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this is a pleasant and enjoyable little fantasy for kids, involving adventures in dreamland apparently the first in a series, this episode takes our boy hero on an adventure in Rocket Space as he fights off enemies trying to get in the way of a Very Important Political Meeting strangely enough, Mom turns up as a Commander but our hero does not seem to mind Mom being a part of his adventures an unusual lad i plan on reading this to my younger nephew during the holidays to see what he thinks i think Andre will like it, particularly as he is also an unusual lad.the illustrations are simple and rather wonderful.two things the main flaw is that Patrick, the 12 year old hero, does not really talk like a 12 year old at times he sounds distinctly younger than his age which is why i think Andre may specifically appreciate this one and many other times he talks like he is several years older, using phrases i ve never heard from a kid that age this flaw is not a deal breaker and will hopefully be corrected in future volumes and i should probably consult with my older nephew Damon to see if i am actually right about this who knows he will probably correct me simply for the joy of correcting me, a family trait the main attraction is as another reviewer mentions the basic premise of Lucid Dreaming that is a marvelously rich and fertile place to start a series there are so many possibilities when looking at dreams on their own, so many adventures that can happen and when lucid dreaming is integral to these adventures, they become so much interesting, the possibilities multiply i thought the best parts of Fright Flight involved Patrick taking control of his adventures will future adventures have Patrick changing his dreams, moving into other dreams, integrating even features from his reality only time will tell anyway, great concept, Lisa Ard oh and since i mentioned him, here is a picture of Andre after a bad spill one that i am sure he will be positively un thrilled to see when i show it to him again in a couple days enjoy the cuteness now, before he forces me to take it down Fright Flight, Dream Seekers Book One by Lisa Ard is a wonderful way for young readers to place themselves, through the protagonist, into the cockpit of a star fighter Patrick, 12 years old, is the protagonist We get to know Patrick through the narrative of his adventures The story appeals to kids 7 to 10 as an early middle grade chapter book Voices from wrist communicators, a cafeteria where you speak your order and the food just appears These are among Patrick s thrills, and thus, ours The biggest thrill is Patrick piloting the star fighter through harrowing battles How is a 12 year old a pilot Patrick is dreaming But, wait These are not ordinary dreams Patrick is a dream seeker, like his Mother and siblings His father, a scientist, is working toward identifying the dream seeker gene For a dream seeker, a dream is reality What occurs in the dream spills over into the waking world If Patrick eats an ice cream sundae of chocolate chip mint, blueberry cheesecake and cookie dough, he wakes with a terrible tummy ache Patrick has not learned how to control his dream life, although he is trying He keeps his mother s four rules for dreaming in his head, but he doesn t always follow them The fight scenes should excite video players as Patrick is directly within the action Patrick must contend with three Sinistars threatening his star fighter s destruction The humor and Patrick s first dealings with a girl add to the fast paced story The demands in Patrick s dream life are difficult for him This produces a book that at first seems an adventure story But the story is than that It is a good construct for children who face the new challenges of growing up Also, Patrick is not alone as he faces challenges His friends and his Mom are with him to support him When the successful flight is over, Patrick hears his mother call out that lasagna is ready And he is awake, back in his bed, staring at his poster of an Extreme Star Fighter, and smelling the lasagna On her web site, author Lisa Ard writes, I want to inspire kids to read, write and dream She is off to an excellent start with Fright Flight, Dream Seekers Book One. I M ALWAYS HAPPY TO GET REVIEWS they point out what people like about the book and what they are dissatisfied with I pay attention to both as I want to address readers wants Sometimes I have a plan for what readers feel is lacking explaining about how dream seeking works and sometimes I don t okay, a reader wants to hear about the dad.So I always welcome honest reviews I won t disagree with a reviewer s likes and dislikes, but I do want to clarify some misconceptions I see carrying through some reviews The Dream Seeker series targets readers 7 10 years old The protagonist is 12 years old The Fleisch Kincaid reading grade level is 3 4.My intention is to develop an adventure series that would appeal to kids who like The Magic Tree House level 2.6 3.7 or Secrets of Droon level 2.9 4.1 By the way those reading levels were taken from the first in the series and a much later book.Through the series I ll be divulging about dream seeking how it works, what are the consequences, etc much like the Magic Tree House series waited to explain who was behind the tree house, how it got there and why Jack and Annie are needed With the first book I wanted to focus kids on the adventure that could be realized through Patrick s dreams. A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Fright Flight, I m pleased to say, is what I expected it to be I think it fulfilled its purpose to present a young reader seven to twelve is the recommended age, or at least that s what the other reviewers are saying the author actually told me seven to ten, which I find is a far better fit with a fanciful SF F story Of course, I m certainly not a member of the target audience, so I can only say this as an outsider looking in But to me, Fright Flight came across as an acceptable addition to its genre.On the other hand, I can t help but feel disappointed in a way While reading, I got the distinct sensation that a great premise had been directed toward the wrong audience The book as it is focuses a significant portion of the plot on the main character s dream too much of the plot, in my opinion What piqued my curiosity was not by any means the spaceships instead, the Dream Seekers themselves and their vague abilities drew my eye I would have been interested to see an examination of this dream seeking How does it work, for instance Are the Dream Seekers travelling to some alternate reality The Blend In rule lends credence to that theory And what about his mother She s stated to be able to share her children s dreams How does that work Sheer willpower And then she s actually shown to visit her son s spaceship dream, which brought up a bigger question if he s in such a dangerous dream that he needs his mother there to guide him, why didn t she just wake him up in the real world Can they not be awoken during a dream seeking episode If so, that would present the characters with a major hassle in their lives, and I d like to see the ramifications of that The father s attitude deserves special note he s described as a geneticist whose goal is to disable the gene that causes dream seeking And yet his wife and children are Dream Seekers This man is rife with unfortunate implications he s shown to emphasize his desire for his family to be ordinary , and yet no tension is shown between him and the people whose very identity he s trying to remove This family, if portrayed realistically to an older audience than the one for which the book was written, would be absolutely riddled with psychological issues So I would have liked to read this plot as a YA novel it would have given the author room to explore and elaborate, and perhaps then it would have satisfied my curiosity.But still, it s a nice story for a elementary schooler I would say it s a nice story for a beginning reader however, the diction at certain times disqualifies it There are moments when the twelve year old main character uses words that many people don t learn until high school if ever, and while it s not unrealistic for a twelve year old to have a respectable vocabulary, it is unrealistic for a twelve year old presented as average to have one And that s where the problem lies the book certainly isn t marketed solely toward twelve year olds with an advanced vocabulary It s marketed toward seven to twelve year olds in general, and seven to twelve year olds in general might have to break out a dictionary at points, which I personally consider detrimental to the book s purpose After all, it s hard enough to convince some children to read, so why make it work that it has to be All in all, this is a good piece it does in certain moments make itself apparent as a first novel the character s voice comes across as a bit unpracticed, wavering between childlike and mature between paragraphs, and and there s pointed avoidance of the word said , which is unnecessary at best and annoying at worst , but not in such a way that the target audience or anyone else who isn t actively looking for it would notice I would recommend it to any five to ten year old with an interest in SF F, and I do hope that this is an author who ll continue to develop her craft as she continues with her series And who knows Maybe some of my questions will be answered as she goes. Being Twelve Years Old Can Be Challenging, But Add To That The Unusual Ability To Experience Dreams As Reality And You Begin To Understand Patrick S Need For A Little Self Control A Sweet Dream Devouring The World S Largest Ice Cream Sundae Can End With An Enormous Stomachache A Fall From A Bike Means Patrick Wakes With A Broken Arm Try Explaining That To The Emergency Room Doctor Oh Wait That Would Be Patrick S Mom She S A Dream Seeker Too, As Are Patrick S Sister And Brother If Patrick Follows The Family S Dream Seeking Rules He Can Have Cool Nighttime Adventures But If He ForgetsFright Flight Is The First Installment In The Dream Seeker Adventure Series Disclaimer The fact that I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review has not affected my rating This review expresses my honest opinions.This book is just pure fun I loved everything about it Everything you would look for in a MG Fantasy was in this book for me, charming magic, a fantastical world, adorable characters, and descriptive drawings I suppose I always loved the idea of dreams and being able to control them, so that s another plus for me In all honesty, when I was younger I used to have similar dreams that Patrick would have The types of dreams the author described were imaginative and playful, exploring corners of the world I have left as a child, and would love to revisit in a book The first dream mentioned is about eating too much hot fudge and ice cream something my sister and I always dreamed about after having our first taste of homemade ice cream Overall, it was great revisiting those memories I also found Patrick s voice, views, and thoughts to be quite humorous There s one point where Mira and his sister discuss Falkner, a quarterback they both admire and admire from afar His first thought is, Do all teenage girls act like this Personally, I found his innocence to be adorable, and a little funny I know most juvenile readers wouldn t find this as amusing as I do, but this just shows that Patrick is perfectly portrayed as a younger, playful, and innocent boy.Overall, this book is a perfect fantasy read for MG readers, filled with fantastical magic, imaginative dreams, a playful plot, and great characters It s short and sweet, and just a bunch of fun I would recommend this book to readers of MG or juvenile fantasy, or elementary young children. Twelve year old Patrick is a Dream Seeker So is his mom, older sister, and younger brother The only one in the family that isn t one, is his Dad Patrick s Dad is a geneticist trying to find the gene that makes people Dream Seekers so he can reverse it What is a Dream Seeker It is a person whose dreams have after effects in real life Like if Patrick dreams about being in a desert with no suntan lotion he wakes up with major sunburn Some Dream Seekers can also enter other people s dreams Patrick s mom can control her dreams, but the kids can t Not all their dreams are sweet dreams even when they are, they don t all end well Like when Patrick dreamed of eating a huge sundae, he woke up sick to his stomach In Fright Flight, Patrick dreams of being a rocket ship pilot that has to get to an official meeting while battling bad guys but Patrick isn t alone, Patrick s mom enters his dream as the commander The idea of the Dream Seekers is absolutely cool I like how their dreams can affect their lives and how some Dream Seekers that can control it can move into others dreams The majority of the book is about Patrick s dream which is a good story and not about what Dream Seekers are and how they can control it I would have liked to know about the Dream Seekers Because it is the first book in the series, I really hope details about Dream Seekers are in the next ones I think the book was written really well for kids and it is completely clean for younger readers There are some nice illustrations throughout the book that make it even enjoyable to read I am definitely getting the next book in the series and am looking forward to it. Patrick is a twelve year old boy who is able to experience dreams as reality His mom, who has the same ability, reminds him of the DREAM rules to follow in order to be a successful Dream Seeker As boys will be boys, Patrick is still trying to perfect his unique ability and forgets to follow the rules from time to time.Fright Flight, the first book in the Dream Seekers series, introduces us to Patrick and his family and friends We get a glimpse into some of the things he likes to do, like play baseball and video games We also get the opportunity to go along with him on a dream adventure that takes place in outer space How interesting that he and his friends just watched a movie about Star Fighters and here he is in his dream commanding a fleet himself It s a wild ride Although the protagonist is twelve, the book is written for 7 10 year olds It s a great read aloud for seven and eight year olds and perfectly appropriate, with a few challenging words, for older kids As a parent, I always encouraged my children to learn new words and discover new concepts and this book will help them do just that.The story is fast paced and a quick read, mostly because the kids won t want to put it down I look forward to learning about Patrick, his family, and all the intricacies of Dream Seeking in future books I m sure Ms Ard can t wait to tell us all about them Congratulations on your first book, Ms Ard It s a winner After reading Fright Flight, I am certain that kids will love it The premise is an interesting one a family can interact and explore their dreams It sounds a lot like lucid dreaming, but there are hints in the book that the dreams are a bit real for this family For instance, eating too much ice cream causes Patrick the 12 year old main character to wake up with a stomach ache I especially like the clever dream rules laid out by the mom, using the word DREAM as a kind of acronym The book is exciting, especially once Patrick enters the main dream of the book, which involves space fights There a lot here to keep kids entertained and engaged, but there s also a lot of good messages, such as learning to follow the rules.One last thing that stuck out is the introduction of the father as not only not being a dream seeker, but also being a scientist who is trying to isolate the dream seeker gene so he can make his family normal This concept is introduced early on, and only mentioned again in passing near the end of the book, which leads me to believe this will be a central issue in later books in the series this is book 1 in a series I like how this concept was injected for later exploration it shows the author is considering future plot lines even now.The illustrations throughout the book are also a welcome addition.Overall, a great book for kids After reading this book, I am sure that kids would really enjoy reading this book Fright Flight tells the story of a family who are a dream seekers Except for the dad Patrick dad is a scientist that is trying to figure out about the dream seeker genes and hoping he would be able to reverse it Dream seekers experience dreams vividly and real and they will suffer the after effects of the dreams in real life like how Patrick dream of eating lots of ice cream and woke up with a stomach ache Patrick s mom who is also a dream seeker sets out rules for her family so they can control their way in the dreams Patrick got super excited after watching a movie with his friends Disobeying all rules, Patrick found himself drifting of to sleep dreaming and living his biggest adventures yet.The story is fast pace and full of exciting adventures I absolutely love the idea of this Dream Seekers I am looking forward to know about Patrick and his adventures in the next book.