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    I may have read some Ray Bradbury when I was a teenager but my memory is weak But when he died in June 2012 I looked for a book This is the one I found used at an affordable price It was first published in 1965 and claims to be Ray Bradbury s own selection of his best stories I have always put Bradbury in the science fiction category I guess most people do But the label that I might now select for his short stories is quirky My thesaurus says these are some synonyms for quirky idiosyncratic, original, individual, unusual, peculiar, odd, strange, eccentric, and unpredictable I d say so More about this labeling at the end of the review.There are 23 bits of Bradbury in this book, Vintage Bradbury In The Watchful Poker Chip of H Matisse, luminaries visit Mr Garvey who frantically attempts to improve some of his body parts to impress them The Veldt is the mysterious habitat of lions in the nursery when a psychologist visits to analyze the strange events gnawing at the Hadleys A small boy twelve years old with a birth certificate in his valise to show he had been born forty three years ago accepts that his transient life is one of Hail and Farewell A daughter is at last saved from likely death by A Medicine for Melancholy William Acton has strangled Donald Huxley but must eliminate all his fingerprints that seem to be everywhere including on The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl A man from Earth visits Ylla on Mars and she yearns for a different life They call their neighbors The Little Mice and wonder about their strange, quiet life The newborn has the intention to kill his mother who calls him The Little Assassin and after he kills his mother, he moves on to the father In Dublin The Anthem Sprinters lure an American to compete against the locals to see who can exit the theater first at the end of the movie before the national anthem begins A white couple in Africa experiences what it is like to be discriminated against by the blacks And the Rock Cried Out there is no place to hide Old Lady uses her magic to make an Invisible Boy and then pretends she can t see him The Earthman drives his truck into the countryside of Mars, has a Night Meeting with a Martian and they debate who is real and who is not The Fox and the Forest is about a couple who try to escape the future and are chased by the authorities as they try to live in the past.I think I would put Bradbury in the Fantasy category just ahead of science fiction I rarely read SF so maybe I don t really understand what makes SF Did I used to think of the Twilight Zone as SF I can t remember it was so long ago Bradbury seems like the TZ I seem to want to quibble about this labeling task More at the end.Following a discourse on the Skeleton, Mr Harris consults someone who specializes in bones and can rid him of his problem Dandelion Wine is summer caught and stoppered for opening on a January day with snow falling fast The traveler on the spaceship falls into a meteor swarm that looks like a Kaleidoscope from the inside The fashion models are posing in the Sun and Shadow for the photographer, but why is this naked man interfering Do the tattoos on The Illustrated Man predict the future or cause the future The monster comes from out of the Deeps to the sound of The Fog Horn to court the lighthouse The Dwarf was happy when the mirrors reflected him as a tall man, but then something went horribly wrong The doctor called it a Fever Dream but the boy knew his body had been taken over and now he had a deadly power that he was eager to try out Six men share The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit and they are each transformed as the suit works its magic one by one making the whole greater than the sum of all of them After mutually assured destruction There Will Come Soft Rains I expected that there would be intensity in the stories, emotion but I felt of a smirk than a laugh and of a sob than a shriek I was amused but did not feel better for it I wanted it to deal than it did with social issues These short stories were written in the middle of the twentieth century I wonder what it would have been like to read them during the time they were written rather than a half century later.And I read on the cover of the book the phrase that very aptly describes the stories speculative fiction I like that better than fantasy and than science fiction Even better than quirky I am going to give this book 3 stars but bump it up to four because this is an author that everyone should read at least once I may have done my time Bradbury is very good with words but you can see that a pretty big part of me wants to give it only three stars But I will stick to four and just go on to my next book.

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    I just recently stumbled upon Bradbury, and I regret that it has taken me this long to read his writing There was not a single short story in this collection that I did not like Each had such original characters with such intense emotions Because of Bradbury s skillful use of point of view, I could feel every obsession, every fear, every desire from the characters perspectives Each story also seemed to have a twist It was as if the ending was never what I expected, or it might have been that I just so caught up in the story that each ending was perfectly completed.What I loved most about this book was the originality of the stories Bradbury has to be admired for the risks he took in writing many of the stories as they are not safe or usual I d like to be a writer that takes the kind of chances Bradbury does My favorite stories were The Small Assassin, a tale not about post partum depression, Kaleidoscope, a chronicle of astronauts drifting to their deaths in space, and And the Rock Cried Out, a story where racial roles are switched in the near future.

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    This is the book that got me hooked on everything Bradbury My high school creative writing teacher introduced me to Ray Bradbury with Zen in the Art of Writing I liked it, so I figured I d go out and find some of his fiction I had already read Fahrenheit 451, but I think I was too young when I read it for it to make a real impact on me I found this book on the shelves at the local bookstore, read it, and have been devouring everything by Bradbury that I can get my hands on His voice is so unique and authentic His prose is so endearing and eloquent His imagination is both intimate and larger than life Anyone who loves great literature would be doing themselves a favor by picking up this book but be warned, it may lead to many late nights with your nose buried in a book.

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    Will write up later, original review posted over on BL

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    my favourite of his collections This is the one he signed for me while we had a nice private chat in Brentano s Paris, 6 5 95 A treasure eternal inspiration.

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    I think one of the best things about this collection is that all the stories heighten each other, because you never know what you re going to get Is it a straight up childhood adventure Time or space travel Supernatural events So each story makes the others suspenseful, because you never know when the story might take a turn for the surreal or turn out to be not what you thought.There are some themes that reappear technology and family life, little boys on their sick death bed, carnivals and freaks, children as strange, ruthless, and parasitical, tourism and its discontents.I think the one that sticks with me most right now is The Fox and the Forest a couple tries to escape the endless war of the future by going back in time not to change anything, just to live People are sent back in time to find them, but they, too, want to enjoy the past, with its variety and consumer goods cigarettes and alcohol, but also civil society and picturesque Mexico which is a whole nother issue They all realize the future their present is headed over a cliff, and they all seem to recognize the advantages of the past, but the enforcers want the escapers to have to be with them for the long ride to the bottom That to me pretty much sums up where we are some people want the world to burn, and they don t want anyone else finding a way out.I also liked The Veldt with all of its vivid language the smells of the lions under the blazing sun And the disconnect between parents and children, magnified by technology, is unsettling and well written.

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    Ray is the greatest and I love him

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    Honestly, these really are some of the best Bradbury stories A great primer to people looking to get into Bradbury s best short stories immediately I wish I d found this sooner That said, Mr Bradbury s work is occasionally a bit dated, and yes, this collection does include The Story Where All The White People Are Dead So White People Are Now Oppressed And Bradbury Clearly Didn t Consult Any People Of Color On The Matter So there s that.

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    I decided to catch up on some old favorites and to discover some new stories after hearing about Ray Bradbury s recent passing This collection of some of his own favorite short stories was a good place to start There are two selections from The Martian Chronicles, one of my all time favorite books, and another brilliant story, There Will Come Soft Rains, about a post apocalyptical automated house that still prepares meals for a long gone family Chilling Here are some of my favorite passages From the short story Hail and Farewell An old woman reflects on the kids she sees passing by her porch every day I look at all the little children s faces g oing by And I sometimes think, What a shame, what a shame that all these flowers have to be cut, all these bright fires have to be put out What a shame these, all of these you see in schools or running by, have to get tall and unsightly and wrinkle and turn gray or get bald, and finally, all bone and wheeze, be dead and buried off away When I hear them laugh I can t believe they ll ever go the road I m going Yet here they come I still remember Wordsworth s poem When all at once I saw a crowd, A host of golden daffodils Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze That s how I think of children, cruel as they sometimes are, mean as I know they can be, but not yet showing the meanness around their eyes or in their eyes, not yet full of tiredness They re so eager for everything I guess that s what I miss most in older folks, the eagerness gone nine times out of ten, the freshness gone, so much of the drive and life down the drain I was thinking these same thoughts sans poetry quote the other day while watching my kids playing but not as eloquently.The Fox and the Forest We were born in the year 2155 A.D And we lived in a world that was evil A world that was like a great black ship pulling away from the shore of sanity and civilization, roaring its black horn in the night, taking two billion people with it, whether they wanted to go or not, to death, to fall over the edge of the earth and the sea into radioactive flame and madness The Illustrated Man He ran toward a far crossroads lantern, where all of the summer night seemed to gather merry go rounds of fireflies whirling, crickets moving their song towward that light, everything rushing, as if by some midnight attraction, toward that one high hung lantern the Illustrated Man first, the others close at his heels Kaleidoscope When life is over it is like a flicker of bright film, an instant on the screen, all of its prejudices and passions condensed and illumined for an instant on space, and before you could cry out, There was a happy day, there a bad one, there an evil face, there a good one, the film burned to a cinder, the screen went dark.

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    I will confess that my reading of Bradbury has been limited to Fahrenheit 451 a great book, to be sure, but hardly typical of the man s skills as a writer But I am trying to expand my horizons, and to this end I picked up a copy of this short story collection while on a booking stop at a store not far from Big South Fork It took a while for me to get to it, but once I did wow Essentially this is a best of the best circa mid sixties picked by Bradbury himself, stories he considered of merit in one way or another They re all at least good and the genres vary wildly some of the tales are whimsical, some are thought provoking, and some are downright terrifying It s hard if not impossible to pick a favorite, but the ones I found particularly affecting were Hail and Farewell , the story of a boy who never grows up The Small Assassin , which is exactly what its title says it s about and Night Meeting , which is one you ll remember long after you put the volume down Hopefully it and what seems to be a follow up of sorts, the closing There Will Come Soft Rains are not prescient.There are also four pieces from Dandelion Wine , a lovely taste of wonders in store And monsters, midgets, and aliens And lions I didn t mention the holographic lions Or are they holographic This is awesome, mind blowing stuff Give yourself a couple of weeks when reading these, you ll want time to savor them all And then be prepared to go out and fill your shelves with of Bradbury s work.