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Eighteen Year Old Quinn MacPherson S Biggest Fear Has Always Been Turning Out Like Her Mentally Unstable Mother Solving Algebraic Equations Comes In As A Close Second That Is, Until She Meets Benjamin Shaw Quinn Thinks Hooking Up With Ben Over Summer Vacation Will Be Nothing Than A Quick Fling She Can T Even Commit To A Nail Polish Choice, Much Less Some Guy Unfortunately For Her, Ben Is Not Just Some Guy Ben Gets Her The Real Her, Flaws And All And That Scares The Hell Out Of Her When Ben Does The Unthinkable Tells Quinn He S In Love With Her She Does What Comes Naturally She Pushes Him Away Ben Can Only Watch From A Distance As Quinn Lashes Out, And Punishes Him For Daring To Care About Her But How Far Can You Push Someone, Even Someone That Loves You, Before They Are Gone For Good

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    Here We Go Again It looks long but it goes fast The Story is the most clich thing you ll find Girl afraid to fall in Love Boy that Loves her She pushes him away They get back together End of the story A lot of books have this plot and I LOVE IT It s my favorite subject I think and so when I read the summary I knew I had to read it Sadly, my relationship with this book didn t turn out nearly as good as I hoped This is not a hate review whatsoever, it s just a take on my personal opinion.The first half of the book was great, it s the part where the girl Quinn and the guy Ben fall in love It was really good This is also the part where she starts to get scared Normal and then they break up Normal I was sure I was going to give it 4 stars The next half make me think I would give it 1 They got into this Here We Go Again thing that was a pain in the butt It went like this She did something Something really bad He s pissed and goes away She begs He decides to forgive her She tells him to go away if the guy is willing to forgive you, why the hell do you tell him to go O.o He goes to a party with another girl She yells at him stuff about moving on too fast and him dumping her for the promiscuous girl I say promiscuous to make it sound nicer whaaaaat She dumped Him Then he begs her again She pushes him Away Tells him she hates him Feels bad afterwards And blah blah.There where WAY to many of this episodes and I was LITERALLY rolling my eyes by the end And it was so much time that passed after they broke up, she says so herself, than 100 days It was somewhere around 5 months So It also seemed unreal that they weren t moving past this, it s like Dude, Move On I was seriously practically begging for the book to end with both of them going their separate ways.Another thing was the families Ben s mom was a bitch And not once does he confront her And also Quinn s dad is a bitch He s sleeping with their neighbor And her mom is crazy literary She has problems with them but she also never actually confronts them In one chapter her dad is being pushy and she takes out the your cheating on my mom card But that s all, no sorting things out, just a check mate Being Scared is one thing, scared to fall in love, to confront someone and to just live your life It is a whole other thing to be weak, which was what I got form Quinn It had some good points, because she learns some valuable lessons, and by the end it seems that she finally got it, and even though a thousand Here We Go Again episodes happened, I was ready to see her come to her senses and talk to Ben And when she s at his house, she suddenly says Never mind, it was stupid of me to come Oh Dear God Kill Me.She threw everything she had learned, all the things she went through during the book directly to the trash with that line All I wanted to do was grab the book and hit my forehead against it If it wasn t because there were 2 pages left I wouldn t have continued reading it.I m not a girl that likes Here We Go Again relationships been there and I sort of can t stand people who feel sorry for themselves, I get it, you get down sometimes done that but you get UP again And the same goes to Quinn, she went through a lot of stuff, but you have got to move on. So I m giving it 2 stars More like 2.5 Which means that it was OK It had its meaning, but it just didn t work nearly as well as I hoped More than that I feel crushed, I wanted so bad to love it If you can stand way to many Here We Go Again episodes then this book is for you.

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    This sounds like an awful book.

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    For those of us who prefer dysfunction to dystopia, relationships to spaceships, cupid s darts to bows and arrows, and real emotions to EMOTING, this is an awesome book When we first meet MC Quinn, she s in the principal s office, sneakily blacking out her father s smarmy class photo smugface with a sharpy And Quinn spends most of the rest of the book trying to obliterate herself, as well She s actually doing a pretty good job of it, too, what with the prescription drugs she steals from her wacked out mom, her fake it till you make it relationships with various frenemies and faux boyfriends, and sliding through school with the minimum possible effort and results But then this guy Ben shows up Ben is a wonderful male YA character He s open and vulnerable, without being a creampuff, thoughtful, creative and kind of innocent without being naive Ok, he s not without his flaws, he s a bit dominated by his GCB mom, and he lets Quinn pull a lot of shit that maybe he should have called her on I ll grant that I m not exactly sure how, but still Quinn is also an awesome character, possessed of a wry, sarcastic wit she really knows her way around a smart ass quip, that s for sure but those of us equipped with internal dialog vision know that she s not without her softer side as well The first half of the book is really fun, clever, funny, warm and even sweet Thank goodness we ve already fallen in love with Quinn s self destructive little self by the time she steers the ride out of the Tunnel of Love into the House of Mystery, because it gets pretty darn dark in there There s one moment in particular trust me you ll know when you get there where you want to reach in and shout, Quinny, no, don t, you re already regretting this But alas, she didn t listen, to me, or even to her broken little heart The basic story is not unfamiliar to YA readers, especially the I m too effed up for you to love me, theme But in capable author Stephanie Campbell s hands, it s treated so cleverly, with such literary skill and depth, and with such warmth and compassion towards her characters, that it glows like a nightlight in a dark place The kids in this book are like many of the kids I know in real life They are so privileged in so many ways You don t know how good you ve got it, Quinn s father screams, just when she s at her lowest , but still bereft, after so many nights of working late, parental affairs and alcohol issues, that they are hollowed out inside This is a look at how some of them, sometimes, find their way out, despite all that Stephanie does a masterful job of portraying them, and their world, with humor, style, warmth and compassion for her character and the reader There is catharsis here, although it s a night light, like I said, not an all consuming sunny glow And that feels real, just like the rest of this extremely well done and lovely book.

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    Reason in Comments

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    Wow This novel was definitely a surprise A great surprise Perhaps of a crossover YA Adult novel than straight up YA contemporary, Grounding Quinn is a brilliantly written, hard edged coming of age romance.The eighteen year old titled heroine, Quinn, is a wonderfully drawn character Her voice is snarky with arsenic laced wit and yet there is a beautiful vulnerability to her and undeniable likeability, despite her varied flaws But perhaps THAT is what is so beautiful about Quinn The romance between her and Ben is authentic and sweet and extremely electric, and I also loved Ben s POV He s such a loyal and passionate character and the complete opposite to Quinn, which was exactly what she needed Although the romance is a huge part of the story the real story is how the romance helps Quinn deal with the emotional issues she suffers due to her dysfunctional family She s not an easy character She makes some terrible mistakes but throughout it all Campbell does a fantastic job of letting the reader in on the reasons behind Quinn s errors in judgement, so much so that I could never truly blame her and was utterly sympathetic to her character.Quinn s voice is at once laugh out loud funny with her quick quips and faux confidence and at the other end of the spectrum she is somehow heartbreaking I found Grounding Quinn an extremely easy read with its smooth prose, well written romance and three dimensional characters It was also a surprisingly emotional read for me and I was amazed by how much Stephanie Campbell s writing touched me.Fantastic book I ll be keeping a lookout for work from this great author.Five Massive Stars

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    CLICK HERE TO READ MORE YA REVIEWS AT READING, EATING DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFGrounding Quinn by Stephanie Campbell was a well written, engaging story This story was good and it made an impression, however, it was what the author, Stephanie Campbell, did that made me like this book so much In so many different ways, she made this story REALITISTIC AND AUTHENTIC Grounding Quinn was a marvelous modern day romance and extremely hilarious at times I loved that it was current and relatable Facebook stalking comment, sly twilight references, etcQUINN What to say about Quinn She has a wall around her heart and she doesn t really let people in She screws up pretty often and is rather selfish But these things don t make her a bad character they make her real and relatable Who hasn t gotten themselves into situations that they regretted immediately or later on down the road Also, I m not a stalker, but I definitely would have found a way to show up at that party that s all I m saying The only thing I disliked about Quinn was, at times, I thought she was a little whinny Nonetheless, I still really enjoyed the snarky, little biatch.BEN Ben is a very unique character, in my opinion He s innocent like the BIG innocent In most novels, authors paint the girl as the innocent character still holding onto her v card, but not this one Campbell reversed the roles, and surprisingly I really liked the twist My only problem with Ben was that he s sort of a push over There were times where I pictured him big, strong and manly and other times he seemed like a little child But it works because I think it s a part of his characters growth and development Oh, and I seriously want to slap his mother.One thing Stephanie Campbell did that really stood out to me that not many authors do She gave her character hobbies or side action I guess you could call it without it turning into the characters identity Throughout the novel, Quinn takes a few gymnastic lessons and Ben sometimes plays bass, but it s not her life s mission to go the Olympics and he s not trying to start a band or write lyrics the whole novel In real life, people enjoy hobbies without them becoming their identity, but in books, I feel like if an author mentions a hobby then it s going to come to mean something later on or stay a constant theme throughout the novel Campbell giving her characters extra hobbies that weren t necessarily crucial to them as a character made her characters realistic and relatable.Also, in my opinion, she gave readers a fantastic, realistic conclusion read below my spoiler alert at the bottom if you want to know why I gave Grounding Quinn by Stephanie Campbell 4 STARS The story is good, but the writing and the unique quirks in this book make it even better I recommend this story for older teens that are looking for a real day romance I think Stephanie Campbell is a unique author, and I can t wait to see what she writes in the future I am especially looking forward to reading Delicate, a companion novel to Grounding Quinn about Sydney, Quinn s best friend Delicate will tell the story of Sydney s abusive ex boyfriend and will take place a year before Grounding Quinn SPOILER ALERT My thoughts on the ending Some authors want to tie every loose end together at the end of their novel However, Campbell doesn t do this At the end of the day, Quinn s family is still crazy and Ben s mom is still a stuck up wench They didn t have to go through their clich I learned my lesson, I will get better moments and this really added to the authenticity of the story.Book quirks I thought it was interesting how Quinn calls herself a thief, her parents accuse her of being a thief, her brother, too, makes a comment about her stealing, but I can t remember one time in the novel where she actually stole something in the present day I thought that was interesting In real life your past and past actions shape other peoples opinions of you and the opinion you have of yourself Once, someone thinks of you in a particular way it isn t always easy to change their mind about you I am not sure if this was put in there for that purpose, but after I read this novel I contemplated on this for a while Was that what Campbell was trying to say Also, who the heck stole the gas card Did I somehow miss this I don t think I did, and I thinks it s great that Campbell left some of the less important things unanswered or unresolved Also, I loved how after I finished Grounding Quinn I considered these things XOXOREADING, EATING DREAMING

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    Ok my earlier review was horribleI wasn t feeling ok and I took it out on the booknow this is my real reviewWhen I saw the cover of this book it automatically grabbed my attention don t ask why and when I read the description I thought this will be good I absolutely love this kind of books where the guy fights for the girl and they stay together and live happily ever after But this one I don t know what happened.The first part was really good we got to know Quinn and Ben and I thought their relationship was beautiful Her family was so messed up I felt really sorry for her and could understand why she was afraid of commitment I fell for Ben completely but halfway through the book when they broke up she did something horribleI wanted to punch her Ben was mad at her, she was sorryblah blah blah After a while Ben decides to give a second chance and she pushes him away because she is no good for himand that s how the story goes from then onBen chasing this girl and she pushes him awaythen she goes all nuts because she sees him with some other girl but she still pushes him awayDrama drama drama.Time goes by and she kind of learns some things so he goes looking for him and tries to talk to himand they get back togetherin some other book I would ve been really happy but for some reason I wasn t with this one To be honest I wanted them to go their own way It seemed to me that would ve been better than getting back together.I felt very depressed throughout most of the book because Bens mom was a bitch and Quinn family was justsad I tried to like it but I couldn t and that s why I give it 2 stars

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    Oh my, what a rollercoaster that was I loved the book but there sure were a lot of ups and downs The story follows Quinn, the female main character She has a dysfunctional family and believes herself to be a damaged, unloveable product of that Her mum drinks way too much and takes a vast amount of medication each day leaving her spaced out Her dad likes everyone to see them as a happy family but that doesn t stop him doing things he shouldn t Her parents constantly argue with each other but then unite to gang up on Quinn and dish out their latest punishment.Quinn meets Ben over the summer and he makes her feel different, like she can open up to him in a way she never does with anyone else, but then he says those 3 little words I love you and everything changes Quinn immediately pushes him away, she isn t worthy of his love as she s such a screw up The story then follows her journey of self destruction, self loathing and her punishing herself.I really liked Quinn She had a great sense of humour and her sarcastic wit was brilliant I also loved her choices of OPI nail polish I wanted to cry for her when she messed things up, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not If only she d let people in Ben was such a cute, loveable character He refused time and time again to give up on Quinn no matter what she did said I think he needed to stand up to his awful, overbearing mum a bit but how far can you go when you re 18 and still have to live under her roof My only tiny, tiny negative would be that I would ve liked an epilogue so I could ve known a little bit about what happened in the few weeks months after the ending.

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    Source I own a copy of this book Quinn likes to steal her mother s pills, and likes the buzz they give her, she also likes sex When she starts dating a new boy called Ben, she wants to have sex with him, but he s a virgin, and doesn t want to rush into things.Can Quinn wait for Ben though And will popping her mother s pills land her in the hospital I really wish I hadn t bothered reading this book it was dull, and fairly boring.I didn t really like Quinn, and I couldn t relate to her I didn t get enough from her to really empathise with her situation, and as such, she bored me.The storyline was okay, but again, I just couldn t connect to the story The pace was too slow, and I basically just felt bored throughout most of the book I wasn t impressed with the way a guy from Quinn s father office kept making passes at her, I wasn t impressed at the way she responded to him, and I also wasn t impressed at the way her father seemed to be having multiple affairs himself The romance did nothing for me, and when I got to the end I have to say that I was just glad to have finished.Overall dull4 out of 10.

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    While the writing is clever, well paced and engaging sadly the story is not Quinn is one of those teen land dysfunctional love stories that has been done to death Plot redundancy in and of itself is not the end of the world, but this story never explores than one level and time spent on that level was brutally interminable Quinn is such an expert at sabotaging herself, I m surprised Ms Campbell didn t title this Burying Quinn The author, however, is clearly talented and I really enjoyed her voice Perhaps had she peeled back layers at least two or three her novel would be something I could recommend.