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Can A Normal, Average Kid Become A Superstar Secret Agent Maybe Not, But It Ll Be Fun To Watch Him Try Ben Ripley May Only Be In Middle School, But He S Already Pegged His Dream Job CIA Or Bust Unfortunately For Him, His Personality Doesn T Exactly Scream Secret Agent In Fact, Ben Is So Awkward, He Can Barely Get To School And Back Without A Mishap Because Of His Innate Math Skills, Ben Isn T Surprised When He Is Recruited For A Magnet School With A Focus On Science But He S Entirely Shocked To Discover That The School Is Actually A Front For A Junior CIA Academy Could The CIA Really Want Him Actually, No There S Been A Case Of Mistaken Identity But That Doesn T Stop Ben From Trying To Morph Into A Supercool Undercover Agent, The Kind That Always Gets The Girl And Through A Series Of Hilarious Misadventures, Ben Realizes He Might Actually Be A Halfway Decent Spy If He Can Survive All The Attempts Being Made On His Life

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    I would have given it four stars had there not have been useless cussing in the book one damn and three occurrences of ass I think it would be a great mystery action adventure book, otherwise What young reader wouldn t love a good spy novel, especially when the main character is a young boy I just don t see the point in adding in cussing if It doesn t really add anything to the storyline, but is only used for shock value.

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    This book is great A man shows up at a young boys house, tells him he is special and there is a special school for him Not Harry Potter Nope, its a school to train young kids to become spies for CIA, NSA and the rest of the alphabet Our hero is pretty excited, even though he can t tell anyone But the surprise twist is how dangerous this school is They use real bullets sometimes and all the pretty people are masters in a variety of marshal arts And then there are bombs Yep, might wanna rethink the prom.

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    This message will self destruct in approximately 30 seconds Meet Ripley Ben Ripley He thought spy school was going to be all fancy clothes, exotic places, and crazy cool weapons He was only sorta right See, at 12 years old, Ben is a truly gifted mathematician So, he knows that exactly 4,583 days after his twelfth birthday, secret agent Alexander Hale recruited him to the Academy of Espionage for the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA He also knows that it is awfully suspicious to recruit a new student in the middle of the school year And the minute he arrives, he s running for his life accompanied by the most beautiful girl he has ever seen His mission, then, becomes crystal clear.1 Survive spy school.2 Get the girl, who happens to be way better at the spy thing than he is In fact, she kicks his butt.Somehow, surviving seems just a bit likely.Hey, wasn t this message suppose to self destruct 30 seconds ago Well, I guess even James Bond made a mistake every now and again.

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    O.k book

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    The book Spy School is about a thirteen year old boy named Ben Ripley who gets recruited to be a spy He meets this girl named Erica and already he likes her He thinks he is going to be all like James Bond but boy is he wrong His first night there somebody sneaks in his room and tries to kill him Ben ends up finding out that he is on a mission He finds put that there is a mole and an evil organization named SPYDER targeting him Ben and Erica work together to find the mole and stop the SPYDER I love this book it is adventurous and funny At points when Ben was in danger I felt like I was there This book will leave you wanting from this series and author If you like funny and adventurous you would definitely like this book Fans of the 39 Clues or other funny and adventurous books will love Spy School.

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    The storyline wasn t new but the characters were cool It was the same comedy action spy story the movies like Jhonny English or The Kingsman feed us, but the protagonist was a 12 year old boy

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    The local librarian handed us this book along with _Dead Guy Spy_ after she stubbornly argued that just because of his gender my son would not like _Harriet the Spy_ I still want to revisit Harriet, but I have to admit the librarian was right that this page turner would be a better fit for my son His reading level is a year ahead of his grade in school just finished 2nd , so it s difficult to find reading material that s a challenge but avoids content above his maturity level This book had some violence that was a little cartoonish it didn t disturb my 8 year old The romance seemed crafted to appeal to boys aspiring spies didn t make him squeamish I m already looking forward to any sequel the author will come up with.

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    I gave this book 4 out of five stars because I just wasn t my type of book, but I still enjoyed it It starts off with a 12 year old boy named Nick that comes home from school and there is a spy on his couch He goes with the spy to spy school.on his first night an assassin comes into his room while he is sleeping and almost kills him Nick fought him off and called for help No one believes him that there was an assassin Later in the book, Nick figures out that he is the bait for the school, read the rest of the book to find out what happens next.

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    Ben is surprised when he is recruited by the CIA to go to their Academy of Espionage, which is cleverly disguised as a geeky science academy because aside from some cryptography skills, he s not that smart Turns out that he has been brought in as bait the word is put out that he invented a special code, and people start coming after him The daughter of the man who recruited him, Erica, tells him that all is not as it seems at the school, and there is a mole that must be found Of course, if Ben can find the mole, he might be able to stay in the school There is a lot of personal peril bombs under the building, people kidnapping and drugging him but Erica is always saving him Is the mole a fellow student who just appears to be stupid Is the principal as stupid as he looks And what s up with Erica s father Once Erica tries her own plan to flush out the mole emailing from the principal s account that Ben has developed Jackhammer, a super code hacker program , will everything work out Strengths Great cover, fun twist on standard spy stories, LOTS of action and adventure with bonus romance Definitely will buy a copy of this.Weaknesses This is not quite as believable as Alex Rider or the Gallagher Girl books, since it walked right along the edge of Goofy This will make it popular with the under twelve crowd I don t think it would do well in high school, whereas the other aforementioned works would.