpleasant, I must say He he he The story was overall a lot of fun Some parts still feel a bit unanswered view spoiler Like, why didn t Cassandra go on with her plan of saying that she was married to Jim, before her parents could force her to marry Mitchell Why wasn t Meredith worried about her when she left the ranch after she had come to say that her father wanted her to marry Mitchell There were a few other things too, but I can t think of them for now hide spoiler

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    As a young girl, Meredith Hayes made the mistake of stumbling onto restricted Archer land And into a steel trap that left her with a permanent limp As well as a permanent weakness for the young man who pulled her out of that trap, Travis Archer.Years later, Meredith is now a young woman, expected to marry for the good of her aunt and uncle s financial security But when Meredith overhears her espoused suitor plotting to burn down the Archer barn, she eschews family loyalty And sneaks onto Archer land in order to warn the man who rescued her so many years ago.A decision that results in the dissolution of her near engagement, a dire threat from her father, and the startling possibility of a future with the man she has always loved.But will HE love the idea of being forced to marry HER Sheer wonderful romantic fluff So much fun I especially enjoyed Travis s relationship with his brothers and his inner conflict as he tried to balance his family s history of seclusion opposite Meredith s uncageable spirit.

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    4.5I really enjoyed this one I thought the premise sounded cute, but to be honest I didn t have the highest expectations I knew it was a Christian fiction, which sometimes tend to be overly preachy for my taste So, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I liked this one I thought it was really well written, with very likable characters.Meredith was a fun leading lady She is feisty, stubborn and kind She is also fearless and honorable It was endearing to see her ride onto the Archer ranch knowing she wouldn t be welcome, but knowing she had to warn them Surrounded by four burly men didn t scare her off, she held her own I just loved the Archer men Travis of course was awesome, but I especially loved Crockett I loved the relationship with the brothers and their loyalty to one another Travis was a doll I loved how he was just crazy about Meredith right from the beginning His attempts to court Meredith were endearing and sweet Although they really needed to just ditch the brothers and have some alone time I liked the side story of Jim and Cassie as well, but I d really love a story about Crockett He always added a little humor to the situation and was just a likable guy I want to hear all about his HEA I admit though, if these boys were truly all alone on the ranch for at least 12 years, they seemed very knowledgeable, mature and I guess normal for having no contact with the outside world I don t know how they were all so well adjusted, but I didn t care because I loved them all I loved the changes Meredith brought about and just thought the whole story was charming Content Clean Mild Christian elements praying and scriptures.

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    Both Travis and Meredith were excellent characters, this book is a lot of fun with great wholesome values that cannot help but inspire and poignant romance that stirs the heart This author has a knack for writing humorous fiction abound with great faith lessons, you won t want to miss getting your hands on her latest instalment

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    This is a review of the audiobook You know a narrator is good when a secondary character starts speaking and you know who it is right away, without other clues Pilar Witherspoon gives such a performance in this wonderful, sweet romance Her enunciation, pace, and tones are all perfect for every character I ll definitely look for of her readings.What a lovely romance It is certainly one foot on the floor but still, there is plenty of heat between the hero and heroine And there s plenty of action in the storyline I loved Travis and Meredith s love story Both characters come alive in Karen Witemeyer s book While I ve certainly noticed her books before, due to the lovely covers, I ve never read anything by her That s about to change I definitely will be reading of her work Also, the religious aspect of the book is not shoved down your throat, but done in a heartwarming, realistic way for time, place, and situation.

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    2.5 stars rounded down.1 Really strong characters, both main and supporting.2 All the brothers were fun and extremely respectful to heroine.3 They drew a straw to decide who gets to marry h, because they all kinda wanted her in a very non creepy way.4 Hero was ready to cheat to marry the heroine so no question about his feelings even at the beginning.5 However not enough chemistry spark 6 Too clean.7 Way WAY too Christian for my liking The aunt deserved comeuppance.

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    Short Straw Bride is one of my favorites by Karen Witemeyer I loved all the characters, and really connected to their emotions The romantic tension is so great it s one of the best marriage of convenience stories I ve read